How to DIY a Lilac & Gold Registry Table Decoration

When your guests walk into your venue for the first time, they’re crossing the threshold into a private refuge that you and your partner created just for the occasion. You can help them feel welcome by greeting them with a floral display at your registry table.

This lush floral centerpiece can create a dreamy scene as your guests find their seating cards — and give them a taste of what they can expect at your stunning ceremony and reception. The best part? This floral arrangement is super easy to make yourself with Ling’s Moment flowers and greenery.

Below, learn how to make this registry table decoration step-by-step and get more registry table decoration ideas.


What you’ll need to make a registry table decoration:

Start by gathering the materials!

For this project, we’re using a designer flower box from our lilac and gold color collection, although any of our designer flower boxes will work in this floral arrangement. These boxes feature a selection of different flowers in a single palette, so you don’t need to buy multiple flower boxes to create a cohesive look. The greenery accent combos complement the overall palette, too.

How to DIY this registry table decoration idea

Step 1. Prep your base

Start by taking a craft knife and cutting your floral foam to fit inside your vase.

If you’re using a tall vase like us, don’t push the foam all the way down. The stems of your flowers and greenery branches might not be able to reach the bottom. Instead, keep the floral foam near the top of the vase for easy access.

Insert the shaped foam block to the vase

Step 2. Add your greenery and tallest flowers

With your vase prepped, it’s time to grab your greenery. 

Start by inserting the tallest branches first, concentrating them toward the back of the vase. Interspace some of your tallest flowers, like the lilac sprigs, between the greenery.

Insert the tallest branches and concentrate them toward the back of the vase Interspace tallest flowers between the greenery

From there, take some of your shorter branches and insert them on the sides of the arrangement, bringing them toward the front and center. Keep going until you’ve framed the outer edges of the entire vase with greenery.

Take shorter branches and insert them on the sides of the arrangement Framed the outer edges of the entire vase with greenery

Tip: You don’t need to use all of your greenery now. We’ll use the rose branches in a later step.

Step 3. Add flowers

Now, let’s bring color to your design with flowers. 

Start by taking a large flower (or your favorite one!) and inserting it into the center of the floral arrangement. This flower will act as your focal point for the piece. Next, insert the other flowers around it, varying the sizes, colors, and types. Try to arrange your flowers at different heights as you continue fanning outward from your focal point flower.

Insert large flowers to the center of the flower arrangement Add smaller flowers to the gap


We recommend adding the largest flowers in your box first, then using the smaller ones to fill in any gaps later. Keep going until you’ve used all but the smallest accent flowers from your box.

Tip: Remember, if you don’t like where you placed a certain flower initially, you can always remove it from the foam and insert it again.

Step 4. Details

We’re nearly done! Now, let’s add some details to your floral arrangement.

If you want to extend the sides of your floral arrangement more, add your rose leaf garlands to the sides of your vase. This will give your design a swooping effect, like drapery hanging from a table’s edge.

Add rose leaf grland to the side of the vase

If you have any gaps in your floral arrangement, take this time to fill them in with the decorative accents from your flower box. You can also use these decorations to accent any flowers that you’d like to emphasize. Keep going until you’ve used up all of your flowers and greenery.

Once you’re done, take a moment to step back and assess the overall look of your arrangement. If you’d like, adjust the heights of any flowers or branches for a more natural, varied look.

How to decorate a registry table for a wedding

Congrats, you just finished making your very own DIY registry table decoration! Now, all you need to do is arrange it at your ceremony.

We sat this floral arrangement on a circular table with the seating cards placed in front to greet guests. If you’d like to add extra embellishment, consider using a floral garland to frame the front of the table or scattering rose petals for texture.

A beautiful lilac floral centerpiece to decorate your wedding

If your registry table is larger or rectangular, you could also take advantage of the extra table space and pair this centerpiece with another of our favorite DIY projects — a window frame seating plan. It’s an excellent registry table decoration idea for a more grand display!


We hope you enjoyed learning how to make this DIY wedding registry table decoration! We’d love to see how you arrange it at your wedding. Tag @lingsmoment on IG when you’re done, so we can share your creativity with others.

Not feeling up to a DIY project? No problem — check out our selection of premade floral centerpieces for floral designs that have already been assembled for you. All you need to do is style them at your ceremony and bring your wedding registration table ideas to life.

Assorted floral centerpieces in lilac and gold Hoop floral centerpieces in lilac and gold


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