Emily & Alan's Dusty Rose and Cream Wedding

As Emily and Alan’s wedding day was approaching, they knew that they wanted to celebrate with the romance of our Dusty Rose and Cream color palette. From the wedding party, to the ceremony to the reception decor, vintage vibes and romantic flowers adorned every inch of this beautiful wedding

If you’re considering a Dusty Rose and Cream wedding, look no further than Emily and Alan’s big day for the ultimate inspo.

Why Choose a Dusty Rose and Cream Wedding Color Palette?

Our Dusty Rose and Cream floral color palette is soft yet striking. Alongside flowers in gentle pink and cream tones, expect florals of muted blush, crisp white and ripe berry alongside earthy greens. Layers of roses, pasque flower and ranunculus create texture, alongside cascading eucalyptus.

A bridal bouquet featured in exquisite dusty rose and cream flowers

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

This timeless color collection exudes vintage charm, making it perfect for a wedding. It is common for brides to feel especially nostalgic in the lead up to their wedding day and to take a moment to appreciate the generations that have come before.

Because this color palette gives off such a romantic, old world charm, it’s ideal for paying homage to the marriages of the past, like your parents or grandparents. Its timelessness means that when you look back on your wedding photos in years to come, that elevated romance will shine through.

If you feel drawn toward a dusty rose wedding theme, let’s see how Emily and Alan embraced it throughout their magical wedding day.

How Emily and Alan Captured their Dusty Rose and Cream Wedding Theme

Dusty Rose and Mauve Wedding Party Attire

Before even considering the decor of the ceremony, Emily and Alan chose to adorn themselves and their wedding party with the classic tones of Dusty Rose. The effect was a colorful yet coordinated ensemble that made for great photos!


As Emily walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she was a vision of vintage romance. Her long, elegant dress had intricate lace sleeves and she wore a delicate brooch in her softly curled hair.

Rather than choosing a bouquet with lots of color, her bridal bouquet instead gently hinted at the Dusty Rose and Cream color palette. With a base of white florals, this classic round bouquet was interspersed with bursts of dusty rose, blush tones and even a feminine lilac. The Dusty Rose wedding flowers ribbon that trailed from the bouquet was a perfect touch to tie the look together.

An elegant bride holds a dusty rose bouquet in her hand

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative with your interpretation of the color palette. This is a great example of how even muted tones made the bridal bouquet stand out amongst the wedding party!


Alan looked dapper as he waited at the end of the aisle in his blue suit and white tie combination. A white boutonniere crowned his lapel, alongside a white silk pocket square.

A groom in a navy blue suit with a white boutonniere

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

The groom’s white boutonniere and tie actually fit perfectly into the Dusty Rose and Cream color palette, and successfully made him stand out from his groomsmen. White is a classic choice that marks an extra special day, and alongside the creamy tones of Emily’s bridal bouquet it was a stylish way to set the bride and groom apart.

Bridal Party

Emily’s closest friends and loved ones surrounded her on her wedding day, and her bridal party showcased a creative example of how to express individuality while sticking to a color palette. Each member all wore different versions of the Dusty Rose color scheme, ranging from a muted pink to a vibrant burgundy. The range of dress styles, a Dusty Rose tie (and hair!) and tonal variations made for a very on-theme yet unique bridal party.

The couple and their friends get together in front of the lake

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

The bridesmaids carried small bouquets that complemented Emily’s. These classic posies continued the neutral color scheme with a lot of white flowers, while the pops of color paired perfectly with the bridal party attire. The overall effect is a classic, warm look that is filled with love!


Standing alongside Alan were his groomsmen looking sharp in their matching navy suits. The groom stood out with his white tie, while the others continued the color scheme with neckties in various shades of dusty rose to match the bridal party’s dresses. The overall effect was subtle yet effective, and modern yet timeless.

Groom and Groomsmen in navy blue suit

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

Vintage Romance Wedding Ceremony

Emily and Alan’s wedding ceremony captured a coziness that felt incredibly special. The love was palpable as this happy couple officially started their life as husband and wife. Here is how they introduced the Dusty Rose and Cream color palette to their nuptials.

Rustic Venue

The wood tones of Emily and Alan’s stunning venue brought serious rustic vibes. Between the walls, ceilings, chairs and flooring, the warmth of the wood really shone through. The hanging chandeliers provided a gorgeous glow and added a touch of modern glam to this cozy space. It was this general backdrop that set the tone for the floral design to pop.

Rustic wedding venue with chandeliers on ceilling

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

Floral Wedding Arch and Drapery

At the end of the charming aisle was a floral arch, ready to be the backdrop for the biggest moment of Emily and Alan’s life. The arch was draped with flowing linens and abundant florals in Dusty Rose. This eye-catching look is simple to set up - simply hang our Wedding Arch Drapes, and then attach the floral decorations to the wooden arch with cable ties. The dusty rose wedding flowers add texture and visual interest, making it the perfect backdrop for that first kiss!

Emily and Alan kissed in front of the arch decorated with dusty rose flowers and drapes

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

Flower Bro

Sometimes the role of scattering the flower petals down the aisle is given to a young child that’s close to the couple, but not at this wedding! As an extension of the wedding party, a Flower Bro brought some serious good vibes as he threw Blush Pink petals… from a fanny pack! Silk petals are a luxurious alternative to the real thing, and come without the risk of wilting or getting squashed underneath guests’ shoes. Plus, they can be repurposed as reception decor by arranging them in a bowl.

A handsome flower bro scattered pink petals on the aisle

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

The Lively Reception

After the ceremony, Emily and Alan’s reception kicked off. Instead of travleing, the evening meal and drinks were set up in the same rustic venue. They danced into the evening surrounded by festive florals.

Colorful Accents

Simple yet unique, Emily and Alan’s sweetheart table and seating plan are great examples of taking a color theme and making it your own. Surrounded by Dusty Rose and Cream, vibrant pops of yellow sunflowers were a special touch. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the flowers you choose - color collections are just a starting point!

A lovely sweetheart table decorated with sunflower centerpiece and red table cloth

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

To create your own floral accents like this, use our DIY Designer Flower Boxes in Dusty Rose and Cream. The faux flowers come in a range of sizes and tones, allowing your to create a truly one-of-a-kind cake masterpiece.


As a send off after the reception, Emily and Alan walked through a tunnel of sparklers held by their friends and family. This made for special photos and lifelong memories! Another idea for a farewell (or entrance) tunnel is to distribute Silk Petals to your guests, and have them shower the happy couple!

The couple walked through a tunnel of sparklers

Photo by @lastingmemoriesbyellen

Where To Find Dusty Rose Wedding Flowers

If you are inspired by Emily and Alan's gorgeous wedding, Ling’s has you covered. The vintage romance of our Dusty Rose and Cream color palette is both versatile and classic, making a dusty rose wedding theme a great choice for your big day.

From the outfits to the ceremony to the decor, Ling’s Moment creates high quality, accessible faux florals and accessories that will elevate your stylish wedding. And if you choose to have a Dusty Rose and Cream wedding, don’t forget to tag us @lingsmoment on IG!

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