How to Design a Delightful DIY Hanging Mason Jar

There’s nothing like the sight of cascading decorations to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding day. If you’re planning a rustic or outdoor style ceremony, these lovely mason jar flower arrangements would be a delightful compliment. Today, learn how you can build your very own dreamy nature inspired mason jar decorations in a matter of minutes!



Why Should I use Mason Jar Flower Arrangements for a Wedding?

Not only are mason jars an adorable wedding accessory, but they're completely budget friendly. You can get your hands on a small set of mason jars at your local dollar store. If not that’s not enough, mason jars are also highly versatile, which is ideal if you plan on repurposing your decor throughout your wedding day — or even afterward in your home.

The cherry on top? Your mason jar glass will add a touch of class to any small space. So, if affordable and elegant wedding decor sounds like your cup of tea, then decorative mason jars are the way to go!

How to Make Simple Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

To make these DIY hanging mason jars, here’s a list of supplies you’ll need to get started.

  • Masking tape 
  •  String or Twine 
  •  1 Deluxe DIY flower box - Emerald & Tawny Beige 
  •  Mason Jar 
  •  Scissors or Pliers 
  •  Your creative spirit

How many flowers do you need to fill a mason jar for this craft?

You need only one box of our DIY deluxe flowers to build your very own dreamy mason jar decor. With Summer on the horizon, the Emerald and Tawny beige florals were just the touch of greenery we needed to create a dazzling decoration. But if you’re planning a wedding for another season, you can customize the color palette with any of our designer flower boxes.

Let's begin assembling your mason jar masterpiece!

How to make your DIY Mason Jar

Step 1. Prep the Mason Jar

First, place your mason jar onto a nearby table. Next, grab your masking tape and cut two small strips that would fit across the neck of the jar. Take these two strips of tape and lay them over the opening of the jar,forming a plus shape. This will create four even sections of your jar where you’ll place your flowers later.

Put one strip of tape across the neck of the jar Use two strips of tape to form a plus shape and lay them over the opening of the jar

Step 2. Create Your Hook

Now it’s time to create the most important part of your decoration, the hook. First, lay out a lengthy piece of string across your table. Place your mason jar cap face down in the center of the string and lift the string upward to your desired height. The height will determine how long or short your hook is.

Place your mason jar cap face down in the center of the string and lift the string

Next, you’ll remove the string from your roll by snipping it at the ends and screwing the cap onto the mason jar to secure your hook.

Remove the extra string Screw the cap onto the mason jar to secure your hook

Step 3. Trim down your Stems

To create an arrangement with a blossoming appearance, you can trim your flower stems into varying sizes. Alternating between flowers that stand a few inches above the rim of the jar and stems that are the exact size of the jar will give your arrangement a lifelike appearance.

Add greenery branches to your mason jar

Step 4. Fill in the jar with Flowers

Prepare for some floral fun! Here is where you will begin placing in your flowers and greenery. First, place fern leaves and eucalyptus from your designer box. This will create a cozy foundation for your flowers to rest in. Try to fill out each of the four quadrants evenly. 

Fill out each of the four quadrants evenly with your greenery

Next you’ll place in your roses. Alternate between emerald, white, and beige roses to create a lovely pattern and realistic touch. Let your inner child play and allow your creativity to flow!

Add various flowers to the gap of your arrangement

Step 5. Finishing Touches

Your arrangement is almost complete. It’s time to add in your filler flowers. Add in your dried rose leaf, white poppies, champagne hydrangeas, and beige dandelions. Use them to fill in any open spaces in your arrangement. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can set them aside to create another jar. The more the merrier!

The last and final touch is to trim the excess string off the sides of your mason jar, leaving only the hook. Voila, your hanging DIY mason jar is complete!

Now that your masterpiece is complete it’s time to find a place to hang your wonderful decoration.

A beautiful hanging floral arrangement is done

Where to hang your DIY Mason Jars

There are so many creative ways to display your mason jar accessories. Create a soft welcome by hanging your jars at the entryways of your venue. You can also let them swing from the backs of your aisle chairs to add a bit of floral flair!

For the bride who’s a fan of quaint wedding accessories, your mason jar decorations would be ideal as DIY mason jar flower centerpieces. You can spruce up your tables and garland runners by arranging them alongside candles or cozy lanterns.

A table decorated with emerald flower centerpieces

There are just so many charming ways to include hanging mason jars into your wedding day decor. Let us know where you plan to hang your own by tagging us in your personal recreations on Instagram @lingsmoment.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangements for a Wedding

We understand the hassle that can lead up to the wedding day, from the endless to do lists to ensuring your wedding venue is styled exactly how you desire. If you adore the thought of having mason jar centerpieces at your reception but may not have the time to make as many as you desire, then we have a helpful alternative for you.

You can browse our selection of pre-made floral centerpieces, with mini bouquets can help you to create quick DIY mason jar flower centerpieces. Our centerpieces range from blushing florals, to earthy terracotta posies, and even petite lilac bouquets. Pair these pre-made florals with mason jars of your choosing and your arrangement is complete in under a few minutes!

It doesn’t take much to make a memorable impression! We do our best to ensure you have the wedding you desire without disrupting your daily bridal duties.

Extra tips for your Nature-inspired Outdoor Wedding Decor

An unforgettable outdoor wedding usually involves a scene of rich greenery, an abundance of fancy florals, and elements of charm.

If you feel like going the extra mile with your mason jar decor, we’ve got a special design tip for you: take the leftover string from your supplies and make a garland out of your hanging jars. Add in a string of fairy lights to each jar and your outdoor reception will look like a wonderland (especially under the night sky)!

Hanging hoop decor with string of lights

All it takes to create an impressive ceremony is a little imagination — and, of course, your favorite flowers! You can find a host of DIY wedding tutorials on our blog to keep your day covered in sublime florals. From martini glass centerpieces (ooh-lala), to DIY seating charts, and even a floral chandelier!

Building your dream wedding can be simple, elegant, and budget friendly. No matter the wedding season or the occasion there is something here to make your wedding day feel special.

Share with us over on Instagram if you’d love to see more helpful tutorials for your various bridal events. Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties — you name it. We’d love to help you weave some wonder into your wedding events!

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