Hope & Samson's Soft & Regal Southern Wedding

At a southern manor nestled in the mountains of Georgia, excitement bubbles in the air as one excited couple gets ready for their wedding day. Today, Hope and Samson will say “I do” surrounded by laid-back southern greenery and romantic marsala florals. It’s the stuff that modern-day fairy tales are made of — and the perfect inspo for your special moments. 

Get all the details on this gorgeous regal wedding below, and learn how you can recreate their marsala wedding color scheme.

The couple posed in front of the white window

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Getting Ready

The Bride & Bridesmaids

Inside one of the manor’s luxurious bedrooms, a group of Hope’s closest girlfriends help her slip into her wedding ensemble: a v-line wedding gown. The gathered skirt surrounds her in a sparkly white waterfall, while the jewels crowning her veil match the ones in her necklace.We love the coordination here!

The birde's closest girlfriend help her slip into the wedding ensemble

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But, never one to sacrifice style for comfort, Hope’s also rocking white sneakers beneath her gown. It’s a wise choice for a day she’ll spend on her feet. After all, no one wants to fight off a foot cramp in the middle of their first dance.

She carries a bridal bouquet bursting with white and blush-pink roses accented by bursts of Tuscan-red marsala flowers. The gold accent leaves add an especially regal accent. To finish the look, a marsala ribbon flutters down alongside a soft pink one, like twin waterfalls of marsala and rosé wine. It’s the perfect pop of romance.

Groom in black suit and bride holds a round marsala bouquet

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The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids don fluttery blush pink gowns that match the flowers in Hope’s bouquet. Each gown features a slightly different cut. But the color choice helps the bridal party maintain a consistent look, while still allowing each bridesmaid to celebrate her individual sense of style.

They also carry miniature versions of Hope’s stunning bouquet, featuring the same collection of white and soft pink roses with dashes of rich marsala. The overall look brings one word to mind: elegance.

The bride and bridesmaid hold  round marsala bouquet in their hands

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The Groom

Across the hall, Samson looks sharp in an all-black suit styled with a regal gold watch and a beaded bracelet. Choosing a black dress shirt adds an extra layer of sleekness to his look and helps him stand apart from his groomsmen.

Ever Wondered What Red Roses Mean at a Wedding?

Red roses represent passion and devotion to one’s partner. So, it’s all too fitting that Samson pins a boutonniere made from a rich wine-red rose close to his heart. His dapper marsala bowtie literally ties the look together.

The groom wearing a red boutonniere smiles brightly

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The Groomsmen

The best man and groomsmen follow Samson's stylish lead, wearing dapper black tuxes and bowties.

The groom and groomsmen in black suits wear marsala boutonnieres

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Their boutonnieres feature pink roses: symbols of elegance, admiration, and appreciation. It’s an ideal color choice for the group of friends that Samson appreciates the most.

The Ceremony

In the manicured gardens of the estate, a gazebo stands waiting crowned with ribbons that flutter in the breeze. Twin floral arrangements, featuring marsala and blush tones, are tied to the wooden posts in the front, creating a gorgeous frame for the ceremony.

Using the gazebo as an arch helps weave the setting into the ceremony seamlessly. This romantic idea would be super easy to recreate at a backyard wedding ceremony.

Ling's couple make their vows before a white gazebo decorated with marsala linens

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The guests leisurely sip their preferred drinks and watch as the bridesmaids and groomsmen stroll in pairs down the aisle. The folding chairs they sit in help the atmosphere stay laid-back and relaxed, while the floral decorations add a touch of elegance that blends with the marsala wedding colors.

White chair decorated with pew flowers in marsala and blush

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Hope and Samson meet beneath the gazebo and exchange vows, surrounded by family and friends on a picture-perfect southern afternoon. When they kiss for the first time as husband and wife, it’s impossible to ignore the crowd’s cheer.

The Reception

As the day fades into a dusky evening, it’s time to celebrate. The estate’s quaint yet regal interior makes for the ideal place to host a reception. Family and friends gather around rounded banquet tables for a candlelit dinner, while Hope and Samson relax at their head table.

Ling's couple sit at a sweetheart table decorated with greenery garland and marsala flowers

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After cutting the cake and celebrating toasts, now it’s time to party in earnest. The DJ turns up Hope and Samson’s favorite beats as the bridal party and guests let loose. There may have been a conga line or two involved, too — it’s kind of a blur. 

As they exit through the manor’s elegant entrance, Hope and Samson’s guests escort them out with a flurry of bubbles. It’s a whimsical touch that’s a perfect replacement for tossing rice.

Guests escort the couple out with a flurry of bubbles

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Once they’re out on the lawn, Hope ends the reception with a classic bouquet toss. It’s one last bit of fun to see off the guests before they call it a night.

The bride ends the reception with a classic bouquet toss

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The After Party

The guests may have left, and the reception may be over: But the celebration is far from complete.

Hope, Samson, and the rest of the bridal party finish the night by jumping into the pool behind the gazebo — wedding clothes and all!

The bride and groom embrace while submerged in water, surrounded by their friends who splash and cheer. It’s a scene straight out of a rom-com happily ever after, and the perfect way to end an epic night of romance and togetherness.

The couple and their friend end the big day by jumping into the pool

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No one will forget this amazing day anytime soon — least of all, Hope and Samson.

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