37 Rustic Wedding Table Decor Tips, Tricks & Inspirations

Are you searching for the perfect table decorations for rustic wedding decor? Your search ends here.

The bread and butter of rustic table decor is a feeling of coziness and warmth. Think of a peaceful countryside on a sunny day or a fire cackling in a stone fireplace, filling a cottage with light. A rustic wedding theme is all those feelings in a bottle... or...tablescape.

A wooden reception table decorated with centerpiecese

In this post, we will break down what rustic really means. We will also give you all the latest and greatest ideas for rustic wedding table decorations, from fabrics to colors, seasonal touches, and more.

Here is everything you need to know to design the perfect rustic wedding table decor:

What is Rustic Table Decor for a Wedding?

First things first- what is rustic wedding decor? Merriam-Webster defines the word 'rustic' as "relating to, or suitable for the country."

Think all humble, simple, natural, and boho, infused with hints of romance. Typical rustic elements might include wood accents, candles or string lights, mason jars, dried florals and greenery, and natural color palettes (more on all that below!). 

Rustic table decor is perfect for weddings held outdoors or in any venue with an 'old-timey' feel. Of all the wedding color palettes and themes, this one is often considered neutral, meaning rustically inclined ceremonies fit beautifully into any venue.

A couple standing before a round wedding arch

How to Design A Rustic Wedding Table: Tips & Ideas

So, you've browsed through our inspiring rustic wedding ideas, and you're on fire with ideas! We love to hear it. This post is a spinoff of that one- here, we will give you all the tools you need to design the rustic wedding table spread of your dreams.

From tiny details to grand statements, these are our top ideas for rustic wedding table decorations:

Use natural materials

A true rustic wedding must always have at least a few natural materials. Rustic table decor for a wedding is the perfect place to cement your theme. Consider organic materials like wood, stone, hay, dried flowers, or greenery.

A dessert table decorated with various cups

Farmhouse wooden tables

From small round tables to large extendable options, upcycled farmhouse tables (new tables in a farmhouse style) make great backgrounds for your rustic wedding table decor. Look for materials like reclaimed wood, oak, or maple to elevate your theme further.

A wooden reception table decorated with centerpieces

Tip: Remember, not every square inch of your table has to be filled (although it certainly can be). Since the upcycled table itself is the decor, you can get away with a few thoughtfully chosen embellishments or larger ornate centerpieces.

Embrace earthy colors

If you've searched for 'What are rustic wedding colors?' ever in your life, you've come across a definitive answer: earth tones. Many people think of boring browns when they hear 'earth tones.' Think again- earthy is exciting!

A menu of beautiful earth tones is waiting to conjure up rustic romance just for your ceremony. Consider chocolate browns, sensual taupes, subtly stunning beiges, and passionate terracottas.

Earthy can also be easy. Save time assembling your dream wedding palette with our premade wedding decor, or get creative with our DIY flower boxes

Here are a few of our most beloved rustic color palettes:

Rust & Sepia

We like to think of Rust & Sepia as a polaroid in a palette. There is a reason that it continues to remain one of Ling's most popular lines. Rust & Sepia is a whirlwind of coziness, elegance, and neutrals, all wrapped up in one farmhouse-approved color collection.

Assorted floral arrangements used for wedding

Sunset Terracotta

Ling's Sunset Terracotta is a curated mixture of laid-back rusticism and the caresses of a sunset. Burnt oranges and burgundies, rich walnut browns, and unique accessories combine with soft greenery and pampas grass. Tip: If you're terribly into terracotta, check out these  affordable terracotta wedding centerpiece ideas for every budget.

Assorted floral arrangements used for wedding

Russet Orange & Denim Blue

Our Russet Orange & Denim Blue color collection is a favorite for barnyards, vineyards, countryside, or outdoor ceremonies. Nostalgic orange collides with rich, timeless denim blue in this collection, assembling a rustic dream palette.

Assorted floral arrangements used for wedding

Fabrics in neutral/earthy tones

There are two things whose powers you should always appreciate. One is flowers, and the other is textures.

Textures are the unsung heroes of the design world. Adding fabrics, ribbons, drapes, and linens can transform any basic tablescape into a rustic wonderland. Materials can add layers of aesthetic interest, softening a space and creating a feeling of welcome.

Consider these rustic fabric icons:


With its simple and familiar feel, linen will add a little country charm to your arrangement. Using linen table runner drapes or upholstery on chairs brings a rustic yet clean look to your wedding table.

White table linens laid on a table


Perfect for that down-on-the-farm feel no matter where you are, burlap is quickly gaining popularity at rustic weddings. You can do so much with this durable, coarsely woven cloth! As a rustic bonus, burlap is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Lace accents

Like flowers, lace is synonymous with love and romance. Incorporating lace accents into your table decorations for rustic wedding decor instantly adds loving vibes to your spread.

A pink floral centerpiece placed on a table


There are so many reasons to love canvas. It's inexpensive, easy to customize, and checks all the rustic boxes. Use a canvas table runner or scraps of fabric in your centerpieces. 


Twine is about as country as it comes. Use twine to tie ribbons around appropriately protected candle holders, vases, or signage.

A wooden sign put on a table

Romantically rustic garlands

Garlands go great on all types of rustic table decor for weddings. From delicate willow leaves to chic beige roses, these garlands are sure to enhance your rustic wedding table ideas:

A terracotta garland laid on a wooden table

Delicate Eucalyptus and Willow leaves

Eucalyptus and Willow leaf garlands are elegant yet simple rustic decor table decorations.

Ling's handmade, artificial vine leaves won't wilt or get easily damaged, and they are waterproof and UV resistant, perfect for an outdoor ceremony. For the ultimate ode to rusticism, the garland is made of environment-friendly silk and plastic, with an inner wire rod for added support. If a leaf happens to stray, pop it right back on.

A wedding headtable decorated with greenery garlands

Rose Leaf Flower Garland in White & Beige

We love these rose leaf garlands for their uncomplicated rustic aura. A silent parade of blush and cream roses, sprigs of baby's breath, and intriguing white and beige rose leaves make this garland the perfect companion for a rustically chic wedding. Neutral tones allow you to integrate this garland into your big day without disrupting your wedding colors.

A pink flower garland put on a wedding reception table

Flower Garland in Rust & Sepia

Rust & Sepia is one of Ling's most beloved and popular color collections. Handcrafted with fine silk flowers and leaves, the Rust & Sepia garland uses anthurium accented with roses, peonies, hydrangea, leaves, and berries. Warm oranges and creams make this flower garland a rustic wedding dream come true. 

A wedding sweetheart table decorated with flower garlands

Rustic florals and greenery

Flowers make everything better, it's a fact! No matter what ideas for rustic wedding table decorations you may have, florals will work. If you're wondering what flowers are used for a rustic wedding, keep reading to find out.

These are our top picks for adding to your rustic wedding table ideas:


You know what they say: sunflowers are sunshine in floral form!

Sunflowers add a cheery echo of summer to any wedding palette. All blooms lend warmth to a rural theme, but sunflowers are especially reminiscent of a hazy summer day in the countryside. For these reasons, sunflowers make excellent embellishments for rustic wedding table decor.

Candles and centerpieces put on a table

Lavender Branches

Lavender makes lovely table decorations for rustic wedding decor!

Branches of lavender are a subtly sweet and classically rural way to incorporate your wedding theme without stealing the show. 

Branches of lavender put into a white vase


Ah, baby's breath, the go-to wedding floral for a rustic ceremony! A few branches incorporated here and there bring to mind a countryside meadow. Use the blooms solo or pair them with dried grasses or wildflowers to up the boho vibes. Hint: This flower is the perfect choice for a DIY wedding project thanks to its soft, whimsical appearance and cost-effectiveness.

White baby's breath put into a white vase


Ok, so you may not have expected to see veggies on this list, but hear us out. You know the phrase 'farm-to-table?'

Nothing says farm fresh, like using the bright colors of vegetables on your wedding table. Mix vibrant purple cabbage, juicy heirloom tomatoes, and orange and yellow carrots with colorful, rustic florals like red poppies, sunflowers, or wildflowers.

Pampas grass

The potentials of pampas grass are seemingly endless. Thanks to its wheat-like form, tall, elegant stalks, and soft colors, pampas grass is incredibly versatile in the design world. Use the grass for anything from rustic centerpieces to sign decor or bouquets.

Branches of white pampa grass put into a white vase

Rustic centerpieces

What you put at the center will surely be the center of attention. In a nutshell, that is the purpose of a wedding table centerpiece.

If you can roll out some seriously rustic romance into your centerpiece, the rest of your table decor will naturally fall in line. These are our favorite centerpieces to base your rustic wedding table ideas around:

Sunset Terracotta Floral Centerpiece with wooden elements

Ling's Sunset Terracotta centerpieces blend beautiful faux flowers, greeneries, dahlia, and roses to create a soft and romantic look. Dress up the centerpieces with natural elements like wood, crystals tied with twine, or extra pieces of greenery. 

A terracotta centerpiece put on a table

Mini Flower Centerpieces in Russet Orange & Denim Blue

Lovers of all things pastoral, rejoice! Ling's mini centerpieces in Russet Orange & Denim Blue are a roll call of rustically colored roses. Each arrangement is wrapped with beige satin ribbon and brown raw cotton bows. Standing at about 4", these mini flower centerpieces will easily fit into containers like mason jars, bud vases, glass vases, etc.

Blue and orange centerpieces put on a wooden table

Wreath Hoop Centerpieces in Rust & Sepia

Bridal hoops are all the rage, but the popularity of wreath hoop centerpieces is rising! Ling's Rust & Sepia color collection looked at all the angles of rusticism and included a Wreath Hoop Centerpiece. 

Consisting of soft, realistic foam roses and gardenia with beige-colored leaves and a few dried leaves sprinkled in for extra flair, Ling's Wreath Hoops are excellent centerpieces for your rustic wedding table decorations.

A few hoop centerpieces put on a table

As if that wasn't romantic enough, a 1.5" tealight candle holder in the center of the hoops accommodates any standard-size tea lights.

Large Floral Centerpiece in White & Sage

Straight from our hearts to yours, Ling's large floral Centerpiece in White & Sage comes completely ready to glow at your rustic wedding table decor spread. Beautiful roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and cornflowers bring serious rural elegance to this display. Fluffy mini pampas grass, lavender, and a pretty pearl pick accent the centerpiece for a simple yet elegant feel. The white, pedestal-like vase is farmhouse-friendly, eco-conscious and fully recyclable.

White floral centerpieces put on a table

Mason jars with mini bouquets

Mason jars are a big hit at any rustic affair. Consider filling them with mini bouquets or a few flowers and using them as the focus for your centerpiece or to elevate your current decor. An alternative to flowers is filling the jars with a single candle or a coil of string lights.

Lanterns with floral accents

Lanterns are relics from another era. Many other eras, actually. So, using a lantern with a gently flickering light source on your wedding table is a great way to add a touch of timelessness to your decor. Bonus points if yours is antique (or has an antique finish). 

After you've secured your lantern situation, consider elevating the rustic mystique even further with Ling's 2-foot Rose Leaf Garlands in Dark Teal & Burnt Orange. The garland's sensual rose leaves support vibrant teal and orange roses in different sizes for added depth. The arrangement drapes beautifully over a standard-sized lantern, but you can add multiple garlands for a more luxurious look.

Two lanterns wrapped with flower garlands

Note: Always use electric or flameless candles when adding floral accents.

Candles with antique holders

Whatever your chosen wedding theme, decadently flickering candles will add romance to the aesthetic. When you think of rustic table decor for a wedding, you might even have envisioned candles immediately! 

Take it a step further by using antique candle holders to accentuate the candles. For this type of wedding theme, the candle holders do not necessarily need to match either. If you're able to thrift, upcycle, or borrow antique candle holders that look similar or complementary, go for it!

Vases and bottles

Vases, bottles, and mason jars are great additions to any rustic or countryside arrangement. Use them to hold florals or leave them empty as part of a grander spread.

Ling's Ceramic Vase with Underglaze has a beaded embossed French-style design with a romantic, rounded, sophisticated, and ornate texture. Our Glass Colored Vases in Dark Orange and Burnt Teal are the perfect dashes of color for single-stem florals or small arrangements.

A number of vases put on the ground

Other rustic wedding table elements

So far, we've talked about ideas for rustic wedding table decorations like flowers, feathers, fabrics, and other boho fairs. These are rustic wedding table ideas that didn't quite fit into the other categories:

Wooden table numbers

Wooden numbers add extra rusticism to your centerpieces or wedding table. Table numbers that blend into the theme and serve a function are a great finishing touch for your tablescape.

Terracotta centerpieces put on a wooden table


Tableware and utensils made of copper, wood, or steel exude rustic chic energy. Biodegradable cutlery is another sustainable, environment-friendly way to stay on theme.

Hay bales as seating

If you read the above and thought, "Can hay bales be used as seating at a wedding?" the answer is: oh yes.

Cover your bales with crisp, clean white sheets for a more chic feel, or go for white lace for the maximum country charm. Tip: weave in some standard chairs for those guests who might be uncomfortable sitting on bales. 

Upcycled and repurposed items

Upcycling is more than a buzzword- it's a great way to preserve budget while adding a shimmer of authentic rusticism.

If you've ever recycled an item so that the result is more valuable than the original, you've upcycled it. For example, using an old jar or container as a flower pot continues the life of the original item (recycling) while increasing its value (upcycling). 

Another great example is this easy DIY upcycle project using our designer flower boxes. In this tutorial, we upcycle the packaging on our flower boxes to craft a beautiful free-standing floral arrangement!

Free-standing floral arrangements put beside wooden chairs


We love feathers because they add instant texture and intrigue to anything they touch. Feathers can make for simple rustic decor table decorations or bold statements depending on the type, size, and amount used.

Consider these types of feathers to amp up your rustic wedding table:

  • Pheasant. Our top pick for rustic wedding feathers is the Pheasant feather. From the colors to the shape, these feathers are excellent ideas for rustic wedding table decorations, or you can add dried flowers for a softer look.
  • Quail. Similar to our first pick, Quail feathers are pastoral but with more of a funky boho flair.
  • Peacock. You know you're going all out anytime you're using Peacock feathers. These feathers are standalone enigmas, but you can add flowers or fun accessories as desired.
  • Ostrich. These types of feathers are non-traditional yet elegant, creating a beautiful contrast against the earth tones and rough textures of a rustic wedding palette.

String lights

String lights, also called fairy lights, are a rural decor superstar. They make for simple rustic decor table decorations that are easy to implement. All you need to do is arrange the string lights delicately throughout your centerpieces or along your head and reception tables.  If you need to cover more space with less effort, you can purchase fairy lights in curtains or sheets instead of individual strings.

Some teal and orange centerpieces put on a wooden table

Hanging chandeliers with rustic elements

Up the ambiance and rural vibe by draping your chandelier with natural and old-world elements. Add simple linen fabric, tie bows with lace ribbons, or add candles if the chandelier design permits.

Seasonal touches

If you're tying the knot in your favorite seasons, stay true to your theme (and mother nature's) with a few relevant decor decisions. Consider these seasonal touches for your simple rustic decor table decorations:

Summer love

There seems to be no end to the advantages of a summer ceremony. Flexible travel times for guests, longer days and later sunsets, and, of course, sunflowers make this season an ideal time to tie the knot. Show off your summer love by adding mason jars, macrame table runners, vibrant summer fruits like watermelon or pear, or blooms like sunflower or dahlia.

Sunflower centerpieces put on a wooden table

Spring wildflowers

Wildflowers go wonderfully in any rustic table decor for a wedding, but especially for a springtime ceremony. We love these types of flowers because they're humble, sweet, and perfectly pastoral. Tip: Spring wildflowers, particularly, are known for being heavy with pollen and allergens. If there ever was a best time to use faux flowers, this is it.

Pieces of autumn

Who doesn't love fall? If you're saying 'I do,' in the fall months, you've got no shortage of cute seasonal accessories to use in your rustic wedding table decor. Colorful leaves, small pumpkins or gourds, fruits, berries, and acorns are all classic choices. We like the maple leaf string lights that have become so popular this past season.

Winter warmth

What's not to love about the cheerful, warm-spirited winter months? If you're getting married in the winter, consider using pine cones, mistletoe, evergreen branches, or artificial snow in your rustic wedding table decor.

A wooden sign and some candles put on the stairs

Timeless Means Forever

Calling all rustic romantics! Is your head swirling with ideas? Are your DIY fingers itching? We love it! If you found this post helpful or want to show us your table decorations for rustic wedding decor or anything else from your big day, tag us @lingsmoment on IG!

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