Easy Backyard Wedding Arch Ideas You Can DIY at Home

Dreaming of a backyard wedding arch that you can DIY from the comfort of your own home? Look no further. When it comes to DIY arches, we’ve got all the small backyard wedding ideas you need in this post!

Whether you call it a chuppah, an altar, or an archway, the arch is the centerpiece of your ceremony. Wedding arches help highlight the bride and groom as the focal point of the space. A good arch captures the eye of guests and fits the wedding theme like a glove, calling attention without stealing the show.

Wedding arches come in seemingly endless shapes and sizes, just like the couples that buy (or make) them! Wondering which backyard wedding arch ideas to DIY and which ones to leave on Pinterest? Whether you're looking for budget outdoor wedding ideas to use in your own backyard or elegant floral masterpieces, here's everything to know (and all the ideas you need!) about DIY wedding arches.

Arch flower garland in sunset terracotta

Top 6 DIY Backyard Wedding Arch Ideas

You’ll remember the moment you say 'I do' forever. You'll also remember the arch that framed that moment. From circular to angular, rustic-inspired to classic wooden, and more, here are our top 6 ideas for your DIY backyard wedding arch.

Celebrating Eternity with a Circular Wedding Arch

Throughout history, the circle has remained a symbol of unity, wholeness, and eternity. Think about this: wedding rings are also used to represent love's eternal power, and a ring is shaped like a circle. Coincidence? We think not.

A circular arch is a great way to utilize negative space, like at Nicki & Brandon's Farmhouse ceremony. While floral arrangements added color and texture, the empty center of the arch allowed the true beauty of the Colorado mountains to shine through while still spotlighting the bride and groom.

Ling's couple's farmhouse wedding in terracotta

Photo by @amongthepinesphoto

Wooden Wedding Arch

You can easily dress up any backyard wedding with a classy wooden arch. As a go-to choice, they typically don't require any structural support other than the wood itself. A wooden wedding arch is one of the easiest to DIY and quickly adds a dash of rustic charm to any ceremony! But wooden doesn't have to mean pastoral. Add string lights for a more romantic look, or fashion with some garland in your wedding colors!

At Kelly & Tom's Pretty in Pink Farmhouse Wedding, the couple's beautiful wooden altar was embellished with a single white drape and lush white flowers. These simple touches transformed the arch into a romantic and sturdy symbol of their love.

Ling's couple's wedding arch with whte flowers and linens on it

Photo by @julietmaceyphotography

Angular Wedding Arch

If you want a contemporary spin on the traditional wedding arch, try and look at it from a different angle.

Angular wedding arches can be as simple as joining two sticks tightly at one end for a teepee-style. Or you can go more complex with multi-tiered creations. Oversized, dramatic structures, modest wooden triangles, and even teepees, are all angular arches that can bring some serious shape to your wedding.

Ashleigh & Pete's ceremony featured a unique rustic and angular arch. Their non-traditional and geometric wedding arch was bold yet, tasteful, with twin terracotta floral arrangements adding a dash of romance. Elegant pampas grass adds movement and calls attention to the arch's floral arrangements while framing the couple beautifully.

Ling's couple's angular arch decorated with terracotta flowers and pampas grass

Photo by @fykephoto

Rustic Wedding Arch

Rustic weddings are unique, casual, and personal, so it's no surprise that this theme is more popular than ever — especially for backyard weddings. Rustic weddings perfectly harmonize country-inspired details and thoughtful, intimate touches. Common materials for DIY'ing a wedding arch include stained wood, slabs, or found and foraged items like driftwood and tree branches.

Our Sunset Terracotta Palette exemplifies the best of a rustic wedding with a range of vibrant, earthy oranges. Elegantly hanging the Sunset Terracotta Wedding Drapes add a romantic tone to a rustic wedding arch of any shape.

Arch flowers with drapes in sunset terracotta

Pergola or Gazebo Wedding Arch

If you're wondering what the difference between a pergola and a gazebo is, don't worry. You're not alone! Actually, the difference between the two is relatively insignificant. The roof, or canopy, is the key distinguishing feature between a pergola and a gazebo. A gazebo typically has a permanent roof, and a pergola has an open roof or one that can be opened. Both are excellent ideas for backyard wedding arches!

Ancient trees watched over Stephanie & Seth's Sunset Terracotta Wedding as the altar drapes fluttered lightly in the fall air. A large garland with a mix of vibrant flowers tied the pergola in with the wedding theme.

Ling's couple vow in front of a pergola arch decorated with terracotta flowers

Photo by Brianne Ritchie Photography and Joslyn Marie Photography

Hope & Samson's Southern Wedding used a slatted gazebo to reflect the wedding's theme. By using arch drapes elegantly woven through the sides and top of the gazebo, the arch is unified with the rest of the ceremony. The semi-open roof created just the right mix of sun and shade for this Southern-themed wedding.

Ling's couple used a slatted gazebo to reflect the marsala wedding palette

Photo by @cuenca.creative

Backdrop Wall

We love backdrop walls because they can be tailored to any theme or budget! A wedding backdrop wall combines shape, color, material, texture, and negative space to create a specific look, making injecting the couple's individual personality easy.

You can DIY a backdrop wall out of wallpaper, create an artistic abstract painting, or just buy classic backdrop curtains to fit your wedding theme.

Sometimes, you can even repurpose the backdrop wall into a photo background for the reception. Other times, your backyard might have a focal point that you can use as a backdrop, such as an ornate doorway or a unique wall design.

Small Backyard Wedding Arch Ideas for All Seasons

The time of the year you select for your wedding day has a lot of variables. Each season has advantages and disadvantages that will affect every aspect of your wedding, including your choice of arch. Whether your space is big or small, we have ideas, tips, and tricks for your wedding arch that will fit the season (and your backyard!)

In Bloom: Spring Wedding Arches

Spring invokes images of freshly blooming flowers, chirping birds, and natural pops of color everywhere. If your big day is in the spring, consider a wedding arch that reflects those things. From romantic floral pieces composed of bright blooms to simple curtain backdrop walls, there are many ways to work the season into your wedding arch. Popular colors for spring include shades of green, pink, yellow, lilac, and of course, anything pastel.

Arch flowers with drapes in lilac and gold

Love is in the Air with Summer Wedding Arches

Summer wedding arches can be either hot and lively or laid back and warm, just like the season itself. The color schemes for a summer wedding are endless. Popular summer wedding colors range from fiery shades of orange to pale pink, blue, and green. Blue tones paired with greens to represent the timeless blue sea are great options. You'll find plenty of blooms, greenery, accents, and fabrics for every palette.

Wedding arch decorations for summer

Falling in Love: Backyard Wedding Ideas for Fall

With the leaves changing colors, mother nature hints at plenty of ideas for a backyard wedding in the fall months. Using statement colors like orange, red, bronze-green, and dark teal will merge with nature, transforming your home into a stage, the perfect backyard wedding ideas for fall. For a backyard barn wedding or anything with a rustic theme, burnt orange accented with greenery works perfectly in any backyard wedding arch. Pinecones, fir twigs, and other things associated with autumn make great accents for the arch.

Arch flowers with drapes in dark teal and burnt orange

Wonderful Winter Wedding Arches

When winter is in full swing, your backyard might be dusted with whites and blues, and your home might be decked with reds, greens, or other holiday colors. The best winter wedding colors will lean into the seasonal mood without opposing it.

Gentle tones of beige and nude work elegance and romance into a winter atmosphere. Jewel-toned berries and browns symbolize the feminine side of the cold months. Backyard arches can work with winter by utilizing greenery, flowers, and branches. White flowers, an ode to winter snow, are popular paired with beige pampas grass or golden berries. Seasonal accessories like holiday lights are tasteful and easy to pair with any arch.

Arch flowers with drapes in white and beige

How to Choose the Perfect Backyard Wedding Arch

No matter your budget or level of DIY skill, your Backyard wedding arch can reflect any style you dream of. Whether or not you pull inspiration from details like your wedding theme or color palette, you must consider how they will affect your big day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your backyard wedding arch.

  • Wedding theme. Wood is one of the most popular backyard wedding arch ideas for good reason: A wooden wedding arch can work with nearly any theme. However, natural driftwood might work better for a beach wedding, whereas a hearty cedar might work best for something rustic. Minor distinctions like these might seem insignificant, but they can make all the difference and should be considered brainstorming ideas for your DIY wedding arch.
  • Color palette. The color of your arch should coordinate with the overall theme and palette of your wedding. For example, a floral arch full of pastel blooms will look out of place if the rest of your arrangements are deep jewel tones.
  • Timing. What time will your ceremony be? The sun can cast shadows across the backyard, and the time of day will give you an idea of what to expect with the specific shape of your wedding arch.
  • Natural features. When choosing a backyard wedding arch, get ideas from Mother Nature herself. Are there mature trees, scenic views, open areas, or other natural elements that command the eye or just look beautiful? If your backyard lacks trees or structures, a trellis or a simple wooden arch can help draw focus to the area.
Arch flowers with drapes in marsala and blush

How to Decorate Your Backyard for the Wedding

Anyone can transform their backyard into the wedding venue of their dreams! With a little creativity and strategic planning, your backyard can be the perfect location for your special day. Keeping your arch in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started.


Flowers make everything more romantic! Line your backyard with garlands to match the season or wedding theme. Use wedding flower garlands to adorn tables, the aisle, or doorways. If you've got enough floral going on, remember that garlands don't have to be made from flowers. Greenery garlands made from eucalyptus leaves or evergreen branches can add lushness to your decor.

Eucalyptus greenery garland Oak leaf greenery garland

String Lights

Lighting is a small detail that makes a big difference in the mood of any given environment. Your backyard is no different. Luckily, getting the lighting right doesn't take extravagant amounts of effort or money. Like fireflies in the night, string lighting adds whimsy to everything they touch. You also won't need to worry about unwanted flames since these types of lights are battery-powered.

String lights invite romantic atmosphere to your wedding

Wedding Signs

welcome sign is a cute way to invite your loved ones into your backyard wedding. WheAdding a piece of floral sign decor can help you coordinate your sign with your theme.. For a touch of rustic charm, try using a chalkboard or corkboard sign with a custom message from you.

Flower sign decor in burgundy and dusty rose

Ready to Get Started?

Feeling inspired to give it a try? We can't wait to see how your DIY wedding arch turns out! Tag us @lingsmoment on IG to share your beautiful backyard wedding! And remember: If you’re running short on time, our premade wedding arch decor can help you create a beautiful day without the effort.

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