Easy Tips for Taking Care of Your Artificial Bridal Bouquet Before the Wedding

So you've got your dream bridal bouquet picked out, and you know it will be perfect in every way. One small detail: you've never had artificial florals before, and you've got a few questions like:

"How do you store a bridal bouquet before a wedding? How do you keep faux flowers fresh? How do you make fake flowers look new again? How do you...... ?"

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's everything you need to know about taking care of your artificial bridal bouquet.

Why Do So Many Brides Choose Faux Flowers?

Type "How do you store a bridal bouquet before a wedding?" in your search bar, and you're sure to get an overwhelming amount of results about faux flowers. The next logical question is, of course, "What's so special about faux flowers?"

The advantages of faux flowers are many, but these are some of the most significant:

  • Long lasting, just like your love. Imagine being able to see your bridal bouquet precisely as it was on your wedding day two, ten, or more years down the road! Faux blooms and greenery will never wilt or droop and will continue to look lovely for years to come.
  • Low maintenance. One of the main reasons faux flowers are so beloved is because you don't have to worry about maintaining them, making them OK to store at home and easy to keep before a wedding or celebration. To prevent dust through the years, gently clean with a dry cloth periodically or as needed (more on that below!).
  • Hypoallergenic. Artificial flowers are perfect for anyone on the guest list who has allergies. Hypoallergenic blooms are especially great for the wedding party, as they are typically closest to the floral arrangements or may even be holding one themselves. You can rest easy knowing these types of bouquets are also pet-friendly!
  • No compromising. Get what you want when you want it. Artificial blooms are available year-round, meaning you can use spring flowers in your winter wedding (or vice versa!). 

You can learn more about the pros of going faux through our blog.

A stunning artificial bridal bouquet in gentle pink shades

Is it OK to Keep Artificial Flowers at Home?

Looking at a bunch of beautiful flowers can liven up anyone's day- especially if those flowers are your own bridal bouquet!

So, is it OK to keep artificial flowers at home? Yes, it's completely safe to have artificial flowers in your house. Unlike organic flowers, faux florals do not pose a threat, are hypoallergenic, and have no pesticides.

A artifical floral arrangement can be used as a home decor

How Do You Store a Bridal Bouquet Before a Wedding?

Durability and adaptability are yet another reason brides love artificial bouquets. Unlike organic flowers, faux blooms aren't fussy the days before your wedding. Still, there are a few things you can do to keep your bouquet shining.

Here are our top insider tips for how to store your artificial bridal bouquet before the wedding:

  • Be ready. Make sure you have all the required tools ready when your flowers arrive. You'll need a microfiber cloth to clean them; a small steamer for reshaping would be ideal.
  • Location, location, location. Store blooms in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, air vents, or humid spaces like basements.
  • Avoid excessive cleaning. Your blooms have been expertly shaped, so you have one less thing on your plate. Don't obsess over every petal- let them breathe and leave them be until you're ready to say 'I do.'
Free form artificial bridal bouquet in marsala and blush

How Do You Store Faux Wedding Flowers, Forever?

Now that you know how to store an artificial bridal bouquet before a wedding, you're prepared for your big day! So...how do you store your faux flowers and keep them fresh through the years? A little effort goes a long way when it comes to keeping your blooms looking vibrant.

Here are some tips for keeping your bouquet happy:

  • Adjust your cleaning schedule. Adjust the frequency of cleaning based on your location, weather conditions, and time of the year. A good weekly dusting or wipe-down is standard in most climates.
  • Pick your storage wisely. Don't get us wrong- your bridal bouquet is made to be displayed and sashayed. Whether it's your big day or a wedding anniversary celebration down the road, a few hours of sunlight are absolutely fine. But when it comes to daily storage, placement matters. Keep all artificial floral arrangements away from direct heat and sunlight and avoid excessive moisture to prevent fading and damage.
  • Go micro. Use a microfiber cloth to clean and freshen up artificial bridal bouquets by gently wiping them back and forth. A fabric duster is a popular alternative.
  • Avoid chemicals. Never wash your artificial bridal bouquet in chemicals, even if they claim to be gentle. These may dissolve binding agents that hold the components together or otherwise damage the arrangement. Instead, use a cleaner specifically made for artificial bouquets.
Free form artificial bridal bouquet in rust and sepia

How Do You Keep Faux Flowers Fresh?

Ultimately, the easiest way to keep your artificial bridal bouquet looking as lovely as your wedding day is to keep them clean with regular upkeep.

How do you keep your faux flowers fresh and dusted without damaging them? Simply dust in a back-and-forth motion over the arrangement, using gentle strokes. Use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your bouquet to avoid damage. Weekly cleanings will keep your flowers looking flawless.

Wondering If You Should Wash Your Faux Flowers?

When considering going the artificial route,"should I wash fake flowers?" is probably one of the first things you asked yourself. Let us explain.

Artificial bouquets are as practical as they are beautiful, and while they don't require the same care as living plants, they still need some upkeep to look their best. As mentioned, faux arrangements need to be kept in good shape with routine maintenance, but an occasional deep clean is also in order.

Free form artificial bridal bouquet in emerald and tawny beige

How to Clean Artificial Flowers

If you’re wondering how to clean artificial flowers, luckily, dusting or cleaning delicate parts is easy. Here’s how to clean artificial flowers:

  • For silk flowers, consider a cleaning spray. Lightly misting your precious silk flowers with a cleaning spray is an easy and effective way to keep your blooms looking beautiful. You can buy flower-specific cleaning spray at most major department stores.
  • Get salty. Literally. Carefully shake the flowers in a bag of salt for one to two minutes. The salt grains will act as mild abrasives, loosening dust. When finished, simply remove the blooms from the bag and shake off any remaining salt. Note: Do not use this method for metal bouquets; you may be left with micro scratches.
  • Water, the universal cleaner. This method is for deep cleaning or tackling a stain. Thoroughly rinse your arrangement under cool water so as not to break down any adhesives. With care, turn the bouquet upside down, hold the stems, and let the water run over every part of it. Use a steady but gentle stream of water to avoid damage. To tackle a stain, use a mild dish soap.
Free form artificial bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

Artificial Flowers Look New Again

How do you make artificial flowers look new again? With just a little tender love and care! Yet another advantage of artificial arrangements is that it's possible to revive or beautify them regardless of age or material. If you're looking to spruce up your faux flowers but are afraid you'll damage them, don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Here are three tips to make your artificial flowers look fresh again:

  • Get it together. Start by gathering any flat, smashed, or damaged petals or bloom into a central location in the bouquet. This will make your work easier and ensure you get everything. Now you can gently press any flat or malformed petals back into shape.
  • Dust it off. If you haven't been regularly dusting your bridal bouquet, you'll be amazed at how a quick wipe-down can make your blooms look new again.
  • Use a little steam. Next, you'll want to steam any stubborn petals with filtered water. Take your time, and expect the amount you'll need to steam each flower to vary. Use quick strokes to avoid oversaturating the flower or melting any delicate parts.

Note: Always test any new cleaning method on a single petal before steaming your entire bouquet.

Ready to Go Faux?

A faux bouquet should last as long as your love: forever! There are a few simple tips and tricks to help you take care of your artificial bridal bouquet before the wedding and for years to come.

From cleaning to storing and keeping them fresh, we hope our guide has enlightened you on taking care of your artificial bridal bouquet! If you found this post article, let us know below or tag us @lingmoment on IG!

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