7 Color Schemes for a Sage Wedding

If you find yourself thinking “what colors go with sage green for a wedding” we’re sharing the best sage color combinations you can use to complement your venue.

Sage green is such a charming and tranquil color for a wedding day celebration. Envision an elegant garden wedding with sage floral wreaths decorating each guest’s chair, or a cottage core themed wedding with a whimsical sage backdrop encircling you as you say your “I Do’s.”

Chair floral wreath in white and sage Roamtic wedding backdrop in white and sage

No matter where you incorporate sage green wedding decor it will always exude an easygoing and elegant ambience.

White & Sage

If you are a sophisticated bride searching for a simple and timeless color palette we suggest pairing white and sage.Using sage and white floral decor is an easy way to create instant class. This color palette is clean, refined, and made with a classic bride in mind. If you’re a bride who advocates for the simple yet significant things in life, this color palette is a noteworthy choice.

Wedding decorations in white and sage

We adore how Jennifer and Andrew effortlessly incorporated this color palette into their bridal bouquets and table decor. The towering white floral centerpieces were definitely a sight to behold.

Ling's couple used white and sage floral centerpieces on their wedding

Photo by @maggieportraits

Navy & Sage

If you’re the cool bride looking for a serene color palette we suggest trying sage and navy. The contrast of the calming navy tones against the subtle sages hue will create an easy going ambience in your wedding decor. This color palette could beautifully complete a Summer wedding.

Wedding decoration in dusty blue and navy

Terracotta & Sage

Here’s a color combo for our free-spirited brides! If you want to achieve an earthy yet posh look on your wedding day, consider adding a touch of terracotta. Due to its warm and neutral nature it’s a great flexible color choice for any wedding season.

Wedding decoration in sunset terracotta

Just imagine a splash of terracotta highlighting your bouquets, bridesmaid attire, and table placements, providing that warm and elevated look you’ll just fawn over!

Blush & Sage

This palette is for our blushing brides. If you’re a lover of all things vintage and squeal at the sight of a country chic barnyard theme, then blush and sage is an ideal choice for your wedding.

Wedding decorations in blush and cream

Envision your wedding aisle lined with delicate pink peonies and your tables draped in dreamy blush garlands that awe your seated guests. If you’re aiming to provide that irresistible feminine charm on your wedding day, then blush and sage is your go-to combo.

Burgundy & Sage

Calling all romantics! What better way to pay tribute to the passion and love you share for your partner than to use a captivating color palette like burgundy and sage. Red may scream romance, but burgundy showcases smoldering passion.

Wedding decorations in burgundy and navy

You walk into your venue to behold floor length burgundy drapes cascading over the altar as your partner sports a dapper burgundy boutonniere and a dashing smile. This sounds like a swoon-worthy vibe befitting for a fall wedding!

Yellow & Sage

If you want to exude joyful and radiant beauty, then we recommend complimenting your sage palette with touches of yellow. Playing around with hues such as bright canary yellow can create a stunning and sunny look your guests won’t forget.

You can incorporate sunflowers into your bridal party’s hairstyles and bouquets or add petite yellow roses to your table decor to make a lively impression.

Bridal bouquet features in yellow sunflower and sage leaves

Visualize your flower girl tossing bright yellow petals down the aisle, illuminating the way as you embark down the aisle. We’re tearing up at the thought of it!

Green & Sage

Here’s a perfect idea for our minimalist and nature loving brides. If you prefer the look of lush greenery over formal florals, consider going all in on greenery with a sage and green wedding color scheme.

Wedding decorations in ethereal green

You can add a eucalyptus table runner to upgrade your white linen tablecloths or hang vines and fairy lights from the ceiling and create an enchanted garden scene for your reception. If you love the idea of using sage green wedding flowers on your wedding day, you can dress your bridal party from head to toe in stunning emerald boutonnieres & matching wrist corsages.

Boutonnieres in emerald and tawny beige Wrist corsages in emerald and tawny beige

You don’t have to miss out on elegance in your sage green wedding when skipping the florals; there are just so many special ways to play up a single plant. The best part of it all is that greenery is easy to find in our wedding greenery collection (who doesn’t love a good style and savings tip)?

Greenery combo with various sage branches

Try our Sage Wedding Color Schemes

Which sage wedding color scheme made your heart sing? Let us know over on our instagram and tag us in any photos of your wedding decor!

Also, if you’re ready to design your own sage green wedding, our DIY designer flower boxes are the perfect place to start. Each box comes with pre-selected designer palettes that will pair well with your sage wedding decor. You can also use our boxes to add your own creative touch to your wedding day decor.

Designer flower box with mauve flowers and sage leaves Designer flower box with dusty rose flowers and sage leaves

Don’t forget to tag @lingsmoment in any of your floral recreations on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

We make it easy for brides to build what they love on their wedding day.

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