DIY Wedding Hoop Centerpiece Tutorial

An elegant floral hoop centerpiece truly elevates a reception and is simple to create. So today we are going to take you through each step on how to make your very own hoop centerpiece. Let's get to it! 


  • 3" roses x 7
  • 3.5" garden roses x 3 
  • 7.5" gum-drop eucalyptus garland 
  • 2~3 types of accents


  • Wire stems 
  • Wire cutters  
  • Jute twine 
  • Glass candle holders x2 
  • Metal hoop 15" diamter 
  • Rectangular wooden box 
  • LED string lights  
  • Beading thread strings

Step 1  Wrap the metal hoop with jute twine. Line the eucalyptus garland around the hoop and secure it with wire stems. Hold 2~3 stems of roses with some greenery accents and then twist the stems. Cut the stems to 2 inches long. 

Step 2  Altogether we have 2~3 units of mini bouquets ready. Tie the mini bouquet one by one around the sides of the hoop. If you would like a dreamy touch, nestle the light strings among the flowers and greeneries. 

Step 3  To hang your glass candle holders, run the beading thread strings through the hoop and tie off the end. Drill a hole into the center of the wood box and then secure the floral centerpiece with 3 pcs of wire stems to the bottom side of the box.  

There you have it! A stunning and affordable centerpiece that will brighten up your reception decor. Bonus: you may use it to decorate your home after the wedding. 

Do let us know how you get on by sharing your creations and tag us on Instagram