Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas That Will Inspire Every Bride

Dreaming of a rustic wedding? You’re in luck. If you’re planning a wedding celebration with lots of rural charm, earthy decor and an inviting warmth, then you should consider a rustic wedding. In fact, rustic color palettes, like rust & sepia or sunset terracotta, are predicted to be some of the top trending wedding colors for 2023 and beyond.

At Ling’s Moment, it is our joy to help you create your dream wedding day. As you and your fiance craft the perfect celebration for you as a couple, we are here to help you finalize your ideas and let them become a reality.

From the color palette to the bridal florals to the beautiful decor, Ling’s Moment can help you craft the charming wedding of your dreams. If you’re looking for rustic wedding ideas, look no further!

How To Choose Your Rustic Wedding Colors

When you think of a rustic wedding, the first thing that probably springs to mind is color.  Rustic wedding colors are usually inspired by nature, and more specifically often feel like fall. Cozy tones of burnt orange, modest blush and even teal are all colors that can feature in a rustic wedding.

Of course, you don’t want to base your wedding theme around a single color. Instead, you want to choose complementary colors that inspire your design choices and create a feeling, known as a color palette. For rustic wedding decor, a color palette of earthy neutrals, inspired greens and a pop of vibrant organic tones is best.

Taking inspiration from warm summer evenings, the autumn leaves, or the fall harvest, look for a color palette that sets the perfect mood for your rustic wedding.

Ling’s Moment Rustic Color Palettes

As you’re planning your rustic wedding, your color palette will act as a reference point for your design and decor decisions. It’s essentially the first step in seeing your dream wedding come to life.

At Ling’s Moment, we have a range of floral color palettes that are perfect for your rustic wedding ideas.

With a range of vibrant, earthy oranges, our Sunset Terracotta color palette is infused with passion and charm. Wild yet curated, it has a chic, feminine touch amongst its spirited energy.large floral arrangements.

Wedding decor in sunset terracotta

Rust & Sepia is another of our rustic wedding colors. This cozy and elegant neutral palette is reminiscent of autumnal leaves, featuring deep oranges and muted beige tones. Both chic and organic, this timeless color palette is a grounded choice for any time of the year.

Wedding decor in rust and sepia

For a stronger splash of color when it comes to choosing your rustic wedding color palette, our Dark Teal & Burnt Orange collection is a unique choice. From the powerful ocean to the fall harvest, this color palette feels inspired by the wondrous tones of nature. Vibrant greenery brings vitality and joy to this statement rustic color palette.

Wedding decor in dark teal and burnt orange

Decorations and Floral Arrangements for a Rustic Wedding

While not every rustic wedding will look the same, there are some features and decor that help set the scene for your big day. No matter where you choose as your wedding venue, the key to a rustic wedding is choosing decor that feels abundant and textural.

This could include floral arrangements at the entrance, wild and wonderful chair decor, or overflowing centerpieces at your reception tables.

Another idea is to take cues from your venue and choose decor pieces that help create a narrative and inspire a warm feeling. For example, if you’re getting married at a farm, don’t shy away from using bales of hay or those bright red wheelbarrows and styling them as decor. Sometimes, the most mundane objects can make for the most unique, rustic wedding decor!

Unique Ideas for Your Perfect Rustic Wedding

No matter whether your wedding is going to be large or small, the purpose of a rustic wedding is to laugh and celebrate with your loved ones. Some of the best ideas for a rustic wedding are those little moments that ground you, and remind you of the real reason that you are there.

Consider a non-traditional entrance to your wedding reception, like riding in on a horse or even a tractor! Slipping into work boots can make for a cute, rustic wedding photo op, as could a barefoot run through the fields. To keep the party going, an outdoor bonfire could also be a great idea for a cozy, rustic wedding.

When it comes to decor, natural and textured elements like twine and raw wood can help enhance your rustic wedding theme. Don’t be afraid to forage for wildflowers or greenery, either!

Arch flower garland in Sunset Terracotta

Rustic Pickup Truck with Floral Decor Ideas

A simple yet effective idea to add to your wedding is to load up the back of a pickup truck with all the gorgeous rustic decor you can find. Consider starting with bales of hay, and then add huge bouquets of flowers and greenery.

Parked near the entrance to your wedding, this will help create a mood of abundance, laughter and style. With all the charm of a farmers’ market in the fall, a pickup truck will act as the ultimate large-scale wedding decor piece and act as the perfect backdrop for all of your guests’ happy snaps.

Add Some Rustic Charm to Your Wedding Ceremony

At your wedding ceremony, you’ll get to say “I do” to your fiance and start the rest of your lives together. It’s also when your guests arrive, making it the perfect time to introduce them to your rustic wedding theme.

Welcome Your Guests with Rustic Wedding Sign

As your friends and family arrive on your wedding day, they will be grinning with excitement to watch you tie the knot. As they make their way into your venue, it’s important to let them know they’re in the right place and make them feel welcome.

While you get ready for the ceremony, a rustic wedding sign is the perfect way to greet them and point them in the right direction. You can customize your sign with your names or just provide a general greeting — whatever feels right for your venue and ceremony.

Our Flower Sign Decor  in Sunset Terracotta can adorn your wedding sign with abundant florals and a rustic color palette. Little details like this help make your wedding day extra special from the very first moment.

Sign flowers in sunset terracotta

Rustic Wedding Aisle & Wedding Seating Ideas

After your guests arrive and mingle, they will start to find their way to their seats. While every ceremony is different, there are usually at least a few rows of chairs for your guests to take a seat and get ready to see you walk down the aisle.

To elevate your ceremony space and add some rustic color, consider adding wedding ceremony chair decor. Our Aisle & Chair Decor in Burnt Orange adds a pop of color with delicate florals, greenery and flowing ribbons. To further enhance your chairs, our Aisle Draping Decor will wrap your ceremony chairs in chic fabric for a cohesive look. This is also a great way to highlight any chairs that are specially reserved for your close family members, like your parents or siblings.

Side flower chair decor with linens in sunset terracotta Wood chair decorated with terracotta flowers and linens on the back

Rustic Wedding Arch with Greenery & Flowers

As you walk down the aisle on your wedding day to stand with your fiance, it’s important to have decor that truly sets the scene. A wedding arch will be the backdrop for your vows, and frame that all-important first kiss!

For a grand and rustic look, consider our Flower Arch Decor with Drapes in Terracotta. The sweeping drapes create a splash of color and shape, while the blooming floral arrangement feels impactful and stylish.

Terracotta flowers and linens for large flat arch

Or, if drapes aren’t your style as much, consider our Ground Flower Arch Decor in Burnt Orange & Amber. With florals bursting out of the bottom and up the archway, it will really help to ground your wedding ceremony amongst the natural environment. You could even add extra florals creeping out from the sides, making it feel truly integrated with your surroundings!

Consider a Rustic Drinks Table

After your ceremony is over and you are officially married, there is usually a time when you go to take photos and your guests make their way out of their seats. Consider a table with a refreshing drink to mark the occasion, adorned with rustic florals to complement the wedding theme.

Our 2ft Flower Garlands in Sunset Terracotta can be used to drape across the table or wrap around a centerpiece such as a candelabra. This small detail will dress up your table, and create the perfect environment as your rustic wedding day shifts from ceremony to reception.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas with Rustic Charm

As you walk down the aisle, the flowers in your hand will make a statement and act as the perfect, feminine accessory to your bridal gown.

Choosing a bridal bouquet is a way to show your own personal style. Consider the size, shape and overall design of your bouquet, as well as the color palette for your rustic wedding. Our Standard Cascade Bridal Bouquet in Rust & Sepia brings the vintage vibes and rustic texture, all in a neutral color palette that will be your perfect complement.

Free form bridal bouquet in rust and sepia

If you’re looking for a statement bouquet with an organic feel, consider our Large Free-Form Bridal Bouquet in Sunset Terracotta. With gorgeous dahlias, freesia and delphiniums, this eye-catching bouquet will be your perfect rustic accessory.

Free form bridal bouquet in sunset terracotta

Rustic Wedding Bridesmaid Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Along with your partner, the members of your wedding party will wait for you at the end of the aisle. For them, bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres are a delicate way to continue the floral color palette and create a cohesive look. Make sure to choose a color palette that matches your wedding decor and bridal bouquet, but don’t be afraid to get creative!

For a dainty yet eye-catching bouquet, consider our Bridesmaid Posy in Dark Teal and Burnt Orange. Whether your bridesmaids are wearing orange tones, cool teals or neutral dresses, this rustic arrangement will elevate their stunning look.

Bridesmaid posy in dark teal and burnt orange

For a cohesive look amongst your whole bridal party, consider our pre-made collection of the Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid Bouquets in Sunset Terracotta. These bouquets radiate autumnal, rustic charm, and will add the perfect final touch to your bridal party as you stand together at the end of the aisle.

Maid of honor bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets in sunset terracotta

For the groom, groomsmen and any important guests who’d prefer to wear a suit, a boutonniere is a dapper way to make them stand out. Our Boutonnieres in Amber will bring the rustic charm for your handsome gentlemen.

Boutonniere in amber

For the groom, groomsmen and any important guests who’d prefer to wear a suit, a boutonniere is a dapper way to make them stand out. Our Boutonnieres in Amber will bring the rustic charm for your handsome gentlemen.

Add Rustic Chic Decor to Your Reception

After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate! As a newly married couple, now is the time to laugh, eat, drink and dance with your loved ones. And even if you’re not getting married in the countryside, every rustic wedding can do with a little bit of country charm.

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Keeping up with the theme of color and texture, your wedding table centerpieces are a great opportunity to showcase your unique style and taste. Consider blending rustic elements like jars, vintage candles and foraged wood with tasteful, intentional floral arrangements.

Small details, such as our Assorted Floral Centerpiece Set in Sunset Terracotta will add splashes of rustic elegance to your guests’ tables. The best part about designing your table decor is getting creative. Trying layering elements to create dimension and give each table its own distinct personality.

Arssorted floral centerpieces in sunset terracotta

Sweetheart Table with Rustic Charm

When you and your new spouse sit down at the head table for the first time, it is the beginning of a long and lovely life of meals next to each other. It is also the table that will have the most eyes on it during your wedding reception! Bountiful florals can make your sweetheart table feel like the center of the room.

For a unique look, consider draping our Deluxe Head Table Floral Decor in Sunset Terracotta over the front of your sweetheart table. The shape is abundant yet modern, creating a timeless statement to ground your reception decor. For an added flair, consider draping it diagonally instead of straight across.

Deluxe head table floral swags in sunset terracotta

Perfect Flower Garlands for Rustic Vibe Wedding

When it comes to decorating a space for a wedding reception, there are some pieces of decor that are simply universal. A floral garland is a piece that can generally be used anywhere to enhance the color palette of the room and add gorgeous, organic texture.

Our 6ft Flower Garland in Sunset Terracotta is a piece that can be draped down tables, across bars or wrapped around pillars. However you use it, it will bring warmth and passion to your perfect rustic wedding day.

Flower garland in sunset terracotta

Celebrate With Ling’s Moment Rustic Wedding Colors

As you plan your charming wedding, embrace the country vibes with earthy tones, textural accents and unique accessories. From bridal flowers to wedding decor, Ling’s Moment can help you create lifelong memories throughout every moment of your wedding day.

Rustic flower decor for your dream wedding

Explore our range of rustic wedding color collections, and don’t be afraid to get creative with DIY projects. There is no limit when it comes to rustic wedding decor! And make sure to share your wedding and creations with us @lingsmoment on Instagram. Happy planning!

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