How to DIY an Elegant Short Vase Centerpiece

Floral centerpieces are an elegant way to dress up tables at your wedding or reception. They can add delicate swaths of color and help your guests feel immersed in the atmosphere during your special moments.

Today, we’re here to help you create an elegant vase centerpiece using a Ling’s Moment designer flower box. Use this centerpiece to tie together banquet tables, sweetheart tables, check-in tables, or any other important place at your venue. This design would also be a wonderful way to liven up a bridal or baby shower, or bring a touch of spring to your home decor.


What you’ll need to make an elegant short vase centerpiece:

To create your DIY wedding centerpiece, you’ll need:

  • 1 Piece of floral mud
  • 1 Small vase or box
  • 1 Utility knife
  • 1 Set of Wire cutters
  • Your unique design sense

These materials will make a floral centerpiece around 12" x 9" in diameter. To make a larger centerpiece, you can easily supplement with more foundational flowers, like roses or peonies.

We chose a dusty rose designer flower box to create our centerpiece, which comes with a selection of greenery. We also used some leaves from a greenery combo pack for accents, but you can easily create a beautiful centerpiece using only the designer flower box.

We recommend using an opaque vase to conceal the floral mud, but you can also use a wooden box or any other non-translucent container. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different vases until you find the one that suits your overall design aesthetic.

How to make a vase centerpiece

Step 1: Prepare the vase

Let’s begin by preparing the vase.

Take your flower mud and cut it to fit the bottom of your base. Use your utility knife to slice away thin chunks of floral mud until it fits the base. If your vase is smaller at the bottom than the top, like ours, cut your floral mud into a trapezoidal shape. This will leave you with more floral mud to work with at the top while still allowing the mud to fit inside the container.

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Tip: It’s all right if the floral mud protrudes from the vase slightly. You’ll cover it with flowers shortly.

Step 2: Arrange the flowers

It’s time for our favorite part - using flowers to create an expressive design.

Take flowers from your designer box and cut the stems to different lengths, then insert them one by one into the flower mud. Giving your flowers different heights will help draw the eye and create visual interest in your design.

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When you’re happy with how one side of your centerpiece is shaping up, rotate it 180° and work on the other side using the same process. Once you’ve inserted all your flowers, ensure they’re evenly distributed and add any final adjustments. 

Tip: To create a pleasing floral arrangement (also see our floral lanterns), try choosing larger flowers to act as focal points and surrounding them with smaller flowers that act as fillers and accents. That said, there are no real rules here. If you don’t like how your flowers look, feel free to take them out and re-insert them. It’s your design, so trust your creative instincts!

Step 3: Add greenery

Now, let’s liven up your design with some lush leaves.

Take the greenery from your designer box set and cut the stems to varying lengths, just like you did with the flowers. Use the leaves to fill the gaps between the flowers and create a lush look.

Insert leaves at both the bottom and the top of your centerpiece for a full look.

In addition, we also inserted some longer leaves from a greenery combo pack and extended them outward from the sides of our floral arrangement. This helps draw the eye toward the heart of the centerpiece and create an elegant statement. But if you’d rather keep your floral arrangement round and dome-shaped, that’s fine too. It’s your design, so do what your heart dictates.

Step 4: All finished!

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your very own DIY floral centerpiece for your wedding.

To further customize your centerpiece, try experimenting with colored ribbons or weaving battery-powered fairy lights throughout your floral arrangement. This is your opportunity to make the design your own and express your unique design sense.

When you’re finished, feel free to tag us on Instagram or Pinterest with photos of your centerpiece. We always love seeing how you express yourself with our flowers and beautify your most special moments.

If you’re short on time, have a look at our premade centerpieces. They come in the same elegant palettes as our designer flower boxes, so you can easily coordinate them with your DIY floral arrangements for a seamless, sophisticated wedding look.

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