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These arrived quickly and were stunning. My boys thought they were real at first glance.


I could not be happier with my purchase!!!
Sorry about clutter, getting ready for wedding. This was in the back. Very happy with look!!

I love it

We use this for a Baby Shower


These flowers are so beautiful, if you are on the fence or nervous don't be. They made my sister's wedding so beautiful and stress free. They came ready to go and super fast. The amazing thing about these is that we will be re doing family photos as my dad had covid and couldn't attend and I can simple tie these to the arbor again for pictures.


I am so happy we decided to go with arrangements from Ling's moments, these garlands were beautiful, and easy to use. They came extremely fast and were so simple to attach to our lanterns and created beautiful centerpieces. If you are on the fence or nervous they will look too fake, do not hesitate. My sister had wished we went with these for her bouquets as well. We plan on making wreathes as presents with these after the wedding. We were bummed the sign swags were sold out but we used one of these for the welcome sign, and to go around the cake as well they really are very versatile. You could even use them flat on a table scarf.


I brought two sample flower pack but received a small bouquet. I was ordering sample flowers for my wedding cake. It’s 3 weeks away and don’t have individual flowers like the picture showed for my wedding cake. Bouquet has five flowers I needed the individual ones and that’s why I order two pack of samples. Not happy with this purchase at all.


I used these to make a wreath and I absolutely love the colors and variety that was provided.

Boutonnières in Amber

These are so Beautifully made 🤩 they over exceeded my expectations, they look so real can't wait for them to be used in 3 weeks!
I definitely recommend purchasing.


I ordered this bouquet for my September elopement in the Mediterranean & had to pack it in my suitcase for an 8 hour flight. Not only did the flowers hold up, but I received so many compliments of how real it looked!

Beautiful, but shape feels off.

The stems/handles seem to be in a weird location. Of course we had to do some helping after the bouquet was taken out of the box, but no matter what we did, we could not get it to like the photo. And unfortunately the bouquet isn’t even for sale anymore so we’ll just have to deal with what we have. The flowers are beautiful and look real which I am excited and grateful for.

Beautiful floral pieces

This is exactly what we were looking for, to use for our backdrop.

Perfect for Brides on a Budget!

My Arbor could not have looked more beautiful! The flowers held up perfectly for almost a full year until it was time for my wedding. The quality is great for the price and everything wasn't so easy to set up. My Jr. Bridesmaids/ daughters dresses matched perfectly.
All of my guests even said they had no idea some of the flowers were artificial. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you Lings Moment for providing bride with an affordable alternative to real flowers that also look fantastic!!

So beautiful💕

I bought these centerpieces for my daughter’s reception for her baptism. They are so pretty. I bought them kind of last minute and I received them very quickly!

Elegant wedding

My daughters wedding was yesterday. Her inspiration word was elegant for her dream wedding. It was perfect!
They do not have wires in them which is more convenient for shaping but it was not an issue.

Absolutely Beautiful!

This product worked perfect with my boho theme. They look just as pretty in person as they do in the pic. I love this product and will definitely order again.


Look better than the pictures

DIY - you can do it!

Steaming the flowers help fluff them up. The roses were gorgeous and realistic looking! But the other flowers did look artificial. I glued some of the leaves back to back to make it look less artificial. Bouquet turned out decent sized.

Loved it!

My bridal bouquet was amazing! I ordered a DIY box and added some other flowers, but I got so many compliments!


They are stunning gorgeous


My bridesmaids bouquets are amazingly gorgeous. I love them 😍 thanks again.

Too fake looking

The concept behind these is beautiful, however it’s definitely more fake looking then the eucalyptus I get from target. The backs are very obviously paper, but the front is pretty. Wish it was print double sided to make it look real in every angle.

Hi Vrm,

I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the item! I've forwarded your concerns to our team to better upgrade and improve our product!
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a DM or email us at support@lingsmoment.com.

Best regards,
Ling's moment


I dont honestly like the eucalyptus at all. It looks super fake and I will not be using it. There's no point in returning tho because the shipping is expensive. Kind of a waste.

Hi Hana,

I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the item! I've forwarded your concerns to our team to better upgrade and improve our product!
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a DM or email us at support@lingsmoment.com.

Best regards,
Ling's moment


I got the 15 in free form bouquet. This bouquet is pretty but the back of the bouquet is super flat and I was kind of expecting a little more. It's okay and I will probably use it since I spent all my money on all these flowers already. But idk I kind of was hoping for more.

I like the foam flowers in the arrangement but they are kind of outshined by the silk ones that are slightly mis shapen. And I was hoping for more greenery. It looked a little more wild and big in the photo.

Hi Hana,

Thank you for reaching out!

Kindly note all our arrangements are packed tightly to prevent damage, there might be a little deform during handling, storing, and transportation. May I suggest adjusting the flowers and greenery of the arrangements to recover their shape and 'fluff' it up a bit? The stems are made of flexible wires which can be rearranged easily~ We have a video here to give you a better idea: https://www.lingsmoment.com/blogs/products-user-guide/how-to-refresh-your-pre-arranged-bridal-bouquet-after-shipping

We also suggest using a steamer to recover the flower’s shape as shown in this video: https://www.facebook.com/538490269630866/videos/1004745503363435.
If you don’t have a steamer at hand, please try to recover their shape by softly kneading the petals and placing them in cool and dry places for 1~3 days.

If you have any questions feel free to let us know!

Rosa Banksaie!

Used this lovely vine on a wedding entrance backdrop and it was gorgeous! Love Lings products; they never disappoint.