Breathtaking Fall Wedding Ideas for 2023

The golden light and crisp air of autumn provides the perfect backdrop for stunning fall weddings. WIth cool, comfortable weather and abundance of colorful foliage, you’ve got the perfect base to style and create the wedding of your dreams.

Rustic decorations for a cozy fall wedding

Whether you imagine saying “I do” in front of a field of September sunflowers or dancing the night away in a picture perfect rustic barn under romantic string lights and draped chiffon, the best wedding ideas for fall pay homage to the season in both subtle and dramatic ways. From color schemes plucked from the surrounding landscape to menus overflowing with fresh, seasonal flavors, you’ll “fall” head over heels for these fall wedding ideas.

What Are Trending Colors For Fall Weddings in 2023?

When it comes to fall wedding colors, 2023 will likely be bursting with luscious greens, earth-toned neutrals, and vivid, bright hues. There’s trendy color combos for every wedding vibe, from muted vintage romance to bold and lively party boosters that complement and accent the autumn season.

Whether you have your heart set on a vintage chateau affair accented with elegant neutrals or a tented outdoor dinner party overflowing with bold and saturated colors, you’ll find a color scheme that fits your style and theme with help from Ling’s curated wedding color collections. Here’s a few of our favorite wedding colorscapes for fall to inspire your design plans:

Sunset Terracotta

The warm, earthy tones of sunset terracotta create a statement on their own, or work as a neutral base to play up bold color accents like deep greens and soft cream.

Starting with a bridal bouquet flush with dahlias, roses, peonies, and delphiniums in amber, burgundy, and burnt orange shades, it’s easy to continue the neutral beauty of terracotta throughout your event design.

Wedding decorations in sunset terracotta

Rust & Sepia

If you’re a vintage-loving bride, you might be drawn to the layered neutral tones of rust & sepia. These shades can create a wedding scene that feels like stepping back in time through a filtered camera lens.

Layering flowers like roses, anthuriums, and reed grasses in muted browns and oranges with varying heights and textures creates a cozy, intimate feel that fits right in with an eclectic mix of thrifted table settings and the warm glow of flickering pillar candles.

Wedding decorations in rust and sepia

Dark Teal & Burnt Orange

Like the warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights of fall, dramatic and contrasting blues and oranges create a bold statement. Equally fitting for a rustic mountain top ceremony or an artistic countryside affair, dark teal and burnt orange add a whimsical and vibrant feel to your fall wedding decor. Saturated colors are especially effective for blank canvas spaces like outdoor party tents, where you can add your personal touch.

Wedding decorations in dark teal and burnt orange

Sunflower & Burgundy

Arguably the happiest flower, sunflowers add exuberance to an autumn wedding, with bright sunny yellow taking center stage in your wedding colors for fall. Paired with deep and romantic burgundy for a grounding contrast, you, your partner, and your guests will be filled with joy from pre-wedding brunch all the way through your farewell sparkler sendoff on a horse drawn hayride through the surrounding corn fields.

Wedding decorations in sunflower and burgundy

Romantic Marsala

Passionate and dramatic, the wine, blush, and berry pink shades of romantic marsala create an air of regal romance on your wedding day. Paired with accents in black, gold, and sage, marsala perfectly evokes the vintage elegance and refined beauty of french villas, antique lace, and early autumn countryside celebrations.

Wedding decorations in romantic marsala

Pumpkin Orange & Black

If spooky season is your favorite time of year, Halloween wedding colors in dark, deep shades of pumpkin orange and black are the perfect way to set the mood when vowing “til death do us part.”  Tied in with moody accents like towering candelabras, dark fabrics, and knotty twisting branches, orange and black can be an elegant choice for an October wedding that truly embraces the haunting beauty of fall. 

Wedding decoration in pumpkin orange and black

How To Create a Fall Wedding Color Scheme

Colors help to set the mood and tell a story, and when it comes to your wedding day, using color thoughtfully throughout is an essential part of creating the romantic, whimsical wedding you’ve been envisioning. From grand archways to delicate favors, incorporating a color scheme throughout your ceremony and reception ties everything together while you tie the knot.

Romantic Fall Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets merge elements of your color scheme and add eye-catching beauty to your gorgeous wedding look. The toasty neutrals of a terracotta bouquet, for example, accentuate your intricate lace wedding dress without drawing attention away from you. And when paired with bridesmaid dresses in romantic fall shades like burnt orange, mahogany, or burgundy, terracotta’s earthy tones provide a stunning color contrast.

Free foam bridal bouquet in sunset terracotta Cascade bridal bouquet in dark teal and burnt orange

Dressed Up Fall Ceremony Decor

Having a cohesive color palette and theme that starts with the ceremony sets the scene for the day and creates a smooth transition to the post-vow celebration. There’s many options for adding a splash of fall color to your ceremony, from a welcoming entryway to delicate floral chair and aisle decor.

Elegant Wedding Arches

Dramatic wedding arches, hoops, and geometric structures anchor your ceremony with a focal point that does double duty as the perfect photo-op backdrop. Even if you’re saying your vows with a picturesque mountainscape mottled with a rainbow of fall foliage, using an arch, pergola, or other structure keeps you and your partner in frame. A splash of fall color with floral bunches and flowing fabrics dress up the arch and showcase the importance of the ceremony location.

Wedding Flower Arch Decor

Welcoming Autumn Wedding Signs

Lead the way to your eucalyptus and rose-draped ceremony space with signage that welcomes friends and family to your wedding with a personal touch. Spruce up a rustic barnwood welcome sign with romantic florals and greenery, or frame a decorative chalkboard sign with thrifted vessels filled with pampas grass.

Wedding flower signs aren’t just for your ceremony, either–try adding decorative signage throughout your reception to guide guests through the experience, marking table seating, gift and cake tables, and even easily displaying menu choices and signature cocktails, all while surrounding the signage with florals and greenery in your color scheme.

Flower sign decor in dark teal and burnt orange Wood sign decorated with pampas grass

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

No reception is complete without floral centerpieces for the tables that add to the party ambiance. Tablescapes create a welcoming space for your guests to eat, drink, and mingle while cohesively tying in your fall wedding colors. Some interesting and elegant ways to incorporate color into your centerpieces include:

  • Fill thrifted milk glass vases with luxurious terracotta florals and textural elements like branches and grasses.
  • Mason jars wrapped in burlap and tied with colored ribbon bring a rustic, cozy vibe when paired with sunflower and burgundy flowers.
  • Antique amber glass vessels with candles or flowers warm the table and look effortless incorporated into a rust and sepia color scheme.
Floral centerpieces for wedding reception

It’s all in the Details

Bringing cohesive colors into even the smallest details not only ties together your theme and style, it makes planning that much more fun. Incorporate your color palette in easy and unexpected ways, like:

  • Invitations and stationary to give guests a first glimpse into your color scheme. 
  •  Layered table linens in gradient shades to add depth and interest to table settings. 
  •  Bridal shoes or jewelry in rich, warm reds or oranges that provide a fun color pop. 
  •  Mini jars of maple syrup or hand poured candles tied with colorful ribbons to make adorable (and useful) wedding favors.

Do Wedding Color Palettes Have to Match the Season?

Use the season as inspiration, but feel free to think outside the box and the seasons when it comes to designing your perfect wedding. For example, If your favorite color is purple and you have an October wedding date, don’t hesitate to go all out with lilac and gold.

Wedding decorations in lilac and gold

Create your own unique color story with Ling’s artificial flower boxes, customizing your bouquet and decor with a personal touch. Whatever color palette you choose, our luxurious faux wedding flowers and decor are always in season.   

Designer flower box in sunset terracotta

More Seasonal Inspiration for Autumn Weddings

The transitional nature of fall extends from the warmth and bounty of September to the sparse, frosty beauty of late November and early December. With so much range in regional and seasonal changes, there’s no shortage of wedding ideas for fall events that will be sure to inspire your creativity and help to fill your wedding day with unique details you and your guests will adore.

Decorate With Fall Foliage

Rustling, richly jewel-toned leaves and intricate, sparse woody branches immediately bring to mind all the best fall feelings.

Consider including natural elements, like flaming orange maple leaves and red twig dogwood branches, to evoke the colorful beauty of the surrounding autumn landscape. Try scattering colored leaves around your tablescapes or filling large standing vases with tall seasonal branches and twinkling lights for an easy way to frame your space with a fall touch.

Add Classic Plaid Accents for Cozy Vibes

Plaid is the perfect way to add a cozy accent to your fall wedding, especially if your reception is in a grand hall or hunting lodge with a towering stone fireplace anchoring the room. Try a classic tartan plaid ribbon on your DIYbridal bouquets and boutonnieres or dress the groomsmen in buffalo check dress shirts for a unique rustic touch.

Get Creative Using Apples and Pumpkins

Harvest season isn’t complete without a touch of apple cider and pumpkin spice. Consider incorporating everyone’s favorite fall fruits and vegetables into your decor in unique ways, such as:

  • Pumpkin vases overflowing with autumnal flowers make for fun tabletop decor and centerpieces. 
  •  Create an edible tablescape with apples, cinnamon sticks, and greenery encircling multi-tiered pillar candles. 
  •  Paint pumpkins and textured gourds in shimmering neutrals to decorate everything from the wedding aisle and altar to cake table and bar.

Add a Touch of Halloween Magic

October weddings give you the chance to embrace your spooky side with Halloween decor that’s both ghoulish and gorgeous, even if you’re not going all-in with an orange and black color scheme:

  • Create a scene of mysterious romance with deep red and black decor and lots of lush lace and velvet fabric accents.  
  •  Jack-o-lanterns with flickering tea lights do double duty as decor and mood lighting, setting a whimsical late October scene.  
  •  Embrace the spooky season with playful nods to Halloween or Dia de los Muertos with sparkling skeletons or sugar skulls incorporated into your reception decor.
Jack-o-lanterns setting a whimsical late October scene

Create Autumn Ambiance With Unique Lighting Accents

The days are getting shorter as summer fades into fall, but illuminating your evening reception with magical lighting can showcase your strapless satin gown and sophisticated decor with the gentle glow of tabletop pillar candles and sparkling overhead lanterns.

  • Try creating whimsical table displays filling mason jars with tiny twinkling lights for a firefly lantern effect. 
  •  String lights are readily available in all sizes, shapes, and colors these days – try the filtered colors of a maple leaf and acorn light set or oversized orbs in harvest colors to bring in the best of fall. 
  •  Large groups of hanging paper lanterns in warm autumn shades of terracotta, blush, and burnt orange make an instant statement, especially in spaces with high, vaulted ceilings.

Try Textured Grasses For Nature-Inspired Archways

If you’re not a fan of overflowing florals and prefer something more subtle, try incorporating grasses and greenery into your ceremony arch.

Tall ornamental grasses add softness to a focal archway, bringing in natural elements for an earthy, free-spirited vibe. With neutral tones and tons of texture, fluffy, tall pampas grass is an easy way to quickly and easily transform a plain archway into a ceremony-worthy accessory.

Showcase Seasonal Spirits and Fall Flavors

Festive tastes take center stage when you incorporate fall tastes and colors into your reception menu. For fall weddings, think warmth, richness, and spice in seasonal flavors. Chai, cinnamon, maple, cranberry, and pumpkin spice bring cozy fall feels to appetizers, drinks, and desserts. Here’s a few ways you could incorporate your favorite fall flavors for sensational snacks and treats:

  • A grand dessert display gets an upgrade with chai spice cupcakes, pumpkin cheesecake bites, and luscious candy apples. 
  •  Appletinis, spiked hot cocoa, and apple cider mimosas spice up a signature drink menu. 
  •  Bite size fall flavors warm up bellies with appetizers like mini grilled cheese and tomato soup and maple-bacon wrapped scallops.
Desserts add sweet asmosphere to your wedding

Find Your Fall Wedding Style With Ling’s Moment

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect fall wedding for as long as you can remember, and with faux florals and stylish decor from Ling’s Moment,, you can bring your vision for a rustic farmhouse or vintage country manor autumn wedding to life.

From the vintage charm of sunset terracotta to the warm, bold contrast of dark teal and burnt orange, it’s easy to add a splash of fall color and beauty to your one of a kind wedding day with lasting, lovely, and affordable artificial flowers that never go out of season or out of style.

If you use one of our color collections to transform your special day, tag us @lingsmoment on IG so we can share your picture-perfect fall wedding inspiration.

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