13 Spellbinding Halloween Wedding Ideas

It’s official, ghouls and girls. Halloween is upon us! With autumn leaves floating in the breeze and pumpkin spice abound, this isn’t just a season of scares and tricks. It’s also one of magic and treats. What better time to wed the love of your life?

To help you celebrate your undying love, we’ve put together 10 fun Halloween wedding ideas for a heart-stopping ceremony and reception. Use them to transform your venue, wow your guests, and create unforgettable moments with your partner.

1. Stun with a black and pumpkin orange wedding palette

Your Halloween wedding colors will influence your overall theme in everything from your flowers and decorations to your clothing choices. And nothing screams “Halloween” more than a burnt orange and black wedding color palette

Moody black helps capture the ambiance of the season, while shades of orange remind us of pumpkin fields and gradient autumn forests. Add a splash of burgundy for depth, and you’ve got a recipe for a sultry and sophisticated Halloween wedding color palette.

A Black and Pumpkin Orange Wedding

2. Carry a bewitching Halloween bridal bouquet

Let’s put this color palette to work in your most important floral arrangement - your bridal bouquet.

We’re fond of how this 15" freeform bridal bouquet captures mysterious romance through rich black roses and orange accents. The burgundy and amber roses help blend the orange and black tones together, while accents like rich burnt orange leaves and mini pumpkins bring autumnal romance to the mix. It’s a spellbinding Halloween wedding bouquet to highlight your trip down the aisle.

A large bridal bouquet in black and pumpkin orange

3: Dress your bridesmaids in black

For bridesmaids, black dresses can help create moody and Halloween-worthy wedding photos.  To keep the look from feeling too somber, small rounded bridesmaid bouquets can add a splash of vibrance that accentuates the overall look.

Round bridesmaid bouquets in black and pumpkin orange

4. Or style a black wedding dress

While white is traditional for wedding dresses, Halloween is a season made for breaking the rules. So, why not make a statement with a bold black wedding dress? This non-traditional choice can help you command attention at your wedding and create memorable moments.

Throw in a DIY orange bouquet with a trailing ribbon accent, and you’ll feel like a good witch gliding down the wedding aisle. 

5. Add mystery to a suit with boutonnieres

Your partner deserves their own dash of ghoulish style! Grooms, groomsmen, or anyone else in a suit can embrace the Halloween spirit with stylish boutonnieres.

These understated black boutonnieres embrace the rich color palette through black roses and Aglaia leaf accents. It’s a subtle way to enhance a suit with Halloween charm - and super easy to DIY yourself with faux flowers.

A groom wears a black boutonniere

6. Honor special guests with captivating corsages

Some guests may not take part in your bridal party, but they hold a special place in your heart just the same — like your mom or grandmother. For these cherished family members and friends, a wrist corsage in your Halloween wedding colors can let you express your undying devotion and help them feel welcome at your special day.

Wrst corsages in black and pumpkin orange

7. Create an alluring Halloween wedding arch

At the end of the aisle, you’ll need a heart-stopping focal point to serve as the centerpiece of your ceremony: Your Halloween wedding arch.

This heart-stopping square arch uses billows of lush fabric in black and pumpkin orange to create a languid, cascading effect. At the same time, boughs of black, orange, and burgundy roses can help the arch tie in with other floral pieces at your ceremony, like your Halloween wedding bouquet. It’s a stunning backdrop for your ceremony sure to leave your guests breathless.

Arch flowers with linens in black and orange

8. Adorn the wedding aisle

Your trip down the wedding aisle is the main event of your ceremony. You can prime the canvas for this moment by decorating with free-standing floral arrangements.

Rustic orange flowers can bring autumnal ambiance to your chairs or pews. The black roses add a dash of richness without overpowering the look. Add soft flickering candles and pumpkins for accents, and you can easily create a dazzling fall wonderland for your partner and guests.

Free standing flowers in black and orange

 9. Embrace Jack-o-lanterns

Speaking of pumpkins, carved jack-o-lanterns are a wonderful way to bring playful and dynamic lighting to your decor. The flickering candles bring a magical glow to your ceremony and reception. Not to mention, jack-o-lanterns can make adorable props for sweet and romantic wedding photos and gifts for guests.

Jack-o-lanters make beautiful props for wedding photos

10. Embrace pew flowers

Don’t have space to set floral arrangements or pumpkins out in the aisle? No problem! You can still capture Halloween vibes with a few well-placed floral arrangements on the backs of chairs or pews.

With these understated yet impactful pew flowers, a trio of blossoms forms a stunning mini arrangement. The trailing black and orange ribbons draw the eye upward from the aisle and help you maximize your decor without taking up any floor space. They could also help bring a special flair to your seats at the wedding reception!

Pew flowers in black and orange

11. Style a hauntingly romantic sweetheart table

After you’ve exchanged your vows and promised “till death do us part,” it’s time to celebrate at your reception.

A pumpkin orange tablecloth and table runner help capture the color palette, while the lush flower garland and overhead floral chandelier draw the eye towards you and your partner.

Decorating the ceiling can help you bring ambiance to all dimensions at your reception. You’ll feel like you’ve truly stepped into a Halloween wonderland as you dine beneath vibrant roses and autumn leaves.

Sweetheart table garland in black and pumpkin orange

12. Spookify your Halloween wedding table decorations

Beyond your sweetheart table, a DIY floral chandelier can also transform the guest tables at your reception. It helps take your decor to new heights and ensures that every inch of your reception feels, from top to bottom.

Instead of covering your banquet tables, a rustic burlap table runner allows the natural woodgrain to stand out and the bountiful floral centerpieces to shine, while vases of floral centerpieces and small decorative pumpkins act as stunning halloween wedding table decorations. It’s a picture-perfect autumn feast.

A floral chandelier in deep colors creates a Halloween atmosphere

13. Incorporate moody candlelight

At your wedding, the smallest details can have a big impact on your overall atmosphere and mood. We can’t understate the impact of candlelight.

decorations with a subtle glow. It’s an easy way to dial up the intrigue and mystery in your Halloween wedding table decorations.  Plus, it makes for some serious Instagram-worthy photos.

Moody candlelignt is a good Halloween decoration

Halloween Wedding Ideas FAQ:

Is it a good idea to get married on Halloween?

Of course! Halloween is an underrated holiday to celebrate your undying romance, especially if you and your partner love all things spooky and mysterious. You’ll have the perfect excuse to re-enact the Wednesday dance at your reception. Plus, you’ll always remember your anniversary.

That said, if you’re worried about guests already having plans for the night, it might be better to plan your wedding a few days (or weeks) before or after All Hallows Eve. You can still enjoy a delightfully ghoulish day in September or November!

How do you plan a Halloween wedding?

The same way you’d plan any other wedding! You can start by selecting key elements — like your venue and overall color scheme. But since you’ve already chosen your theme (and have an idea for dates), you can narrow down your choices to only vendors that have availability around Halloween.

Additionally, keep an eye out for venues that can help work with your theme — like a 19th-century mansion or a rustic barn full of pumpkins. When your setting already captures the magic of the season, half of your job is already done!

How can I recreate Halloween wedding ideas on a budget?

If you’re working from a limited wedding budget: Don’t fret. You can still create a wedding full of treats, so long as you’ve got a few money-saving tricks up your sleeve.

For example, try reusing your Halloween floral arrangements and decorations from your ceremony and reception. Have your aisle decor do double-time as centerpieces, and ask a trusted bridesmaid or friend to tie your pew flowers on the backs of the chairs at your head table. You’ll save money, and your Halloween wedding decorations will look seamless throughout the whole day.

Where to find flowers and decorations for your Halloween wedding

If you’re ready to bring these ideas to life at your own wedding, Ling’s Halloween wedding collection is here to celebrate your mystical autumn romance.

Featuring a bold blend of pumpkin orange and black, the collection features beautiful faux flowers, greenery, linens, and more decorations designed to treat your senses.

Use the DIY kits and designer flower boxes to bring your most daring Halloween wedding visions to life. Or, allow the premade designs to save time on your tight schedule.

Designer flower box in black and orange

Remember to tag @lingsmoment on Instagram with photos of your beautiful and captivating Halloween wedding. We can’t wait to see your spellbinding creations!

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