Emily and Jackson’s Vineyard Terracotta Wedding Theme

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Emily and Jackson shared their love story and wedding planning journey with us! Click the play button to listen.

Emily and Jackson chose the coveted terracotta palette for their earthy and elegant vineyard wedding. Vibrant florals, rich sepia and orange hues, and fresh greenery adorn their wedding day. Today we give you a look into how they stylishly incorporated terracotta into their wedding celebration.

Why Should I use Terracotta Colors in my Wedding?

Terracotta is a no brainer when it comes to your wedding day decor! In fact, we’ve listed 7 Stunning Terracotta color combos you can gather inspiration from.

Terracotta is like a color chameleon — because it pairs well with warm, cool, muted, and saturated colors. So whether your wedding is set in the cooler or warmer seasons, terracotta can complement the whole color wheel.

Let’s not forget how important it is to have an accent color that won’t compromise your overall wedding theme. Terracotta is one of the few colors that can be included in a range of wedding themes. From rustic to free-spirited to modern to beachy, terracotta has the ability to blend into almost any wedding theme without changing the desired ambience.

Let’s see how Emily and Jackson effortlessly included terracotta into their wedding decor.

Terracotta Wedding in the Vineyard

Emily and Jackson’s unplugged wedding ceremony takes place in an elegant outdoor vineyard, and sunlight falls over rows of growing vines while lilac blooms over the green hills.

The wedding guests await in rows of ivory chairs, and along the wedding aisle there are tall, gold vases filled to the brim with fresh pampas grass. At the end of the aisle stands a hexagon shaped altar decorated in white and terracotta flowers with orange and white linen drapes hanging from its wooden beams. Beige pampas grass was added into each bouquet for a fuller and personalized floral look. What an exquisite focal point!

An wedding arch decorated with terracotta flowers and sheer linens

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

Terracotta Wedding Party

Emily’s bridesmaids are all smiles in their voile dresses, ranging from neutrals, to orange hues, and cool green tones. We couldn’t help but notice the miniature bouquets clasped in each bridesmaid’s hand. Cream silk eskimo roses and amber roses highlight the bouquet. Pampas grass protrudes from the sides of the arrangement, adding height and creating a romantic look, perfect for a vineyard wedding.

Bride and bridesmaid in orange and dusty rose dresses hold terracotta bouquets

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

The groomsmen arrive in khaki pants, white collared shirts, and terracotta boutonnieres pinned to their terracotta suspenders. To tie everyone’s looks together, each groomsmen wears a bow tie matching the color of a bridesmaid’s dress. We’ve got to say the attention to detail here is immaculate!

Groom and groomsmen in tan suits

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

Jackson stands out in a dashing tan fedora sure to catch his new bride’s eye. He wears a delicate yet refined terracotta boutonniere complimenting his tan suit and mocha brown tie.

Groom with a cowboy hat wears a terracotta boutonniere

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

Terracotta Bridal Bouquet

Emily arrives at the top of the aisle, wearing a white lace ballroom dress with a lovely pendant necklace peering through her delicate v-neckline. Her bouquet is full of blush, ivory, and orange roses accented with silk freesias. This vibrant bouquet is an ideal fit for our radiant bride.

Elegant bride holds a beautiful free form bouquet in terracotta

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

The guests glance back at Emily and Jackson with warm smiles as the bride and groom solidify their union with an endearing ribbon cutting ceremony. There’s a large terracotta ribbon between two rustic chic barrels whileand bouquets of white and amber roses sit at the ends of the ribbon. The two couldn’t be happier to snip the ribbon and declare their new union as Mr & Mrs.

The couple's endearing ribbon cutting ceremony

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

Terracotta Reception Decorations

It’s time to head into the reception located in an enchanting industrial building on the vineyard. Emily and Jackson sit at their sweetheart table on a golden velvet loveseat resembling a throne. A terracotta and cream rose garland lines the front of the table,  as pampas grass branches out from the center of the arrangement. To add a touch of romance, the couple places their floral altar from the wedding ceremony behind the head table, creating an arch that frames the newly wed couple.

The couple sit at a lovely sweetheart table decorated with terracotta flowers and beige pampas grass

Photo by @RachaelKreidPhotography

Benefits of Using Our Terracotta Wedding Decor

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