How to Make a Free Standing Floral Arrangement

It’s your wedding day, the first thing your excited guests see is a lovely welcome sign and the most bold and beautiful free-standing floral arrangements. The fascinating florals at the doorway greet your guests and assures them that they’re in for a visual treat!

Today, we’re showing you how to make artificial flower arrangements that are simple yet stunning with this free-standing floral arrangement tutorial.! Use these flowers to add a bit of pizazz to your wedding ceremony and fill in any empty spaces in your venue.

Benefits of Using Artificial Flower Arrangements

The beauty of artificial flower arrangements is that they’re easy to build, lightweight, and — most importantly — long lasting. Because they are light weight, you can easily transfer them from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and even the reception. Having versatility and flexibility in your decor can reduce the stress of take down and transitions between events. Plus, you can also reuse your artificial arrangements for special occasions in the future, or even repurpose them as home decor!

Artificial flower arrangements are also ideal for outdoor weddings! They can protect your guests from curious bees, are allergy-friendly and will maintain their shape, should it happen to rain. Find out more about why artificial flowers are better than real flowers here!

Now, let’s get started on building your DIY flower arrangement!

What do I Need for DIY Flower Arrangements?

Here’s what you’ll need to craft your very own dreamy DIY flower arrangement:

  • 2 DIY flower boxes - Sarah Dusty Rose and Navy  
  • 3 boxes of greenery garland - Willow leaf  
  • Accent combo of your choice (optional) 
  • A large floral foam block to form the base 
  • Wire cutters 
  • A sprinkle of imagination

You can build your arrangement with any of our DIY flower boxes inspired by every season. Whether you’re a Summer bride looking for bright and classic florals or an Autumn bride searching for warm, earthy, and elegant florals, you can find the most complementary floral combos to keep your wedding day showered in style!

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements

Making an artificial flower arrangement is as simple as finding the artificial flowers that you adore and adding them inside a vase or foam base of your choosing. If you’d love a little inspiration on what flowers to use for your big day, our wedding color collection hosts a wide variety of diverse florals you can use to style every inch of your event.

How to Start Crafting Your DIY Flower Arrangement

Step 1. Cut down your greenery branches into varying sizes

First, remove the greenery from each box and begin to cut the branches into different lengths. Take the longest branches and place them on the outermost corners and edges of the floral foam block.

Gradually add in more willow leaf greenery into the arrangement to begin creating a shape of your choosing at the base. Be sure to make the arrangement as asymmetrical as you can for a natural look. You want your arrangement to give off an authentic floral appearance, as if it’s actually sprouting from the ground.

Add branches in different length to the base of the arrangment

Step 2. Prepare your flowers and insert them into the Arrangement

Now it’s time to add in some flowers! Before you begin, you’ll will need to trim your flower stems to a height most suitable for your arrangement. We suggest creating a mixture of short and long stemmed flowers to add dimension and depth to your arrangement. 

Let the fun begin by adding in an array of florals! Start by placing your navy blue austin roses, white ranunculus flowers, and dusty roses into the base of the foam block one by one. You can start by adding in your tallest flowers first, and then gradually adding in much smaller flowers. Be sure to mix up your color pattern by alternating between light and colored florals. This will create a more realistic and eye-catching arrangement!

Add flowers in various types and colors to the arrangement

Have fun with this step! Take the time to let your imagination flow and your creativity show — You might find building a floral arrangement to be therapeutic.

Step 3. Fill in the Gaps

At this point in your process, you may see some noticeable gaps between the florals you've added in. But, there’s a quick fix. Place extra greenery and branches in between each gap until the arrangement starts to look fuller. If you don’t like the overall look, you can always re-insert your flowers until you’re happy with the shape!

Use extra flowers and greenery to fill in the garps

Step 4. Add in Embellishments

Your arrangement is almost complete. Now it’s time to add in some fun details to really make your DIY flower arrangement come alive!

Take any leftover flowers, greenery, and accent florals you have and spread them throughout your arrangement. Use your full creative control to design the free-standing arrangement of your dreams! Design until your heart's content.

Add more accessories to make the floral arrangement come alive

And You’re done!

Job well done! Give yourself a pat on the back for building such a beautiful free standing floral arrangement. You can make as many of these as you desire. Place them at the end of your aisle, in your cocktail area, or even near your dessert table. Wherever you decide to place your arrangements, it’s sure to liven up the space.

You finished a stunning free standing floral arrangement in dusty rose and navy

Show off your Fabulous Floral Designs

Want to feature to have more free standing floral arrangements for your big day, but don’t have time to make them all. No worries - we’ve got you covered. We understand the life of a busy bride, and that’s why we provide a selection of seasonal pre-made free standing floral arrangements you can use to start styling the wedding of your dreams!

Take your pick of tropical orchids and vivid greenery for a Summer soiree or blushing bushels of pink peonies and cream rose to highlight Spring romance. No matter what your bridal style is there’s endless options for you to ensure your wedding day decor is top notch!

Free standing foral arrangements in tropical citrus and pink Free standing floral arrangements in dusty rose and mauve

You can always stop by our DIY blog for more fun and fashionable wedding tutorials .Share your very own DIY flower arrangement with us, by giving us a follow on Instagram @lingsmoment and tagging us in your fabulous floral recreations.

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