Jennifer and Andrew’s Sophisticated Sage Green & White Wedding

Jennifer and Andrew begin their celebration in an enchanting outdoor estate. It’s an ideal venue to host such an elegant ceremony. The groom and bride to be gave us an inside look on how they created their distinguished sage and white wedding, perfect for Spring or Summer nuptials.

Jennifer and Andrew hold each other's hands and their foreheads rested against each other

Photo by @maggieportraits

Benefits of a Sage and White Color Palette

Have you been back and forth deciding on a color palette that shares your sophisticated taste and won’t cause you unnecessary headaches when shopping for items in stock? Look no further than our sage and white color palette! One of the best benefits of this color palette is that it compliments almost any wedding season and you won’t have trouble finding white and sage greenery (or color equivalents) on most decor sites. 

When it comes to this color palette you can create a highly feminine wedding look or a neutral, unisex wedding look. The decor options are endless! You can also use these colors to compliment other accent colors in your wedding, just as Jennifer and Andrew did with their added dusty rose and navy colors.

Romantic Ceremony in White and Sage

The ceremony commences outside in a garden-reminiscent landscape. White chairs surround the grassplot, decorated on the corners with olive, baby’s breath, and ivory posies. We must say, this couple has great taste in decor.

White chairs decorated with white baby's breath and sage eucalyptus

Photo by @maggieportraits

Sage and White Bouquets and Boutonnieres

The bridesmaids embark down the aisle in radiant blush dresses carrying the most divine bouquets. White roses and eucalyptus leaves stream down over their lightly clasped hands. The blush and ivory palette creates such a dreamy and feminine finish to their ensembles.

Beautiful Bride and her bridesmaids hold white and sage bouquets

Photo by @maggieportraits

Just in time to make a statement, the groomsmen and groom stroll down to the altar. They stand tall in their debonair navy suits with sage and white boutonnieres crowning  from their lapels.

Groom and groomsmen in navy suits wear exquisite white boutonnieres

Photo by @maggieportraits

If there wasn’t already enough beauty to behold at this moment, it was time for the main event: the arrival of the bride. Jennifer looks sublime as she glides down the aisle. She elegantly embraces a full bouquet of white peony that overflow with florets of greenery. We couldn’t have picked a better suited bouquet for this stunning bride.

Jennifer holds her farther's arm to walk down the aisle

Photo by @maggieportraits

Andrew and Jennifer meet at the open altar holding hands and trading loving glances. Towering pillars and deep wooden beams surround them while white wisteria vines hang above their heads. You can see nothing but awe filled expressions on the faces of each attendee. It’s truly a picturesque moment.

Jennifer and Andrew make their vows at a open altar

Photo by @maggieportraits

Romantic Reception Decor

The ceremony ceases and the reception begins. Jennifer and Andrew dance down the grand stairway as newlyweds, making their debut as husband and wife. Each wooden step is decorated with navy and dusty rose flower garlands to create a whimsical appeal.

The couple walk down the stairs to start their wedding reception

Photo by @maggieportraits

Sage Green Wedding Table Decorations

The guest tables are dispersed around the room decorated with flowing navy blue tablecloths. White and greenery wedding centerpieces stand at the center of each table inside of decorative gold prisms with white roses cascading over the sides and through the top of each arrangement.

White centerpiece with flower vines hanging down from the metal frame

Photo by @maggieportraits

Jennifer and Andrew take their seats at the sweetheart table nestled in front of an antiquated fireplace. Individual dusty rose, white, & blue free-standing flowers are placed on the corners of the table and a long garland with matching florals sit atop of the fireplace. The most heartwarming detail is a hand drawn painting of the couple placed snugly inside of the decorative garland. The rustic romantic vibe in the reception hall was very well executed.

The couple sit at the sweetheart table with their painting group photo and a garland behind them

Photo by @maggieportraits

Colors that go with Sage Green

We hope you enjoyed taking a deep dive into how a white and sage wedding can work for you. While we’re a fan of this color palette we also know that you don’t always have to use white to accent your sage wedding.

You can pair sage green with sultry shades like burgundy/merlot and mocha for a romantic & sensual vibe, or add in emerald green for an ethereal ambience. If you identify as a cheery bride then pairing sage with colors like canary yellow or baby blue would be a lovely choice. If glamor and luxury is your cup of tea then sage green would pair well with a blush or a soft champagne palette.

Different color palettes go with sage green

Where to find White and Sage Flowers for your Wedding

If Jennifer and Andrew’s sage and white wedding captivated your attention, we’ve got an endless selection of centerpieces and custom florals to make your wedding day just as exquisite and memorable as theirs.

We hope that you’re delighted to start planning out the ideal decor for your big day. If you happen to use any of our floral selections be sure to tag  @lingsmoment on IG in your photos with a chance of becoming a featured Ling’s Bride!

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