How to Make a Beautiful Floral Chandelier for Weddings

When it comes to wedding decor, little details make all the difference. By using flowers and greenery to decorate the ceiling, you can create an immersive atmosphere at your venue that brings life to every dimension.

Today, we’re here to show you how to make an elegant and realistic floral chandelier with Ling’s Moment flowers and greenery. This piece can help you transform your wedding reception, bring life to your wedding aisle, or brighten up your home decor year-round. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to make, too. Keep reading to learn what you’ll need to make this DIY floral chandelier along with the step-by-step instructions.

What you’ll need to make a hanging floral chandelier: 

To create this DIY floral chandelier, you’ll need:

  • Two natural driftwood branches - approximately 5.5 feet long.
  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters or pliers
  • Your creative spirit

Our designer flower box sets come with flowers and greenery in a variety of flower types, sizes, and colors all in a cohesive color palette. So, you can create elegant floral decorations without having to pick multiple flowers yourself. 

We used deluxe flower boxes in dusty rose and mauve for our chandelier, but you can use any of our 12+ color palettes to create a variety of chandelier styles. You can also vary the types of greenery to create different or seasonal looks that compliment your flowers. There are no rules. So feel free to customize your chandelier to your heart’s desire.

How to make a DIY floral chandelier:

Step 1: Assemble the base

Let’s start by making the base for our chandelier. Lay out your two pieces of driftwood parallel on the table. Then, place flower foam between them.

Use rope or sturdy twine to tie the flower foam to the driftwood. Tie plenty of bows throughout the length of the driftwood to hold it secure. When you’ve finished tying all of the knots, adjust them so that they lay in the center of the flower foam. Then, use your scissors to trim the excess twine.

Step 2: Attach ropes

Tie ropes at both ends of your base. This will allow you to hang your chandelier from the ceiling at your wedding–or wherever else you plan on displaying it.

Make sure to use a sturdy rope and securely cinch the knots for added security. From there, find a temporary place to hang the chandelier while you work on it. This will give you better perspective on how it will look at your venue.

Step 3: Prepare the greenery

Now that we’ve taken care of the chandelier’s base, let’s prepare our greenery.

Begin by removing your leaves from their boxes and cutting them into single branches of different lengths. Organize your branches into piles for easier assembly.

Tip: try to vary the lengths of each cut to create a more natural look for the finished chandelier.

Step 4: Add the leaves

Now, let’s start adding greenery to the chandelier. Take 3-4 of each type of cut branch and begin randomly inserting them into the floral foam. Start on one end of the chandelier, then keep going until the top half of the chandelier is full of lush greenery.

Repeat the same process on the bottom, taking care to vary the greenery by length and height.

Tip: it’s ok if the greenery reaches higher on one side of the chandelier than the other. We’ll use flowers to balance it out.

Step 5: Add flowers

Now comes our favorite part–adding color and life to the chandelier with flowers. Remove your flowers from their box and insert them into the floral mud, just as you did with the branches. You can use the flowers’ flexible wire stems to vary their height.

Try to use larger flowers as focal points and surround them with smaller flowers of different colors. Don’t be afraid to remove flowers and re-insert them until you settle on an arrangement you like. Trust your intuition and your unique design sense–this is your moment to express yourself.

Tip: divide the upper half of your chandelier into three separate sections–one for each flower box. Then, use the remaining flower box on the lower half of the chandelier.

Step 6: All finished!

Congratulations! You just finished your very own unique floral chandelier. Now, all that’s left to do is hang it up at your wedding venue.

If you need more decor to complete your wedding look, you can turn to our other DIY wedding tutorials or browse our line of premade wedding decor to create your dream look. 

When you’re finished, feel free to tag us on Instagram with your finished chandelier. We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll make!

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