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Perfect Bouquet!

Thank you to Lings for saving me when an Etsy order went south! Quick, high quality flowers that received so many compliments!

Italian Ruccus Spray
Carmenetta W.

Very nice, it worked the way I expected.

Lings Blinged out Day!

The flowers were absolutely wonderful. And more than we could ask for or need . They filled every aspect of the ceremony, bridal party and reception. And we still had so many left over. We were able to repackage and repurpose them later on as they were also very durable. Everyone thought there were very life like. Just see the pics! And these were just the photos we could get in the review ! Thank you Lings ur CS was amazing working with us in our order too!


This is just what I was looking for to put on my mantle, I added some fairy lights to it and the garland is gorgeous!

Dusty Rose & Navy boutonnieres

The colors are amazing and everything came in super fast. I am glad I decided to go this route and give Lings a go!!!

Works perfectly for our lanterns

We have an upcoming wedding and I wanted our tables to look chic and fancy without the price tag of florist prices! These will work great! This is the Marsala and Burgundy set


Absolutely Beautiful 😍


It was gorgeous! The bride & groom were very pleased and everyone at the wedding thought it was very beautiful

Perfect for my wedding

Used these for my wedding centerpieces and they came out wonderful. Still have more to make but I'm 1000% satisfied with the price; quality; and flowers.

Great flowers!

I bought these flowers for my wedding in July 2022, and I love them! I haven't used them yet, but just putting them in my diy centerpiece vase took my breath away. I can't wait to make them into bouquets for myself and my maid of honor.

Absolutely gorgeous

These are so beautiful I can't express it enough. I'm so excited to use everything for my wedding. So budget friendly and amazing quality

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Absolutely love these bouquets for my bridesmaids! Waiting for the DIY box flowers to come back in stock and than I will be ordering about 10 boxes!! Ordering through Ling’s for my wedding flowers was the best decision I’ve made!!! Much thanks to your team for making my wedding perfect!

These are the best

I’ve ordered all of my ceremony Flowers here, and honestly these are my fave! I spent less money on these 2 packs than anything else .. and I wish I knew they would be so beautiful! The pics really don’t do them justice .. I was going to use these as isle runners but you can honestly use them for tables or even an arch !

High quality fake flowers.

I would buy again. Worked perfectly for our DIY project.

Thanksgiving table runner

Very fast shipping, exactly what I was looking for. Affordable and beautiful!


I’m so happy with these flowers!!! I can not wait for my wedding to come!! These will be perfect

Highly recommend

The roses look so real, the are so beautiful. Ordering more


These flowers are so beautiful and realistic!!! They are so fun to arrange and I am so excited to use these on my wedding day. The best part is they don’t perish! I get to reuse them after the wedding as well. I truly love this company! I got backyard blue and demure blue! I would buy 10 more boxes if I could lol

Perfect for Brides on a Budget!

After realizing I was close to $40,000 deep in my upcoming wedding, I decided to make some sacrifices. It was the either the one and only wedding dress that made me cry when I put it on, or having real flowers at my wedding. I decided that feeling beautiful was more important than having real flowers that would eventually die...

I am over 40 and never married, so this wedding is a huge deal to me. I am not going to settle for cheap looking anything! After scouring the internet, stores, etc... I was feeling defeated that either the flowers looked horrible or the cost was insanely high. I then came across Lings Moment and I became hopeful, as online everything looks so beautiful, but we all know it's usually much different when you see it in person. I decided to order a sample box. I also had my fiance and Maid of Honor order one on their accounts so they could use the free coupon, and I could see multiple colors.

I received my shipment very fast. When I pulled the box out I could see the flowers through the clear window and immediately thought how great they looked. When I pulled them out I was just as happy. The flowers look just like the photos online! The colors are vibrant and match the online photos as well. The roses are foam material which give them so much dimension. Some of the foam may get squished during transport, but you can reshape them by rubbing the petal between your warm hands.

Leaves: Some of the roses come with a couple leaves which are not my favorite. They are a paper feeling and do have that cheap look. Other roses, such as the pink and cream box have different leaves that were more fuzzy and looked much better. I am not worried about the single rose leaves though as you can easily cut them off and replace with leaves of your choosing.

I loved the look of the roses so much that I made a huge order for Black Friday. I have received my entire order and I am so happy with everything! The pre made items look so realistic, leaves and all! There are tiny elements that I will remove and add something else, but it's minor compared to how amazing everything is.

In the pre-made items the flowers are either foam or silk so it really adds to the realism of the overall look.

If you want a great product for a decent price, I highly recommend you purchase Lings Moment flowers. You will not be disappointed, unless of course you are just so picky that nothing is good enough for you. Like I said, this wedding is everything to me and Lings flowers are going to make a great addition to my wedding.

Wonderful product

Such a great product. Looked like real flowers. My client was very pleased.


Great product very true to color excellent condition


Easily the second best decision of my wedding (after the groom of course!)

Perfect for a fall wedding!

I bought everything from this collection for my October wedding! On my wedding day, I got so many compliments on the bouquet and people were so surprised that they were fake flowers! Such amazing quality for the price!

Placed my order

To start, I was very hesitant to order faux flowers online especially for my wedding. After reading reviews and looking at the website for weeks, I finally ordered samples. I loved them! Colors and style were true to website pictures. So I ordered a bunch. Pew flowers, wrist corsages, boutonnières, bouquets, and centerpieces. They came quick too! They are beautiful! I am so glad I did it. Saved about $600 and they last way longer than real flowers!