Ashleigh & Pete’s Rustic Outdoor Terracotta Wedding

Few things are as romantic as admiring a sunset with the one you love. Wouldn’t it be incredible to capture the vibrant gradient of a burning sunset and mix it with the warm, welcoming tones of the earth? That’s exactly what newlyweds Ashleigh and Pete set out to do with their rustic outdoor wedding - with a little help from Ling’s Moment.

Photo by Fyke Photography

Keep reading to discover how Ashleigh and Pete used flowers from Ling’s Moment’s Sunset Terracotta wedding collection to create a magical wedding day.

A warm and earthy color palette

Ashleigh and Pete took the reigns creatively and decided to make many of their floral arrangements using flowers from our sunset terracotta color palette.

Our terracotta collection draws inspiration from vibrant sunsets and earthy autumnal tones to create a warm and inviting look. Tones of burnt orange and burgundy pair with neutral white and champagne highlights to tie the look together. It’s a rich look that’s both romantic and elegant.  And since Ling’s flowers are handmade from high-quality silk and foam, they don’t wilt and can be prepared ahead of time.

Photo by Fyke Photography

By making much of their wedding decor with this bold palette, Ashley and Pete brought a personal touch to their ceremony and reception, making the day look and feel even more special. Here’s a highlight of some of our favorite rustic wedding ideas from their ceremony and reception!

A whimsical geometric wedding arch

Ashleigh and Pete created a unique design for their wedding arch with a rustic triangle-shaped arch frame. Twin terracotta floral arrangements bring a sunset-inspired gradient to the design. At the same time, the pampas grass adds movement, which helps compliment the earthy atmosphere and accentuate the flowers.

Photo by Fyke Photography

It’s a non-traditional and geometric wedding arch that’s bold, tasteful, and makes a beautiful focal point for the ceremony.

Beautiful bouquets

The bridal bouquet is the ultimate floral arrangement at a wedding. Ashleigh’s custom bridal bouquet looks phenomenal, thanks to bold terracotta flowers and supporting flowers in shades of burnt orange, pale pink, and cream. The matching ribbon enriches the overall color palette, while the rose gold accents provide just the right amount of sparkle.

Photo by Fyke Photography

In the bridal party, notice how the bridesmaid bouquets mainly feature white flowers as the main color with pops of terracotta and burgundy woven in. This helps draw attention to each bridesmaid’s beautiful velvet terracotta dress while complementing the overall wedding color palette. It’s a clever touch that balances the look and keeps it from becoming too overwhelming.

Charming boutonnieres

Ashleigh and her bridesmaids weren’t the only ones who embraced the warm and inviting color palette. Peter and his groomsmen incorporated sunset terracotta tones into their floral boutonnieres and ties, complementing the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets and making their own statements.

Photo by Fyke Photography

It’s all about the details - their navy suits even feature a subtle plaid pattern with a single bronze stripe! It’s a subtle and genius way to weave the color palette into their formal wear. 

A dazzling reception

At their reception, Ashleigh and Pete chose a more subtle approach to their floral decor.

The terracotta floral swag on the mantlepiece banner helps bring color to the rustic barn while drawing attention to the sweetheart table, which looks beautiful with its wooden “Mr & Mrs” sign and the welcoming greenery garland.

Ashleigh and Pete wove Eucalyptus and willow leaf garlands and leaves throughout the table spreads and displays at their reception. The leaves bring an earthy touch to the displays without overwhelming the environment. Instead, this design choice helps enhance the barn’s inherent rustic beauty and create an immersive atmosphere, where every element works together to create an even more beautiful whole.

Photo by Fyke Photography

How to elevate your wedding like Ashleigh and Pete

If you’re inspired by Ashleigh and Pete’s beautiful and romantic wedding, here’s how you can recreate the look for your special day.

If you want to make your own designs like this creative couple, we recommend starting with one of our terracotta designer flower boxes. The designer flower boxes feature a carefully curated selection of flowers, leaves, and accents designed to make DIY floral arrangements simple. Each color edition in the terracotta collection features a slightly different selection of flowers, making it easy to create bouquets, centerpieces, or other wedding decorations with a warm and earthy glow.

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Or, if you’re short on time, have a look at our premade sunset terracotta decor. Each floral arrangement features the same beautiful terracotta tones at Ashleigh and Pete’s rustic outdoor wedding, but you don’t have to worry about making them yourself. It’s done for you and is a simple solution for couples looking to upgrade their special moments.

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