Maria & Dylan's Classic Retro Inspired Cruise Wedding

Maria and Dylan shared their love story and wedding planning journey with us! Click the play button to listen.

Maria & Dylan are giving us classic “Parent Trap” vibes with their charming cruise ship wedding! From the picturesque waterside views to the captivating “ Be our Guest” styled reception. We couldn’t be more excited to share every stunning detail from this wedding on a cruise ship.

Inside you’ll find sleek golden interior, cascading ivory flowers hanging from every corner, and even a vintage cocktail bar where rounds of classy manhattans and flutes of bubbling champagne are sure to be served. Their theme just screams retro meets romance!

Retro Themed Wedding Ideas

Dylan and Maria begin their wedding day with a stunning photo op poised near a vintage chrome-orange car. The bride wears a high low wedding dress embellished with white petals and a veil to match. Did we forget to mention her dress had pockets? That is the mark of a stylish bride.

The bride and groom poised near a vintage car

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The groom stands by her side in a blue tuxedo that puts Justin Timberlake’s suit and tie cover to shame. From the snazzy watch, to the cufflinks and classy black loafers Dylan is all gussied up to say his “I Do’s.”

Benefits of Green and White Wedding Decor

Maria and Dylan’s wedding day is dripping with class! From the royal blue color palette to the complimentary green and white flowers budding out from every nook of the ship.

If you decide to add an organic touch to your wedding day, we suggest decorating with green and white wedding decor.

Maria and Dylan’s wedding harmoniously combined the natural elements of the flowing river with the earthy green and white flowers. This created a dreamy botanical look that can be easily replicated using decor from our white and sage color collection.

White and Sage Wedding

Classic Bouquets in Green and White

We make it easy for you to keep your bridal party looking cohesive with our luxurious floral kits.  We’ve got you covered from the bridesmaid bouquets, to the boutonnieres, to loose petals for the flower girl, and even corsages for the in-laws.

Maria’s bridal party uses our premade bridal flowers in white and greenery to keep her entire bridal party ultraposh for the much anticipated wedding photos.

Greenery and White Bridal Bouquets

Maria’s bridesmaids carry bouquets of white roses, green eucalyptus leaf and blueberry branches to match their dresses. Such a sweet detail!

Bride and bridesmaids in navy dresses hold white and sage bouquets

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Maria holds a breathtaking bouquet of white roses and silver dollar eucalyptus, as white orchids and wisteria vine dangle from her clasped hands. She adds a touch of elegance to her bouquet with shining white pearl pins. It’s truly a beautiful bouquet befitting an even more beautiful bride.

The beautiful bride holds a cascade bouquet in white and sage

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Boutonnieres and Corsages in Green and White

Dylan and his groomsmen are dressed to the nines in their spiffy boutonnieres made of ivory rose, dusty spiral eucalyptus, & solid gold pearl pins. We are loving every debonair detail!

Groom and groomsmen in navy suits wear white boutonnieres

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Dylan’s parents walk the aisle wearing matching boutonnieres and corsages. The mother in law’s wrist corsage is made up of ivory heirloom rose and cream rose-buds with white pearls and silver brunia sprouting from the petals.

The couple's parents walk the aisle wearing boutonniere and corsage in white and sage

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The father-in-law’s boutonniere is fashioned much like the flowers worn by the groomsmen. Delicate white roses, gold petals and pearl pins all intertwined to make up a stylish boutonniere.

Grand Wedding Ceremony on a Cruise Ship

Maria and Dylan’s tear filled ceremony is surrounded by serene waters and an assortment of lush floral decor. The seats are pointed toward the windows, revealing a breathtaking view of the river. Beside every throne chair stands a petite bouquet of free standing white roses. 

Lovely vases with white flowers next to the navy chairs

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Ornamented with white drapery with an arrangement of white roses pinned to the center is the newly wed’s altar. It envelopes the overjoyed couple as they walk down the aisle hand in hand celebrating their official union as husband and wife.

The couple celebrate their ceremony in front of an arch decorated with white flowers and drapes

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Guest Table Decorated with Green and White Flowers

The wedding reception was a night dipped in blue and gold! The lower deck was beautifully decorated with a long dinner-styled table with gold plates and royal blue napkins placed atop the saucers.

Gold plates and navy napkins on a table decorated with a garland in white and sage

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Maria and Dylan created an elegant runner with a white rose and eucalyptus garland. In the center of each table stood tall gold candle holders with crystals hanging down from the handles. A bouquet of roses sat atop the candle holders creating a regal scene straight out of beauty and the beast ( I mean, Lumiere was standing right there practically singing “be our guest”).

Tall candle holder decorated with a large floral centerpiece in white and sage

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We love a detail oriented bride (I mean details are kind of our thing *wink wink*)! Maria and Dylan thought of everything when it came to their wedding day decor. Every wall sconce in the lower deck is accessorized with delicate white fistula vine and overlapping each vine is a small bushel of baby’s breath and sage with white roses standing out from the center.

Every wall sconce is accessorized with white fistula vine and white flowers

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It’s an excellent idea to decorate parts of your wedding venue that may be overlooked (like lighting fixtures) to keep a cohesive theme in your wedding day decor. Well done Maria & Dylan!

Decorating the Sweetheart Table with Greenery and White Florals

Maria and Dylan’s sweetheart table is made for royal company. On top of the blue table runner sits an arrangement of white flowers intertwined with dusty spiral eucalyptus. They added a lovely “Mr & Mrs” sign in the midst of their table for a personalized touch. We love how intentional this couple was with their wedding decor choices.

The couple sit at a sweetheart table decorated with Mr and Mrs sign

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If you’d like to design a simple & elegant sweetheart table like Maria and Dylan’s, you can take inspo from our sweetheart table decor ideas. We share simple ways to create intimate seating, romantic centerpieces, and more.

Where to Find Green and White Wedding Decor

Maria and Dylan were able to effortlessly accessorize their bridal party in bouquets and boutonnieres with our premade flowers. If you’re a bride who likes to customize and control the details of your decor we suggest using our DIY flower package in white and sage.

Our DIY package can help you build luxurious bouquets tailored to your personal decor taste. If you’re looking to design decorative backdrops and free-standing flower arrangements, our designer flower boxes and wide selection of greenery would be an ideal choice!

Ling's DIY Bridal Flower Package in White and Sage

As always, it’s an honor for us to be a part of your day, so please don’t forget to tag @lingsmoment in any of your swoon-worthy designs on our IG page!

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