12 Stunning Terracotta Wedding Color Palettes

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you might’ve seen the hype behind terracotta weddings. Rustic, rich, and warm, Terracotta reminds us of country fields and romantic sunsets with the one you love. Is it any wonder that so many couples use it to bring warmth and vibrance to their weddings?

Today, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite terracotta wedding color palettes to transform your special moments. See one you like? Find the matching color collection or DIY flower box on our site and start making your Terracotta wedding dreams a reality. 

What colors go well with terracotta?

Terracotta is one of the most versatile wedding colors of all time. You can use light or dark shades to create a kaleidoscope of effects depending on your wedding aesthetic.

Saturated shades of terracotta can create bold statements. They mix well with other warm tones, like orange, red or sepia, and with neutral shades like cream, white, or green. On the other hand, more neutral or muted terracotta tones can act as a supporting shade for more vibrant colors. Think cool tones like blue and purple or even darker shades, like deep brown and black. 

In essence, terracotta can mix well with just about any member of the color wheel, provided that it’s the right shade.

What color season is terracotta?

We most often associate terracotta with the fall, since its warmth and richness remind us of falling leaves and colorful Autumn forests.

That said, Terracotta can easily warm up a winter wedding ceremony, evoke fiery passion in the summer, or bring sophistication to the spring. It can work as a main or supporting color in just about any seasonal palette. The following Terracotta wedding color palettes should provide all the proof you need. 

10 Stunning Terracotta Wedding Color Palettes

Terracotta & Red

If you want a wedding day filled with passion, turn to a terracotta color palette that features the boldness of red. 

In this tablescape, terracotta and orange blend together in a rich tapestry of heated tones. At the same time, flowers in red, scarlet, and maroon collide in a cascade of fiery elegance. The brown in the table and place settings provides a more neutral accent color that blends the warm tones together. We love how free-spirited and poetic this color palette looks and think it’s perfect for fall weddings! 

Scarlet and orange flower centerpieces put on a table

Terracotta & Burnt Orange

To bring more color depth into your palette, just add another rich orange shade to your terracotta flowers. The bright orange flowers blend with terracotta roses and leaves for depth. As an addition, soft pink and burgundy tones help provide a supporting symphony of warm colors. The overall effect feels romantic and sweet, making it stunning for spring ceremonies.

A bride holding an orange flower bouquet

Terracotta & Burgundy

For another take on a warm terracotta palette, consider using darker and deeper shades like Burgundy. 

In this wedding centerpiece, dark burgundy dahlias act as bold focal point flowers, while terracotta roses blend the floral arrangement with the flowing terracotta table runner, providing a link between different decor elements. It’s a passionate terracotta color palette to elevate weddings in the late fall or winter.

A burgundy and orange flower centerpiece put on a table

Terracotta & Yellow

If you want a lighter and softer terracotta wedding palette, try combining it with yellow accents.

In this color scheme, the golden yellow accent flowers combine with terracotta and light cream for a sunny yet sophisticated look. Choosing a richer shade of yellow keeps the look from veering into pastel territory and reminds us of luxurious gold. Plus, using more cream as a supporting color in the candles, plates, and table runner helps the overall table display feel fresh and refined. 

A yellow and orange floral centerpiece placed on a table

Terracotta & Dusty Rose

To take advantage of Terracotta’s depth, try blending it with a more romantic shade, like dusty rose. This stunning bridal bouquet layers creamy dusty rose and dusky mauve blossoms for depth and richness. The orange terracotta roses add brightness and help break up the neutral tones, creating visual interest for this sultry autumnal palette.

A bride holding an orange flower bouquet

Terracotta & Blue

Terracotta complements cool shades like blue beautifully. Just have a look at this terracotta and blue color palette for the proof!

In this vintage style bridal bouquet, muted Terracotta flowers, like dahlias and roses, blend with dry leaves to provide an Autumn-inspired base. At the same time, bursts of rich denim blue create contrast in a unique wedding look that’s sure to steal the show in photos. Try playing with different shades of blue, like pale powder blue or deep navy, for different effects. 

A bride holding an orange and blue bouquet

Terracotta & Teal

For another way to blend terracotta with a cool tone, consider turning to a more unique accent shade, like teal. In this stunning table centerpiece, the warm terracotta shades remind us of the warm earth while the cool teal roses and table runner evoke the feeling of running water. It’s a terracotta wedding palette that’s vibrant, unique and totally distinct. 

An orange and teal floral centerpiece placed on a table

Terracotta & Green

Green will likely play a role in your terracotta color palette, thanks to the leaves in your floral arrangements. But you can amplify green into a starring role for a more unique effect. 

In this wedding centerpeice, terracotta takes a supporting role, providing color and a dash of sunniness to the tropical greenery and deep green roses. The smoky beige candlesticks and tableware add another neutral accent color to the mix. It’s a charming and elegant Terracotta wedding palette that would be wonderful for destination weddings.

An orange and green floral centerpiece placed on a table

Terracotta & White

Classic white typically plays a big role in most wedding ceremonies. After all, it’s what most brides wear on their journey down the aisle. You can highlight white’s starring role by weaving it throughout your terracotta wedding palette. 

In this gorgeous bouquet, white blossoms shine like droplets of snow throughout the muted terracotta and beige flowers and leaves. It accentuates the white in both the bride and groom’s attire. The overall look is muted and natural, yet elegant and sophisticated. We also love the addition of texture provided by the beige pampas grass!

A bride holding an orange flower bouquet

Terracotta & Brown

If you’re looking for another natural color palette, consider weaving deep browns throughout your terracotta florals. 

The walnut brown roses in this floral arrangement add depth to the terracotta dahlias and gardenias. At the same time, the white roses and light beige lilies help lighten the look and keep it from being too heavy. The cream table runner and beige candlesticks further blend these neutral tones together in a pleasing gradient of elegance.

An orange floral centerpiece placed on a wooden table

Terracotta & Black

For brides who favor dark and mysterious color palettes, black can create a dramatic statement. In this bridal bouquet, terracotta combined with orange roses and leaves create a lush backdrop, allowing the mysterious black roses to shine like dark jewels. The terracotta blossoms keep the look bright and warm, while the burgundy accent flowers help blend the middle ground. It’s a terracotta color palette ideal for a Halloween-inspired bride.

A box of black and orange flowers and leaves A bride holding a flower bouquet

Terracotta & Purple

To put another mysterious twist on a terracotta color palette, try adding dusky purple flowers. This moody free-form bouquet uses the same base color palette of burnt orange, terracotta, and black. But the addition of purple roses and leaves adds a new layer of depth and intrigue.

The orange and terracotta are muted, allowing the cooler purple to set a twilight tone.The black flowers and accessories, like the shiny berries, help this palette feel more grounded and moody. It’s deep, luscious, and makes a spellbinding color palette piece for a witchy bride-to-be. 

A floral centerpiece placed on a table

Where to find terracotta flowers for your wedding

You don’t need real flowers to create a natural Terracotta color palette for your wedding day. Artificial flowers like those from Ling’s Moment can help you design your dream terracotta wedding decor with ease. No one will ever know the difference, and you can keep your floral arrangements and decorations as keepsakes!

Our Sunset Terracotta collection pairs timeless terracotta with other beautiful shades to create elegant and refined wedding color palettes. You can craft nearly anything you like with the designer box sets, including bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and larger projects, like arch flowers.

Assorted floral arrangements used for wedding

If you don’t have time for DIY, our Sunset Terracotta premade decor features beautiful floral arrangements in the same warm and earthy color palettes you love, but without the extra effort. They’re easy to set up and clean up, and can be repurposed as home decor after your special day!

Have a look at our Terracotta wedding color combos, or browse our blog for photos of real brides to get inspiration for your special moments. 

Don’t forget to tag @lingsmoment on Instagram to show us your stunning terracotta-inspired creations.

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