Top 20 Trending Wedding Colors for Bridal Bouquets in 2023

Your bridal bouquet is more than just a regular floral arrangement. When you carry it down the aisle, it becomes part of your ensemble. It can capture the overall theme of your wedding and complete your bridal look. So, choosing the right color palette is essential.

With an entire rainbow of options to choose from, finding the right colors for your bouquet can feel overwhelming. That’s where trending wedding colors can help you find inspiration for your overall look. Discover 2023’s trending wedding color combos below, and learn 20 ways you can use them in your wedding bouquet.

Beautiful bridal bouquets for your wedding

What are the Newest Trending Wedding Colors in 2023?

Trends are flexible and can come and go like the four seasons — and there’s no shame in totally ignoring them and stepping to the beat of your own wedding march.

But if you’re not sure what direction to take for your color palette, trending wedding colors can provide an excellent starting place. After all — other couples have already done the hard work of choosing gorgeous colors for you. You just have to follow in their footsteps and put your spin on it.

2023 Wedding Color Trends

Pink Shades

Pink is a timeless and romantic color choice for any season. But in 2023, expect to see shades of pink out in full force — like sophisticated dusty rose.

Wedding in pink shades

Earthy Neutrals

Warm and earthy colors, like brown, beige, or rust, are expected to thrive in 2023. You can use these trending wedding colors to bring depth and richness to your color palette or let them stand alone to capture rustic beauty.

Wedding in  Earthy Neutrals

Deep or Dramatic Colors

In 2023, wedding experts expect an uptick in more dramatic or bold colors — think rich red, blue, or purple. You’ll likely see pastel tones offset by brighter or bolder variations of the same color, like pairing soft dusty blue with rich navy.

Wedding in deep burgundy tones

Green Palettes

Green is always a welcome support in floral arrangements. But this year, wedding experts expect to see it take center stage, either with green flowers or by pairing greenery with soft or neutral flowers to let them shine.

Wedding in refershing green tones

(Infomation quote from The Knot)

The exact trends you choose to follow could depend on a few different factors — like the overall vibe you want for your bridal bouquet or your wedding as a whole.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use these unique trendy color palettes in your wedding bouquet during each season.

Spring Wedding Bouquet Colors

When flowers bloom and trees blossom to life, romance is in the air in the spring. Romantic and trendy color combos that could heighten your bridal look this season include:

Emerald Green

The world becomes an emerald wonderland in the spring. Capture some of that verdant beauty and take advantage of a 2023 wedding color trend by choosing a bouquet with rich green tones.

This emerald wedding bouquet combines flowers in a spectrum of green shades, like deep emerald rosebuds and pale green dahlias. Gentle white roses help balance out the lush tones, while accents of gentle beige offer a neutral anchor that ties the look together. If you want to feel like an elvish princess as you glide down the aisle, this ethereal bouquet is waiting for you.

Free form bridal bouquet in emerald and tawny beige

Lilac and Gold

At your wedding, you become a princess for the day. If you want a bouquet fit for your very own royal wedding, consider using rich purple tones, like those in this cascading bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

Cascade bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

Soft lilac flowers, like roses and gardenias, help capture the whimsical spirit of springtime, while pops of rich purple flowers help provide a hint of bold color. Pairing rich purple together with its pastel counterpart helps take advantage of 2023’s bold color trends while still preserving springy vibes.

As a finishing touch, small golden leaves provide a delicate accent, like an elegant filigree. It’s a picture of regal charm fit for a princess bride.

Dusty Rose and Mauve

Dusty rose is one of our favorite shades for any season. This soft, neutral pink helps take advantage of 2023’s trend toward pink shades without overwhelming your overall bridal look.

This dusty rose and mauve bridal bouquet creates a passionate look that’s perfect for elegant spring weddings. Accents like cornflower and berries provide rich textural interest to the dusty rose blossoms, while the rich mauve flowers enhance the overall vintage effect. It’s a great way to take advantage of pink color trends without going full Barbie.

Free form bridal bouquet in dusty rose and mauve

Dusty Rose and Cream

If you fancy a softer or sweeter take on pink color trends, consider pairing dusty rose with lighter pink florals and cream tones.

In this dusty rose & cream bridal bouquet, dusty rose flowers blend together with delicate baby pink roses and cream tones. The combination of subtle but stunning pink tones create a romantic and feminine design touch that’s perfect for new spring romance. Plus, the bountiful freeform design reminds us of flowers springing from the ground. It’s chic and trendy, yet timeless and sophisticated.

Free form bridal bouquet in dusty rose and cream

Romantic Marsala

If you’re planning a wedding that takes place on the border of winter and spring, deep and rich marsala tones could help bridge the gap between seasons — and help you perfect the 2023 wedding color trend toward rich tones.

Consider carrying a romantic marsala bouquet like this one. Blushing roses in soft pink and white capture springtime romance, while unique silk marsala blossoms like ranunculus and dandelion, breathe passion into your bouquet. The greenery helps tie the look together with a fresh and verdant cascade that’s beautiful in a fresh new season.

Cascade bridal bouquet in romantic marsala

Summer Wedding Bouquet Colors

A season of wild beauty in full bloom, summer is a time for beach weddings and adventures with your partner. Summery color combos that could elevate your bridal bouquet include:

Navy Blue

If you’re staging your summer wedding by the ocean or a sparkling blue lake, navy tones could help capture the cool vibes of refreshing water. So, consider a bridal bouquet in noble navy blue.

Free form bridal bouquet in dutsy blue and navy

Here, the navy flowers like poppies and roses add a bold and unique flare, perfect for summer, while the white supporting flowers offer an airiness that complements your dress. It’s a gorgeous finishing touch for waterside weddings that celebrates a bold, trendy palette.

Dusty Blue and Navy

Do you love the cool and crisp feeling of navy, but want something softer for your bridal look? Try choosing a bouquet that breaks up the boldness of navy with dusty blue — like this dusty blue wedding bouquet.

Round bridal bouquet in dusty blue

The pale dusty blue roses help balance out the pops of bold navy, while offering a unique color gradient between blue and white. It’s a beautiful blend of soft and cool shades that evoke the feeling of a refreshing dip in the water on a hot summer day. If you’re not totally sold on going full bold, this subtle gradation of color provides a more accessible take on the current trends.

Dusty Rose and Navy

Of course, navy could also make a crisp and trendy accent color alongside other shades in your color palette, such as dusty rose.

In this gorgeous dusty rose and navy wedding bouquet, dusty pink roses form the main body of the bouquet, while the occasional touch of navy offers a rich touch of coolness. The romantic pink tones help keep the bouquet feeling feminine and light — but that beautiful and bold accent that’s ideal for brides who love to experiment with color.

Cascade bridal bouquet in dusty rose and navy

Plus, with both soft pink and bold blue shades, this bouquet features two color trends for the price of one. Double win!

Peaches and Cream

Do you love to spend your summer nights savoring homemade peach cobbler and ice cream on the porch? Consider carrying a bouquet in shades that convey that same nostalgic feeling.

In this whimsical bridal bouquet, flowers in whimsical peach tones create a playful color story that reminds us of a warm summer day. These soft and neutral tones provide a fun way to play with the current trend toward neutral and earthy shades. Plus, the delicate near-pink ribbon lends a touch of femininity to the overall look.

free form bridal bouquet in whimsical peach

Citrus and Pink

If you want to infuse your wedding bouquet with the beauty of a summery island paradise, consider letting the tropics inform your overall color palette — like in this show-stopping tropical wedding bouquet.

free form bridal bouquet in tropical citrus and pink

Beautiful white, pink, and champagne roses blend with gorgeous orange flowers to create a tropical sorbet of color. It captures 2023’s affinity for pink shades beautifully without dominating the overall look. At the same time, tropical greenery like bamboo leaves and chic monstera plants help complete the vacation vibes.

It’s a gorgeous bouquet ideal for destination weddings — or for bringing a touch of your favorite tropical getaway to your summer bridal look.

Fall Wedding Bouquet Colors

As the world becomes an explosion of color, autumn provides a beautiful opportunity to experiment with warm and vibrant colors. Trendy color combinations to consider for a fall wedding bouquet include:

Sunflower and Burgundy

If you want to bridge the gap between a late summer and early fall wedding, using sunflowers in your bouquet could be a stylish way to do it.

Vibrant yellow sunflowers flourish from the heart of this cascading sunflower bouquet, bringing a lovely warmth to the look. At the same time, deep burgundy roses and ranunculus help draw out the richness of fall. Paired together, they make a beautifully stunning color combo that helps evoke the 2023 trend toward rich and bold colors — and the sunflowers provide the perfect ray of sunshine that never goes out of style.

Free form bridal bouquet in sunflower and burgundy

Rust and Sepia

Fond of the more dusky shades of late fall? In this rustic wedding bouquet, shades of rust and sepia work together to evoke a stunning color story that celebrates 2023’s affinity for neutral tones. Elegant sprigs of pampas grass add texture and height to the design, while a small string of delicate pearls heightens the vintage mood.

Cascade bridal bouquet in rust and sepia

The overall warm and rich tones remind us of treasured sepia photographs or polaroids. And though it captures current color trends, it evokes timelessness in your photographs on your wedding day.

Sunset Terracotta

If you want to summon the gorgeous beauty of a romantic sunset or an autumn forest, this gorgeous terracotta bouquet could help you do the trick.

Free form bridal bouquet in sunset terracotta

The rich terracotta roses and dahlias range in tone from rich and bold, to soft and neutral, creating a gorgeous bridal gradient that’s warm and inviting. The earthy neutral shades help you hit this key 2023 color trend, while the moody terracotta evokes a bold touch of color.

It’s two color trends rolled into one bouquet — and the overall vintage design helps keep it feel completely classic.

Dark Teal and Burnt Orange

To bring refreshing vibes into your autumn bouquet, consider pairing a warmer shade with a sophisticated cool color.

In this dark teal and orange wedding bouquet, autumnal orange roses bring bursts of warmth to the look, while shades of rich and dark teal help balance the look and provide a relaxing mystique. Matching ribbons in dark teal and orange finish the bouquet and cascade together, like autumn leaves falling beside a waterfall. It’s a bouquet that reminds us of a crisp September afternoon spent by the lake.

Free form bridal bouquet in dark teal and burnt orange

Orange and Black

Do you leave your Halloween decorations up year-round? If so, this spectacular orange bridal bouquet was designed with you in mind.

Free form bridal bouquet in black and pumpkin orange

A combination of dramatic black roses and burgundy accents convey a sophisticated and mysterious autumnal vibe, while pops of pumpkin orange help tie the look together. If you want to hit the trend toward bold, rich, or dark colors, you can’t do much better than this color combo.

The adorable mini pumpkin accents are our faves! They help add the perfect dash of whimsical Halloween charm to a bridal bouquet that’s tailor-made for alternative or holiday weddings.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Colors

The world hibernates in the winter, allowing sparkling snow to blanket the trees while you cuddle up by the fire indoors. Trendy color combos we love for winter bridal bouquets include:

Burgundy and Navy

If you want to sparkle when you glide down the aisle on your wedding day, a burgundy and navy bridal bouquet could help you do the trick.

Cascade bridal bouquet in burgundy and navy

This burgundy and navy bridal bouquet features deep and luxurious jewel tones perfect for bringing warmth to your winter look. Rich burgundy and red flowers provide an elegant take on this 2023 color trend, while the pops of navy blue add a dazzling and cool accent that ties the look together. The overall effect will help you shine like a radiant jewel in your wedding photos.

Burgundy and White

If you want a more light or bright way to style burgundy flowers, consider pairing them with cool and pure white, like in this burgundy bridal bouquet.

Cascade bridal bouquet in burgundy and white

Sultry burgundy roses, camellias, and orchids set a warm stage, while the white florals balance the look with an airy touch of brightness. It reminds us of snow sprinkled over autumn leaves. If you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet that honors the transition period between autumn and winter, this bouquet could elevate your look. This is also a beautiful way to blend classical white tones together with current bouquet trends. 

Burgundy and Dusty Rose

Consider combining burgundy with a trendy dusty rose, like in this elegant burgundy and dusty rose bridal bouquet.

Cascade bridal bouquet in burgundy and dusty rose

Burgundy orchids cascade in the breeze, while roses and gardenias provide a soft and romantic touch to warm your heart on a chill winter’s day. As a finishing touch, strands of elegant pearls hang alongside fluttering ribbons like an heirloom necklace. It’s a perfect bouquet to carry down the aisle on a Valentine’s Day wedding.

White and Beige

Looking for a more romantic or elegant way to style wintery white? Take a cue from this magnificent white and beige bridal bouquet.

Free form bridal bouquet in white and beige

This bouquet pairs beige, nude pink, and soft gold tones with white and cream to create a beautiful kaleidoscope of wintry shades. The combination of warm and neutral tones helps take advantage of 2023 trends while maintaining a timeless and elegant design. We're especially fond of the feathery pampas grass accents, which add lovely texture and almost remind us of feathers.

Christmas Red

If you’re planning a holiday wedding, take inspiration from the centerpiece at the heart of your holiday decorations — your Christmas tree.

This festive Christmas bridal bouquet features a rich holiday palette of sparkling red. The evergreen pine branches help provide a cheerful and unique texture — they’re a wonderful way to feature greenery in the winter and still keep your bouquet feeling seasonal.

Free form bridal bouquet in Christmas red and sparkle

As a finishing touch, the sparkling red berries remind us of ornaments on a tree. It’s a must-have bridal bouquet for brides tying the knot during the holiday season.


In 2023, you can expect to see bold and rich tones take the stage at weddings, alongside warm and earthy shades. At the same time, colors like pink and green are always trendy, and classic white will never go out of style at the altar.

You can take inspiration from the stunning colors of the four seasons to create timeless bouquet styles that take advantage of these unique color trends. And if you need an easy way to find the stylish bouquet to complete your dream bridal look, Ling’s Moment can help you out.

Ling’s features premade faux floral bridal bouquets in 20+ designer color palettes with new colors launching every season to take advantage of the latest bridal trends. You can easily find a gorgeous bridal bouquet that’ll never wilt or fade, so you can keep it forever as a memento of your wedding day.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can roll up your sleeves and design your own wedding bouquet with Ling’s DIY flower boxes. These kits come with all the gorgeous flowers and greenery you need to create a bouquet in whatever trendy color palette you choose. You can even create your own custom palette by combining different boxes to put your own personal stamp on your wedding day.

Designer flower box in dusty rose and navy designer flower box in sunset terracotta

But whether your bridal bouquet is premade or handmade, just remember — color trends are only a tool you can use to inform your decisions. You can either honor them or ignore them, depending on your personal taste and your vision for your bridal bouquet. At the end of the day, there’s only one opinion that matters: Yours.

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