7 Stunning Terracotta Wedding Color Combos

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you might’ve seen the hype behind terracotta weddings. Rustic, rich, and warm, Terracotta reminds us of country fields and romantic sunsets with the one you love. Is it any wonder that so many couples use it to bring warmth and vibrance to their weddings?

Saturated shades of warm orange or reddish terracotta can create bold statements in a color palette, while neutral or muted terracotta blends beautifully with other color combinations. You can use light or dark shades to create a kaleidoscope of assorted effects. Today, we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite terracotta wedding color palettes to transform your special moments.

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Terracotta & Burgundy

Terracotta fits right at home among other rich, warm colors as you can see in this dynamic centerpiece. Dark burgundy dahlias act as bold focal point flowers, while terracotta roses create continuity and blend the centerpiece with the flowing terracotta tablerunner. It’s a passionate terracotta color palette to elevate weddings in the late fall or winter.

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Terracotta & Yellow

Terracotta doesn’t always have to be rich and sultry. Notice how this elegant bridal bouquet blends shades of warm medium-toned terracotta with sunny mustard yellow. The bright white blossoms provide an airy accent, while the soft cream ribbon helps tie the color palette together - literally. The overall effect is uplifting, sweet, and perfect for spring weddings.

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Terracotta & Peach

Terracotta pairs beautifully with peach and pink shades, as this centerpiece demonstrates. The soft, peachy pink blossoms lend delicacy to the arrangement, while the roses in varying shades of terracotta add variety and cohesion. It’s romantic and warm, yet subtle, making it ideal for summer ceremonies. 

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Terracotta & Nude

Terracotta doesn’t always have to be the star of the show. It also makes a wonderful supporting color, seen here with this terracotta and nude centerpiece roses and foliage in shades of mauve, peach and pink flourish with romance. The terracotta accent flowers help keep the palette neutral and allow the centerpiece to blend with other elements on the table, such as the nude candlesticks and peach tablerunner. It’s a wonderful example of how terracotta can uplift other elements of your wedding decor and help it feel more immersive. 

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Terracotta & Black

For brides that favor dark and mysterious color palettes, bringing black into the mix can create a dramatic statement. In this bridal bouquet, the rich terracotta roses and leaves create a lush backdrop, allowing the mysterious black roses to shine like dark jewels. The terracotta blossoms keeps the look bright and warm, while the burgundy accent flowers help blend the middleground. It’s a terracotta color palette ideal for a Halloween-inspired bride.

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Terracotta & Burnt Orange

Terracotta can provide a middle ground between saturated orange shades and neutral tones. The intense burnt orange flowers in this bridesmaid bouquet create a bright, sunny feeling. The pale terracotta roses help blend the bolder flowers together with the pale cream blossoms. It strikes a perfect color balance between dynamic and refined, creating a unique terracotta wedding color palette.

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Terracotta & Blue

Blue and orange are compliments on the color wheel. Thanks to its warm orange-like richness, terracotta blends beautifully with cool blue colors like teal. Just have a look at this stunning table centerpiece. The warm terracotta shades remind us of warm, earthy fields, while the cool teal flowers evoke the feeling of refreshing water. It’s a terracotta and blue wedding palette that’s vibrant, unique and totally distinct.

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Where to find terracotta flowers for your wedding

You don’t need real flowers to capture an organic and natural palette. Artificial flowers like those from Ling’s Moment can help you design your dream terracotta wedding decor with ease. No one will ever know the difference.

Our sunset terracotta collection pairs timeless shades of terracotta with flowers in other cohesive shades to create elegant, refined wedding palettes. You can craft nearly anything you like with the designer box sets, including bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and larger projects, like arch flowers.

If you don’t have time for DIY, our sunset terracotta premade decor features beautiful floral arrangements in the same warm and earthy color palettes you love, but without the extra effort. Have a look and see how you can elevate your special wedding moments.

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