DIY elegant centerpiece with Martini glass

Planning the perfect decor for your reception isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential part of completing your wedding day theme. Why? Well, this is where you and your guests will spend the most time mingling, dining, and celebrating your nuptials. The best way to enhance this intimate atmosphere is to ensure each table is visually  stunning with a breathtaking centerpiece.

From extravagant to timeless, the style of your reception centerpieces is the key to seamlessly creating cohesion with your wedding decor in a different location. Today, brides are choosing to go beyond the traditional floral vase and looking for cocktail glass ideas for elegant centerpieces to finish their tables. One creative idea is to combine a classic martini glass with an arrangement of beautiful silk flowers. 

There are a number of DIY elegant centerpiece ideas using martini glasses to select from with different shapes and styles, we have one you will simply adore. 

This lovely centerpiece crafted with Ling’s Moment flowers is not only gorgeous, but it’s quite easy to DIY. Below, you’ll find our step-by-step tutorial on how you can create elegant martini glass centerpieces for your wedding reception.


What you’ll need to make a DIY Elegant Centerpiece with a Martini Glass

You will need these items to make 1 centerpiece with white flowers and lush greenery:

  • Floral Wires
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers
  • Your Creative Spirit

Our Greenery Combo Pack in Blessed White features eucalyptus leaves, dark green willow leaves, pearl bead spray, white lavender, white delphinium elatum, and white yucca glorisa. If these colors don’t compliment your color scheme, there’s no need to worry. You’re free to explore and use any floral set from our collection to create the perfect match.

How to make a DIY elegant centerpiece with a martini glass

To craft this elegant centerpiece, you will need to follow these 5 easy steps. Let’s begin, shall we?

Step 1. Create the Center Base

We’re starting off by creating the center base. You’ll need to tie the floral wires into a hashtag shape and gently tuck the center of the floral wires into the martini glass.

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Fix the wires with your hot glue gun to keep them from moving around. Then tuck in the shortest wire inside the glass.

Step 2.  Elongate the Shape

Using your pliers, extend the floral wires on one side beyond the glass by twisting and adding additional wires to create an elegant concave arc shape.

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Step 3.  Add in the Greenery

Unbox your flowers and leaves from the set, then take the leaves and place them on the wireframe with your hot glue gun. Pay close attention to where you’re placing the leaves as they will serve as the outline of your centerpiece.

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Step 4.  Adorn with Flowers

It’s time to compliment the greenery with the stunning white flowers from the Greenery Combo Pack box set. Begin by placing the flowers in the center of the glass. Then place a few on both sides of the centerpiece among the leaves.

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Step 5.  Finish with Embellishments

Now for the fun part! Take the pearl embellishments from our Greenery Combo Pack box set, and add them freely among the flowers and the leaves for a classic finish.

And, you’re finished! 

Congrats! You now have a stunning centerpiece to add to your wedding reception decor and amaze your guests. These beautifully crafted centerpieces are ready to compliment your tables in the best way.

We’d love for you to share the finished centerpiece with us! Feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you’re short on time, our premade centerpieces offer a delicate and beautiful look for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. With their designer color palettes, they pair beautifully with your wedding for nearly any theme.

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