How To Plan A Christmas Themed Wedding

Christmas is a season of joy, cozy romance and time spent with loved ones, which is exactly what makes it the perfect time for a wedding! While a Christmas wedding theme is an innovative choice that can make for a truly special day surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Plus, you won’t forget your anniversary!

As the snow falls outside and the fire roars indoors, let your married life begin to the sound of carols and the scent of cinnamon.

What is a Winter Wonderland Wedding

The quiet hush of a snowy day and the comforting roar of the fireplace are elements that influence a winter wedding. A winter wonderland wedding celebration embraces the romance and coziness of the season with special details like mulled wine, soft blankets, the scent of pine and the hum of Christmas carols.

If you’re looking for tips for planning a Christmas themed wedding, we’ve made it easy to create your perfect festive mood board. From the color scheme to your bridal style to the perfect Christmas venue, your ceremony and reception will mark the best holiday season yet.

Planning a Christmas Wedding

Amongst all the chaos and excitement of the holiday season, it may feel overwhelming to plan another event. However, the trick to planning a Christmas wedding is to embrace the holiday cheer and plan your wedding with cozy, festive vibes in mind.

Of course, you don’t want your wedding to be just another day in the holiday party schedule, so here are some ways to plan a Christmas wedding that feels appropriate for the season, while also making your wedding dreams come true. So, how do you plan a Christmas wedding step by step? We’ve looked into how you can plan your dream festive wedding day.

Choosing a Christmas Wedding Date

Is it OK to get married in December? Yes! December is a month full of love and cheer, making it perfect to plan a wedding.

Having a Christmas wedding doesn’t necessarily mean getting married on December 25th. While that is always an option, it may be too difficult to coordinate a celebration on an existing holiday. However, the weeks leading up to Christmas or even the days following Christmas Day are great options to choose for your festive celebration.

And to really lean into the magic of Christmas, you could consider planning a Christmas Eve wedding. You can embrace the stillness and peace that comes with December 24th, celebrate into the night, and then keep the festive magic alive when you wake up as newlyweds on Christmas Day.

Festive Color Scheme: Christmas Red & Sparkle

The next step in planning your dream holiday wedding is to choose your color palette. When you think of Christmas, rustic reds, deep greens and the sparkle of white snow all spring to mind. This Christmas color combination is a great starting point as you develop your winter wedding theme. You can further elevate it with the warm tonal shades of beige, walnut and coffee.

When it comes to applying this color scheme, there is no easier way than with gorgeous festive florals. Alongside the vibrant red of holly and the steady evergreen tones of fir trees, there are poinsettias, red and white roses and rustic pine cones. Subtle sparkle also plays a big part in this color palette, with glitter mimicking the magical twinkle of lights on the tree and candles at a Christmas dinner.

Ling’s Moment makes it easy to harness this unmistakable color palette to give your winter wedding the coziest of Christmas vibes. Faux flowers and foliage in reds, greens, and browns combine with sparkles to create a festive color palette. And the best part? You won’t know where your traditional Christmas decor ends and your romantic wedding style begins - your entire wedding will be a cozy celebration of family, life and love.

Charming Christmas Wedding Ceremony

To elevate the cozy, festive Christmas theme for your wedding, you are not limited to just a Christmas tree. In the spirit of the holidays, the core of a Christmas wedding should be cozy abundance. More is more when it comes to wedding florals, winter decor and welcoming warmth. This is a time to spend with your family, loved ones and, of course, your new spouse.

Festive Wedding Arch

As you walk down the aisle at your Christmas Red and Sparkle wedding, you will be met with the joyful energy of a floral wedding arch. Drapes, greenery and faux florals can all combine to create your dream ceremony backdrop. The warmth of the red will remind you of the passion and love between you and your fiance as you embark on your new life together.

Christmas Aisle Decor

Whether you plan on having a large or intimate Christmas wedding celebration, aisle decor is a charming way to elevate the experience for your guests. Consider free-standing floral arrangements in Christmas Red and Sparkle, or try a chair decor set with stunning, draping fabric.

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Holiday Themed Welcome Sign

As your guests arrive at your festive Christmas wedding, guide their way with a personalized sign. Whether it contains venue directions or a general welcome message, a sign is a sophisticated touch to truly elevate your wedding day. Our flower sign decor in Christmas Red and Sparkle is an elegant way to introduce your color theme to even these small moments of your chic wedding day.

Red and Sparkle Christmas Wedding Reception

After your magical wedding ceremony, it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones at your Christmas wedding reception. The cozy holiday vibe will make for a truly memorable wedding reception, only enhanced with the magic of our Christmas Red and Sparkle color collection.

Romantic Holiday Head Table

Once you’re officially wed, the wedding reception is a special time to sit down and have your first meal as a married couple. Adorn your sweetheart table with extra details to create a magical and romantic atmosphere. Our Head Table Flower Garland is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding night feast, and the abundant roses will make your newlyweds table stand out from the rest.

Red & White Christmas Centerpieces

For your guest tables, floral centerpiece arrangements are a great way to add texture, detail and visual interest to your wedding reception. Whether you plan on having long tables or round tables, our Large Floral Centerpieces will add height and stunning color to your tablescape. Or for a more modern look, our Wreath Hoop Centerpieces are a unique take on traditional Christmas decorations.

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Festive Holiday Bridal Flowers

Flowers are one of the best ways to add both romance and festive cheer to your winter wedding. Rustic red, deep green and sparkles will be the perfect accent for you and your wedding party.

Christmas Bridal Bouquet

When you put on your dream gown on your wedding day, it’s important to have the right bridal bouquet to tie the look together. While red and green may not seem like a traditional palette for a bridal bouquet, it is surprisingly easy to wear this festive color scheme without it feeling “too much”. Remember, in the lead up to Christmas, these rustic colors just feel right.

Roses help take your floral arrangement from holiday decor to romantic statement. Ling’s Moment creates stunning arrangements with red and white roses, complemented with sprigs of holly, fir and pine cones. Your final look will be like a fairytale - romantic and timeless.

Magical Christmas Bridesmaids Bouquets

Standing alongside you at the end of the aisle will be your bridesmaids. A great way to have a cohesive look is for them to carry bouquets or posies that match your bridal bouquet. Our Round Bridesmaid Bouquets in Christmas Red and Sparkle will add a touch of festive cheer and elegant style to your wedding party. And consider sage green for your bridesmaids’ dresses as a modern take on the traditional Christmas color palette!

Charming Christmas Boutonnieres

For the men in the wedding party, Ling’s boutonnieres can uplift and harmonize their winter wedding look. As the snow falls and your fiance waits at the end of the aisle, the cozy touch of warm red will fill you with love and confidence.

Festive Christmas Wrist Corsages

For the special women in your life, like your mother or grandmother, wrist corsages will be their favorite Christmas gift. A floral corsage is a sophisticated way to elevate their outfit, while showing them how much you care. Our Wrist Corsages in Christmas Red and Sparkle will help you spread holiday magic on your big day.

Christmas-Colored Rose Petals

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that can have the biggest impact on your magical wedding day. Faux rose petals are an easy and effective way to add color, texture and fun interaction on your wedding day. Consider lining the aisle with delicate, romantic petals, or have your guests toss rose petals like confetti as you walk down the aisle as newlyweds. Don’t be afraid to get creative with rose petals - they’re a great addition to any Christmas wedding decor!

If you’ve been considering planning a Christmas Red and Sparkle wedding, this is your sign. Make the happiest day of the year even more joyful with the promise of forever love. At every step of planning your winter wedding, Ling’s Moment will be there to help create the perfect mood for the best day of your life.

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