Getting Married in a Colder Month? Try Out These Winter-Themed Wedding Ideas

Cozy, romantic and with a sprinkle of holiday magic in the air, you and your fiance should definitely consider a winter wedding. The trick is to take the vibrant spirit of the season and make it your own. Draw on the inspiration of holiday decorations and vibes, but elevate it with a chic color palette, luxe textures and timeless decor.

If soft jazz, a crackling fire and a warming red wine sound like your idea of heaven, here are some wedding ideas for getting married in winter.

Choose A Fresh, Bright Color Palette For Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

Just because the days are shorter and the lights are dimmed doesn’t mean that your wedding has to feel dark or brooding. In fact, a bright color palette is the perfect way to elevate your wedding and capture that spark of joy.

Along with your white wedding dress, consider decor and florals in beige, white and dusty rose tones. These warming neutrals will help you forget the snow falling outside, and make for timeless photos.

Your bridal bouquet is the perfect place to start with this winter wedding theme inspiration. Ling’s Moment has a range of floral arrangements in white and beige, meaning there is a bouquet shape and size for every bride. As you walk down the aisle on that magical winter’s day, your bouquet will act as a calming beacon of peace and serenity.

And this chic color palette will look beautiful as it extends to your ceremony decor. As your beloved guests and wedding party filter into the room, white and beige will create an uplifting and optimistic mood. It is the happiest day of your life, after all!

The welcome sign will be the first thing they see upon arrival. Our wedding sign decor beige will set the mood, and is one of those details that really makes your big day feel special.

Our free-standing flower arrangements are the perfect choice to line the aisle. Ling’s Moment faux florals are an affordable, impactful option for wedding decor, and allow you to create your exact winter wedding vision.

And to complete the vision, our flower arch makes a stunning, organic backdrop for your ceremony. As you say “I do” and start your life together, the timeless backdrop of white and beige florals will make for beautiful memories.

Select Your Winter Wedding Flowers

There are many different types of beautiful flowers that can be used for your wedding, and it can be very effective to choose ones that are seasonally appropriate. Roses are a timeless flower that will add to the romance of the snowy season, especially in tonal colors such as nude, cream and blush. In the place of lush greenery, textured, neutral accessories can add to the cozy winter vibes. Pampas grass and gold leaves will add a luxurious, elevated element to your winter wedding flowers.

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Add Cozy Texture To Your Reception

And as the day turns to night and you move on to the reception of your wedding, it’s important to keep the bright-yet-cozy vibes going. A great way to do this is to add textural decor elements in your white and beige color palette.

Table linens in those warm, natural tones will set the luxurious and inviting vibe for the room. Don’t be afraid to layer tablecloths and combine colors - these are there to add organic dimension and an elevated backdrop to your wedding meal.

To further add inviting texture to your reception, add various floral centerpieces to the length of your tables. Ling’s Moment uses a range of flowers and foliage to create layered, intriguing arrangements that attract the eye and add to that luxurious winter texture. Try adding candles and personalized name cards to fill up the tablescape and set the scene for celebration.

Take Inspiration From Christmas Decor (But Make It Your Own)

One of your biggest hesitations for having a winter wedding may be how close it will be to the holidays. However, this time of joy and family can actually be what makes your wedding extra special. The way to balance the Christmas themes of the season with your wedding planning is to embrace it, with a twist.

You may think of wreaths as a classic Christmas decoration, usually in red, green and gold tones. However, a floral wreath in beige and white can be a subtle yet magical homage to the season at your winter wedding. Include a few in your reception tablescapes or add them to your drink or dessert tables. They will set the scene while elevating your theme… and adding a dash of Christmas cheer!

In the spirit of holiday gifting, another way to allude to the season (while staying on theme!) is to include the visual of wrapped gifts. Whether they are on the actual gift table, added at the entrance or used to create party favors, wrapped gifts in white and beige will add some Christmas charm to your winter wedding. Our ribbons in white and beige can be tied around neutral-toned wrapping paper, and consider a sprig of foliage to really complete the vibe.

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If you have been considering getting married in a colder month, hopefully this inspiration has you convinced. These winter wedding ideas will help create a cozy, timeless mood that embraces the spirit of the season. From your color palette, to textured decor to holiday decor, Ling’s Moment is there to help create your dream winter wedding. What’s more romantic than getting married as the snow falls outside, after all?

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