Kayla and Taylor’s Storybook Country Inspired Wedding

As the sun went down over Kayla and Taylor’s rustic terracotta wedding, the couple basked amongst the love of their friends, family and this new chapter of their lives together. With vibrant tones of orange and rust, Sunset Terracotta created the perfect color palette choice for this country themed wedding.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

If you’re planning your own rustic terracotta wedding, look no further than Kayla and Taylor’s Sunset Terracotta celebration as inspiration. Ling’s Moment makes it easy to style florals and decor that elevate and bring vibrancy to your big day in the countryside.

Sunset Terracotta Color Palette

Kayla and Taylor’s chosen color palette of Sunset Terracotta is warm, vibrant and inviting. Burnt oranges, rich rust and delicate pink tones combine with organic greenery to create a passionate color palette to set hearts ablaze.

Because this color palette is so inspired by the russet tones of nature, it works perfectly in a countryside setting. The earthy tones of this rural wedding were punctuated by bold flashes of passionate orange. From the wedding party florals, to the attire, to the decor, Sunset Terracotta from Ling’s Moment is a magnetic and timeless choice of color palette.

Vibrant Floral Accents

As Kayla and her bridal party walked down the aisle on her wedding day, pops of orange florals created a dramatic and effective focal point. No one could look away from this gorgeous bride!

Sunset Terracotta Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet has the power to complement the radiant beauty of the bride. Kayla shone like a star as she carried a large free-form bridal bouquet in Sunset Terracotta down the aisle.

We carefully designed this show-stopping bouquet with freesia and delphinium to create organic movements, and rose branches and eucalyptus leaves to create natural shape and balance, and silk gradient ballet pointe dahlia flowers as accents. The free-form style allows rays of sunlight to shine through, making for the most gorgeous bridal portraits.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

For Kayla, this bouquet was the perfect explosion of color and texture to truly complete her gorgeous bridal look. She wore a delicate lace neckline and kept most of her hair pinned back, and let the flowers make a bold style statement.

Burnt Orange Wedding Corsage

Corsages are a timeless way to add floral detail and continue the color palette amongst your special guests. They are traditionally worn by females, and are a great way to honor your parents, grandparents and readers.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

Kayla chose to give her inner circle corsages in a gorgeous Sunset Terracotta tone. She made them using foam roses and rose leaf garlands, creating truly bespoke pieces for her inner circle. This token of love and appreciation is such a special touch, and an effective way to include your loved ones in your rustic terracotta wedding.

Sunset Terracotta Wedding Attire

At Kayla and Taylor’s country themed wedding, their bridal party also wore festive attire that worked with the Sunset Terracotta color palette.

Russet Bridesmaid Dresses

Kayla’s bridesmaids all wore long, feminine dresses in a gorgeous burnt orange color. With a splash of red tones, this rustic and earthy tone made her bridesmaids look gorgeous against the organic green backdrop of their country themed wedding.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

With delicate straps and long, pleated skirts, the russet bridesmaid dresses made for bridal party photos that will last a lifetime.

Burnt Orange Wedding Boutonnieres

For Taylor and his groomsmen, a stylish boutonniere was a great way to add a pop of Sunset Terracotta to their wedding day looks. They wore russet bow ties that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the burnt orange boutonnieres were a great way to complete the wedding party color palette.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

Boutonnieres are a small detail that can make a huge impact at a wedding. This small floral detail can elevate any outfit and make it truly special. Boutonnieres can be worn by the groom and guests, and different colored boutonnieres can even be worn to highlight the special people in the audience on your big day. These boutonnieres in Sunset Terracotta can be presented to important people like parents, grandparents and ushers on your wedding day to show them how much you care.

Rustic Terracotta Wedding Ceremony

A rural wedding ceremony is perfect for a terracotta wedding theme. Tones of burnt orange, neutral pinks and earthy greens provide the perfect balanced pop of color amongst the natural scenery.

Terracotta Wedding Arch

Kayla and Taylor adorned their ceremony arch with florals and linens in Sunset Terracotta. This statement arch was decorated with flower arrangements in Sunset Terracotta and matching drapes to create a focal point behind the couple.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

A floral arch is the perfect backdrop for those special vows, and ends up creating a stunning frame for that first kiss as a married couple.

Colorful Aisle Decor

When the guests arrived at Kayla and Taylor’s wedding on a gorgeous sunny day, they were met by rows of stylish white chairs adorned with Sunset Terracotta floral arrangements. Our wedding aisle chair decor in Sunset Terracotta combines stunning foam roses in burnt orange, nude and cream with flowing rose leaves. The result is a stylish, elevated look that is the ultimate welcome for any guest.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

Terracotta Entryway Decor

Other statement pieces at Kayla and Taylor’s country themed terracotta wedding were the grand floral arrangements that marked the entrance to the ceremony. These free-standing flower arrangements in Sunset Terracotta have a sculptural quality, bringing color, texture and style to any wedding ceremony decor.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

This versatile decor piece is perfect both indoor and outdoors, and can be displayed on a raised podium like seen here. This keeps the flowers in your guests’ eyeline, working to amplify your rustic terracotta wedding palette and create abundance.

Bountiful Reception Decor

After the couple exchanged vows and were officially husband and wife, it was time to celebrate with their loved ones. They made their way to an indoor reception, where the Sunset Terracotta color palette continued on and was flawlessly executed.

Floral Table Garlands

Down the center of each table, atop gorgeous linens of burnt orange, were flower garlands in Sunset Terracotta. These long, free-flowing garlands added a perfect amount of vibrant color and natural texture to the table, setting the perfect scene to eat, drink and be merry.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

Flower garlands are a versatile decor choice, as they can be used on a range of tables. From short to long dining tables, as well as entryway, drink and dessert tables, faux floral garlands will elevate your wedding decor and create a vibe worth celebrating.

Head Table Floral Centerpiece

One of the most creative aspects of this gorgeous wedding was this stunning floral arrangement at the center of the head table. In fact, this dreamy Sunset Terracotta accent was Kayla’s bridal bouquet, repurposed. The large free-form bridal bouquet in Sunset Terracotta made for the perfect focal point at the front of the room as guests looked lovingly upon the newlyweds.

Photo by @cassieandfrances

One of the advantages of faux flowers is that they can easily be repurposed, without the risk of wilting or being damaged throughout the evening. Consider repurposing bridal party bouquets and ceremony decor at your reception! And after the wedding, they can even be transformed into home decor to bring sweet memories of your big day home with you!

For Kayla and Taylor, the Sunset Terracotta color palette was the perfect choice for their country themed wedding. Pops of burnt orange, burgundy and neutral creams were the perfect complement to the stunning natural backdrop. Stylish, earthy and timeless, Kayla and Taylor’s rustic terracotta wedding is our ultimate inspiration.

If you’re planning your own terracotta wedding theme, Ling’s Moment’s Sunset Terracotta color palette is a stunning choice. And if you have your own rustic terracotta wedding, we want to see it! Don’t forget to tag us @lingsmoment on IG to share in the joy of your big day.

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