14 Wedding Floral Centerpiece Ideas You’ll Love: Premade & DIY

Centerpieces are the crowning jewels of your wedding displays. They can transform a plain table into a lush and unique tablescape that wows your guests and captures the mood of your wedding. So, it’s crucial to choose centerpieces that carry your color scheme and atmosphere into your reception. No pressure.

Large floral centerpieces in marsala and blush

If you’ve never styled a table for a formal event before, picking and choosing the right centerpieces can feel overwhelming. So, to help make your wedding journey easier, we’ve rounded up 14 unique centerpiece designs that will elevate table displays all across your ceremony and reception.

DIY Wedding Floral Centerpiece Ideas

If you’d prefer to put your personal stamp on your floral arrangements, DIY is the way to go. You can use flowers in any color palette you like to curate a unique sense of style, from earthy terracotta to romantic dusty rose. Plus, you can make them your own with fun finishing touches, like ribbons or battery-powered fairy lights.

And if you’re using Ling’s no-wilt flowers, it’s easy to prep your centerpieces months in advance — no need for refrigeration.

Roses provide a classical elegance

This understated but elegant wedding table centerpiece uses a short, bronzed vase to evoke vintage romance. The soft, pink roses capture refined beauty, while the silver dollar Eucalyptus leaves create a dynamic and natural shape.

This design is timeless yet versatile — and it’s easy to customize by tweaking the types of flowers or the color palette. 

Learn how to make a DIY centerpiece how to DIY a short vase centerpiece on the blog!

A short vase centerpiece in dusty rose and cream

A champagne glass centerpiece

If you want to toast your new union, consider using a decorative champagne glass as a vase for your table centerpieces.

This dramatic DIY centerpiece commands attention as the star of the table. The soft beige and nude pink shades help add a refined and romantic style, and the overall height of the centerpiece creates a bold statement that commands attention. It would make a wonderful addition to a sweetheart table.

 Learn how to DIY a white & beige centerpiece here. 

A DIY floral centerpiece in white and beige

A martini glass centerpiece

Is champagne not your thing? No problem — try using a martini glass instead.

This DIY martini glass centerpiece combines a creative container with a unique sense of style. The unique swooping shape of the flowers and greenery creates an avant-garde statement, yet the clean white color palette helps ground the look. And though it might look elaborate, it’s actually super simple to make! 

Get step-by-step instructions on how to DIY a centerpiece with martini glass

A white floral centerpiece with a martini glass

A unique hoop centerpiece

Who says that centerpieces have to have a vase? If you love breaking the mold and setting trends, consider creating a hoop centerpiece to show off your trailblazing sense of style.

In this DIY centerpiece, twine encapsulates a metal hoop to create a rustic aesthetic, while soft pink and cream roses remind us of a floral wreath. The globe-shaped candle holders dangling from the hoop’s center provide an eye-catching focal point. Plus, the fairy lights woven throughout the flowers provide an ethereal, dreamy glow. 

Learn how to make a hoop floral centerpiece here!

A DIY hoop floral centerpiece

Repurpose a bouquet

Looking for a quick and easy way to DIY centerpieces for your reception? Try putting your bridesmaid bouquets in vases for your reception

Not only can this help you carry out the color scheme from your ceremony into your reception, but it also helps you cut back on your floral budget, since you don’t need to buy separate DIY materials or premade centerpieces. Win-win!

A bouquet is reused as a headtable centerpiece

Photo by @cassieandfrances

Is it cheaper to make your own wedding centerpieces?

Yes! Think of it this way: You’re not paying someone else to assemble your centerpieces for you. So, you’re saving money by outsourcing the labor… to yourself. It’s pretty handy if you don’t mind getting crafty.

How many flowers do you need for a table centerpiece?

Depends on how big you want them!

Our DIY flower boxes contain enough flowers to create a centerpiece (or bouquet) that’s 9-10 inches in diameter. That said, you really only need 2-3 main flowers and a handful of greenery and accessories to make extra small, mini centerpieces. You can make anywhere from 1-4 centerpieces per DIY flower box, depending on your desired size.

A designer flower box can make one to four centerpieces

Premade Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Let’s be real for a sec: You‘ve already got your plate full with choosing your venue, coordinating with a caterer, shopping for dresses… The list goes on. You probably don’t have time to hand-make every single centerpiece on your special day.

So, for those times when you don’t want to sacrifice style for convenience, Ling’s premade floral centerpieces are a lifesaver. You just have to take them out of the box, give them a quick refresh, and they’re ready to adorn your wedding reception. Here are some of our favorite designs.

Colored glass vases provide vintage charm

With these Orange & Teal mini centerpieces, the colored glass provides a unique design touch that captures attention. The flowers add texture that contrasts with the smoothness of the glass, yet the uniform color palette harmonizes the scene. Combined with other rustic elements, like log coasters and fresh nuts, they provide a fun way to elevate an outdoor wedding.

Colorful glass vases with teal and orange flowers in them

Navy creates a coastal statement

If you want to add a touch of “something blue” to your wedding day, these Navy & Dusty Blue centerpieces create a romantic statement.

The flourishing Navy dahlias provide a rich focal point, while roses in powdery blue gradients bring depth to the color scheme. The sage greenery acts as an ideal neutral shade to complement all the dreamy blues and create a summery vibe. Paired with colored glasses and an oceanic table runner, it’s a centerpiece design fit for a coastal celebration.

Navy floral centerpieces create a costal atmosphere

An illuminating lantern centerpiece

Soft candlelight can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for a dinner. So, why not let a lantern illuminate the heart of your table? The flickering candles can provide dreamy light, while the addition of mini floral garlands can help them blend with your color palette and other decorations. Plus, your guests can feel like they’re camping out — at a super nice, upscale picnic

Use a floral lantern centerpiece to light up your table

Purple creates a whimsical touch

Historically, the color purple is associated with Royalty. So when you’re styling the tables at your very own royal wedding, choosing centerpieces in purple shades can elevate your design.

In these Lilac & Gold centerpieces, the soft lilac roses help provide a whimsical and romantic take on purple, while the deep violet cosmos add depth and subtle contrast. As a finishing touch, metallic gold accent leaves add a noble accent that cements the royal theme.

Create a whimsical touch  with lilac floral centerpieces

Burgundy captures passion

To give your tables a passionate touch, these Burgundy & Dusty Pink centerpieces capture luxurious romance. The deep red and pink tones remind us of Valentine’s gifts you’d share with the people you love, making them all too fitting to adorn the tables at your reception.

We’re especially fond of pairing them with other timeless touches — like crystal glasses, gold silverware, and moody dripping candles. So chic!

Invite passion to your wedding with burgundy centerpieces

How to choose your wedding centerpieces

You get the idea: You’ve got tons of options when it comes to premade and DIY centerpieces. But how do you go about picking and choosing the centerpiece ideas that are right for your special day?

Obviously, the amount of time you have to devote to a project might influence you towards premade or DIY centerpieces. But that’s only a single design element. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right ones for you, such as…

The table style

With circular guest tables, a single large centerpiece placed at the table’s heart can draw the eye. However, rectangular tables have more room to decorate. So, you might prefer setting up several mini centerpieces stretched along the table’s center.

Try using vases of varying heights and interspersing accents like candles for visual interest.

Mini floral centerpieces to fill the gap of your wedding table

The season

The season can influence the impression you’d like to make with your centerpieces.

For example, if you’re planning a spring wedding, you might prefer lush centerpieces bursting with greenery. On the other hand, if you’re planning a Christmas ceremony and reception, a centerpiece with bright red poinsettias, white roses, and dusky pinecone accents can make a festive statement.

A lovely centerpiece in Christmas tree shape

The focal point

You might think that a centerpiece’s main role is to sit there and look pretty — but that’s only part of it. Your centerpieces all have a unique part to play in your overall display. The precise role depends on your vision.

With a guest table at your reception, you might want your guests to focus directly on the centerpiece, making it the star of the show. But at a cake table, you might prefer that your centerpieces act as accents to draw the eye toward your delicious wedding cake.

How to style centerpieces at your wedding

By now, you likely have a full Pinterest board of ideas you’re waiting to try out. So, break out those scented candles you bought on clearance and those antique vases you couldn’t resist at the flea market. Let’s learn more techniques for styling tablescapes!

Centerpieces for wedding registry tables

Your registry table formally introduces your guests to the theme and color scheme for your wedding day. So, the decor should be top-notch. At this dreamy Lilac & Gold registry table, gradient purple blossoms burst from a tall ceramic vase, creating a dramatic statement that’s sure to impress.

A lilac centerpiece for wedding registry table

The detailing on the vase brings texture, while the height of the flowers and greenery helps provide visual balance against the low display cards. It’s a grand entry that sure to make a dreamy first impression.

A large floral centerpiece in lilac and gold

Centerpieces at wedding dessert tables

While the treats at your dessert table may look tasty on their own, you can create an even more mouth-watering scene with a few well-placed centerpieces.

At this wedding dessert table, a pair of Rust & Sepia centerpieces adds visual interest to the table. Their pampas grass sprigs and dried leaves create a textural, fall-inspired vibe that contrasts the creamy smoothness of the cake’s frosting. Yum!

A dessert table decorated with floral centerpieces in rust and sepia

Centerpieces for wedding guest tables

Your guest tables are probably where you’ll use the most centerpieces during your reception. But remember — there’s more to a gorgeous tablescape than a centerpiece or two.

Little details can help drive the overall effect home, like the burlap napkins on this inviting table. Their organic texture helps complement the sprigs of pampas grass in the centerpieces. We also love the color coordination in the ceramic plates and the understated tablecloth. It helps the colorful centerpieces stand apart

White and beige centerpieces for guest table

Centerpieces for wedding head tables

While floral swags can create a gorgeous statement for your sweetheart table, you can create an atmosphere that’s just as gorgeous with centerpieces.

Ling’s couple Emily and Alan let a rustic sunflower centerpiece provide the focal point at their head table. A wooden log platform also showcased custom Mickey and Minnie rings, helping them put a playful personal touch on this cozy space made just for the two of them.

A head table decorated with a sunflower centerpiece

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

Conclusion: Wedding Floral Centerpiece Ideas You’ll Love

Did any of these wedding centerpiece ideas spark your creativity? If so, we’d love to see how you style the centerpieces at your own wedding.

Whether you express your sense of style with DIY designs or arrange premade centerpieces for their ease of use, we always love seeing what you do with our Ling’s flowers! Tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram so we can see your unique style and share your wedding day with others.

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