Why Artificial Flowers are Better Than Real Flowers

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days you’ll have. You’ve chosen to spend your life with someone and are standing in front of family and friends from all parts of your life and letting them, and your future spouse, know why.

Whether you throw an extravagant reception with 500 people or a backyard brunch with 10 of your closest friends, you’ve likely spent months planning every detail down to the color of the napkins. You’ve hired a photographer to capture the day for future reminiscing. Everything is a reflection of your personality and your love story.

One of the biggest pieces of every wedding puzzle are the flowers. Movies and history bombard you with ideas of every exotic bloom and local wildflower you can imagine. They’re one of the biggest elements of ambiance of the event, and you want them to be amazing.

But where is the rule that says they have to be alive?

Have you ever considered that artificial flowers have benefits that could make them the perfect choice for your celebration? Here are several reasons why opting for artificial is a great idea:

1. There’s no expiration date

Put simply, artificial flowers don’t die, and that’s no little thing. For one, you can spend the time leading up to the big day making memories with friends and relatives.  Throw a flower arranging party or have a couple of friends over for some cava and crafting. Not only will you get to see your bouquets (see fake flower bouquets) before the wedding, but you’ll be able to adjust them any way you want. And it’s fun! Involving loved ones in bringing your wedding dreams to fruition makes them feel like they’re along this journey with you. 

Without the worry of the flowers and flower petals turning brown, you can set them up in your event space any time, and you don’t need to worry about refrigeration or water. You will have peace of mind because the flowers stay fresh (have you seen Ling's Teal Flowers?).  

They’ll have vibrant color forever! And on top of that, they’re stronger, so you don’t have to worry about the delicate blooms breaking at any point during the process.

The best part about long-lasting flowers is that you and your guests will have lasting momentos to take home from your big day. You can reuse them for your future anniversary parties or a baby shower to create extra special memories. You could even pass a few down to the next generation to incorporate in their own wedding.

Photo by Federico Plevak on Unsplash

Need to brighten up your home? Low-maintenance artificial flowers don’t even need sunlight for the perfect sunflower wedding, so you can put them anywhere! Surround yourself with reminders of the day you were married and the love and support you felt. Whether it’s a reception bouquet on the kitchen tables or a  posy bouquet in the guest bath, it will make every day colorful and feel special.

2. There’s no growing window limitations

Want orchids? Sunflowers? Roses? No problem! Get anything you want any time of year. There are no limits on artificial flowers. You can get daisies in the winter or tulips in the fall.  You aren’t at the mercy of nature.

You don’t have to worry about crops. If a drought has wiped out the fields your florist sources your crocuses from, it’s not a problem. When you’re not beholden to weather, the reliability factor goes up, and the stress levels go down. 

Make it easy on yourself! If you find artificial flowers you like, order them! When they arrive, they will be exactly what you saw. And as an added bonus, you can get them as early as you’d like in order to have peace of mind.

3. They’re not as dangerous for pets

For anyone planning to involve their furry friends in their wedding, you’re aware that some plants are toxic to pets. If Fido is going to be the ring bearer, someone is going to have to keep a close eye on him throughout the festivities depending on the floral arrangements.

This may not be a concern for many brides-to-be, but for those who plan on letting their fur babies roam the party, safety can be a concern. After all, there will be a lot going on: a new environment, lots of people, unfamiliar noises, etc. It’s not a stretch to think they might sample the flowers sitting in the corner.

With artificial flowers, it’s less of an issue. If anything, they might be seen as a toy rather than a smelly anomaly they want to eat.

At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating your love and sharing a beautiful day with the people closest to you. Whether you choose real or artificial flowers or a mix of the two, it should be a decision that eliminates stress, not creating it. 

Artificial flowers could be exactly the decorating solution you need. So if you’re starting to plan your wedding, look around! Do some research, and you might just find the perfect flowers that are always in bloom.

4. They’re pollen-free

For anyone who deals with allergies, flowers can ruin an evening pretty quickly with dry eyes and sneezing. Artificial flowers are pollen-free and are an easy way to prevent the sniffles at your wedding–or at least the allergy kind. 

5. They’re great for reverse destination weddings

Reverse destination weddings are a way to bring a popular location where you might want to get married closer to home. Big fan of Hawaii but live in Cleveland? Find a nice beach town in the US or an event space where you can serve poke and taro. Flowers and decor add to the ambiance and help create a more budget-friendly day.

As mentioned before, there’s no growing window limitations. If you’re having a Provence-themed wedding and need some lavender and greenery local to the region in order to set the mood for your winter wedding, it’s not a problem. Artificial flowers can be sourced at any time of year unlike their live counterparts destined to live for only a short period. 

The costs of the former remain the same regardless of when they are purchased, so you won’t get the price bump you would see in the latter for buying out of season. It really is an easier solution that provides better value.

6. They’re perfect for inside out garden venues

Bringing the inside out has been a growing trend since the pandemic started. But what may have been conceived as a safety precaution is a stunning way to dazzle guests in an environment few will see. It’s the stuff movies are made of. 

If you’ve ever seen a chandelier hanging from a tree over a leather couch sitting on a rug carefully arranged without a roof over its head, you’re familiar with the concept. You can also bring the outside in. Make an indoor venue or an event tent feel like a magical secret garden. Artificial flowers are wonderful for this. 

With the sheer amount of greenery and flowers needed to complete this look, it’s helpful to set up early. Once again referring to an earlier point, these blooms don’t need water, and they won’t die. They’ll look as amazing on day one as day seven. Or longer! There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing such a large part of your decor is safe and ready to go whenever you are.

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