Affordable Terracotta Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Every Budget

If you’re smitten with the radiant warmth of a terracotta wedding theme, you’re not alone. Bursting with a range of orange and red shades, this popular color palette evokes feelings of toasty autumn afternoons and smoldering desert sunsets. The earthy tones have seemingly endless styling options, bringing beauty, romance, and sophistication to your wedding reception decor.

The newlyweds walking in the fields while holding a bouquet

When you’re a bride working with a tight budget, sometimes cutting corners is inevitable. But while you might think the perfect wedding reception centerpieces are out of reach, getting a floral look you love that still fits in your budget is totally doable.

Below, discover some of our favorite ways to transform your reception space with terracotta wedding table decor that takes your breath away without putting a huge dent in your budget.

Get inspired with these terracotta wedding centerpiece ideas

Love the look of terracotta colors but not sure where to start? Consider some of these creative and beautiful ways to bring sunset terracotta to the reception table:

Big and beautiful floral vase arrangements

Large, lush, and overflowing flower arrangements always bring that “wow” factor to your reception tables. The toasty tones of a terracotta color palette give you lots of room to experiment with different vessel styles to display the beautiful blooms. Brass or copper pedestal vases will play up the warmth, while crystal or milk glass adds sophistication to the color scheme.

A reception table topped with floral centerpieces and tableware

Rustic terracotta wedding centerpieces

Create depth and visual interest with assorted sizes of vase arrangements that show off terracotta colors and soft greenery. Varying the arrangement sizes makes the decor seem both inviting and intentional. Give the tabletop melange a rustic touch by arranging them on cut logs with tea light accents to encourage an ultra cozy ambiance.

A table decorated with floral centerpieces and candles

Rambling candles and garlands

Instead of keeping flowers contained to the center of the table, try garlands that spread the terracotta beauty across the whole surface. (This is especially effective if you’ve opted for long rectangular tables rather than rounded ones). Accent the linear centerpiece with pillar candles or lanterns for mood lighting to encourage joyful gathering and conversation among your guests.

A dinning table decorated with linens and garlands

Wreath hoops with a touch of terracotta

For something a little different, consider stylish wreath hoop centerpieces in warm terracotta tones. The florals and greenery wrap up the sides of the round frame, and you can add extra accents like hanging crystals or ethereal candles. The glistening light will create a sunset-like glow to play off the warm, earthy tones of the flowers.

Floral centerpieces placed besides tableware and candles Floral centerpieces placed besides tableware

Bunches of terracotta bud vases

Both informal and elegant, small vase arrangements grouped together for centerpieces create a lovely and welcoming display. Single stem or trio arrangements are simple and stunning, letting you showcase individual blooms. Try interspersing with candles of varying heights and encircling the space with greenery garlands or add some romance with sprinkles of rose petals.

Mini floral bouquets put into glasses and placed besides tableware

How to make wedding centerpieces on a budget

When you’re a bride on a budget, it might feel like you need to trim costs to keep from breaking the bank. Luckily, you don’t need to compromise on bringing your bridal vision to life – all you need is a little inspiration and creative thinking.  The only limit to having the reception table centerpieces of your dreams is your own imagination!

Budget-friendly wedding centerpiece ideas

There’s many ways to trim the wedding floral budget without sacrificing style. Try some of these design hacks for wedding centerpieces that are both beautiful and budget friendly:

Crowd-source the table decor

Family and friends are always willing to lend a hand to make your wedding a smooth success. For example, you could put out a call for an eclectic mix of vases and vessels to borrow for unique table centerpieces that give guests another way to feel like they’re an important part of the big day.

Repurpose ceremony flowers

If you’re lining the ceremony aisle with floral arrangements, consider coordinating an easy transfer from the garden to reception table while guests are busy mingling during cocktail hour. You’ll cut your decor budget in half and your tables will look lush and lovely, carrying the cohesive color scheme throughout the event. Having the tablescape prepared and vases ready to go will make it a smooth, quick transition.

Wedding aisle decorated with terracotta floral arrangements

Use artificial florals

Faux flowers are an excellent choice for budget-friendly wedding florals. Fresh flowers can really hike up the cost, especially if you’re including hard to find out of season flowers that require a lot of water and attention. Not only do artificial flowers require less oversight and care, but you can reuse and repurpose them at home after your wedding is over, keeping the memories of your special day alive for years to come.


When it comes to wedding centerpieces, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A handful of tastefully arranged focal flowers, branches, and greenery can be just as impactful as an oversized arrangement loaded with pricey stems. You can bring in your color palette while letting the charm of the venue’s interior decor or rambling hillside views do the heavy lifting for ambiance.

Tips for making DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget

A big chunk of wedding decor costs involve paying for planning, styling, and assembly. If you’re willing to get more hands-on (or with a little help from loved ones), you’ll be able to create stunning, expensive-looking wedding centerpieces without blowing the budget.

Put your wedding party to work

Make a fun day out of your decor DIY by inviting all your bridesmaids and combining it with some relaxing spa treatments or mimosas and sweets. Many hands make small work, and innovative ideas always come from team efforts. You’ll have gorgeous decor in no time at all, and fun memories to last a lifetime!

Two women sharing flowers while sitting at a table

Tap into your crafty side

Get creative with vases and vessels for your DIY floral arrangements. Try reusing or repurposing what you have to make your arrangements one of a kind. Paint, twine, ribbons, and more are easy ways to upgrade mason jars and wine bottles from recyclables to tabletop center stage. For fall weddings, try painting hollowed out pumpkins or gourds for an autumn flair to your floral centerpieces.

Think outside the vase

Vase arrangements aren’t your only option for floral centerpieces, especially if you’re working with artificial flowers that don’t require hydration and special handling. With a little flower foam and zip ties, you can add floral flair to almost anything:

  • Try a a dressed up candelabra for a sophisticated and romantic mood
  • Add a floral touch to flickering lanterns to dress up a rustic space
  • Customize hoop wreaths with your favorite flowers for modern style
  • Add trailing florals to a bundle of antique books to create a unique vintage look
Various floral arrangemetns for wedding reception

Make assembly easy with designer DIY boxes

At Ling’s Moment, we’ve got everything you need to create stunning DIY wedding centerpieces. With our designer flower boxes, you’ll get perfectly curated collections of flowers and fillers for stylish and sophisticated wedding floral arrangements that are easy to make and easy on your wallet.

A box full of terracotta and red flowers

Create Gorgeous Terracotta Wedding Table Decor with Ling’s Moment

Save some extra spending money for the honeymoon when you design your beautiful wedding reception with a budget-friendly flair. Whether you’re sourcing second-hand accessories or putting your creative touch on DIY floral design, incorporating our collection of sunset terracotta wedding flowers and accessories will make sure your wedding is a beauty-filled day to remember. 

Assorted flower arrangements and bouquets for wedding

Check out our DIY tutorials for more ways to style terracotta wedding centerpieces and other wedding decor tips and tricks to dress up your big day. Be sure to share your creations with us on instagram at @lingsmoment!

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