The Inspiration Behind Ling’s Halloween Purple & Orange Wedding Collection

If you’re anything like us, you believe that Halloween vibes shouldn’t be confined to October 31st. You deserve to celebrate tricks, treats, and all things pumpkin spice whenever you feel like it. That includes your wedding day!

Purple centerpieces placed besides tableware

We created our 2023 Halloween wedding collection for hopeless dark romantics like you. Shades of Twilight Purple and Harvest Orange will inspire a wedding day full of spellbinding romance. Get the details on this color collection below, and steal a sneak peek into what your dream wedding day could hold! 

Are purple and orange Halloween colors?

Absolutely! Orange is a classic Halloween shade that’s perfect for fall weddings. It reminds us of seasonal staples like jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, and the leaves that flutter down on trick-or-treaters.

On the other hand, purple’s richness and depth reflect mystery. In this Halloween wedding color palette, purple helps provide an heir of sophistication and intrigue. It’s like staring into the dreamy lavender haze of a love potion.

Do purple and orange go together for a wedding?

Of course! Unique color palettes, like purple and orange, can help you stand apart from the crowd and capture festive Halloween vibes at your ceremony and reception. It’s the ultimate way to bring your dark fairy tale vision to life.

Assorted purple floral arrangements used for wedding

If you’re ready to peek into the crystal ball, here’s a vision of what your special day could hold with Twilight Purple & Harvest Orange.

Your Halloween Purple and Orange Wedding Ceremony

A clear image begins to fade in from the mist. You’re in a fall forest venue, surrounded by ancient trees with stories to share. Light filters in through the canopy, illuminating an outdoor wedding venue fit for an elven princess. 

A Purple and Orange Wedding Welcome Sign

At the entrance to your wedding aisle, a black sign beckons your guests to join the party. Floral arrangements accent the message, made from purple, lilac, and burnt orange roses accented with purple willow leaves and eucalyptus. 

A matching free-standing floral arrangement accents the sign’s base, helping to draw the eye toward the moody lanterns and candles on the ground.

A black wedding welcome sign decorated with purple flowers

An Orange And Purple Themed Wedding Aisle

Your eye wanders along the wedding aisle, revealing more luxurious floral arrangements bursting with black and plum avalanche roses, pale lilac stems, and rusty orange leaves.

Interspersed with the free-standing arrangements, black lanterns sit at the base of chairs. They’re engulfed with miniature floral garlands made from dusky lavender and orange roses and accented with woodland buds, berries, and purple willow leaves. A single black feather stands tall like a writing quill, adding texture and intrigue.

Free-standing flower arrangements placed besides black chairs

The candles in these beautiful floral designs will paint magical shadows on the pavement.

A Halloween Purple and Orange Wedding Arch

Along the aisle, dark flower petals scatter the ground like bread crumbs, leading you to your final destination: The wedding arch. 

Lying across a birch frame, panels of purple and orange fabric swirl and flutter down, like potions spilling from a cauldron. Asymmetrical floral swags bring luxury into the mix. They form a picture-perfect frame with their orange and black roses. Plum lilies and pale lilacs add variety, while the dusky purple leaves help incorporate the surrounding woodland textures into the arch.

At the arch’s base, waxy black candles and a hand-carved jack-o-lantern provide moody lighting. The plastic skull looks like it was plucked straight from the shelves of a witch’s study. Every individual element echoes your burnt orange and purple wedding colors. And they all work together to elevate your Halloween wedding theme.

A wedding arch decorated with purple drapes and flowers

Your Ethereal Halloween Bridal Flowers

With your venue looking like a woodland Halloween wonderland, your bridal party feels right at home in this ethereal scene. So do you, thanks to your vintage-inspired attire and floral arrangements.

A Purple and Orange Halloween Bridal Bouquet

White is a gorgeous color: But it just isn’t your thing. Instead, you’ve chosen to go bold by choosing a solid black wedding gown with a plunging V-neck and dramatic kimono sleeves. It’s a stunning break from tradition that would put a twinkle in Morticia Addams’ eye. 

Your free-form bridal bouquet makes a statement of its own, thanks to its blend of purple, orange, and black roses. Dark purple, brown, and black greenery helps accessorize the bouquet alongside forest-inspired elements like berries. This perfect chorus of textures complements the surrounding forest — and makes you feel like the queen.

A couple hugging each other while holding a bouquet in hand

Purple & Orange Bridesmaid Bouquets

Meanwhile, your bridesmaids look right at home in a spooky period piece. Their regency-inspired dresses flutter beautifully in the breeze with their billowy sleeves and skirts. Their neutral champagne palette helps their bridesmaid bouquets stand apart. 

Your orange and purple wedding colors are on full display in these stunning bridesmaid bouquets. A vibrant plum avalanche rose calls attention as the focal point flower, while dusty orange leaves pay homage to the falling leaves. A textured purple ribbon ties the look together and provides a touch of rustic charm.

Two bridesmaids looking at each other while holding bouquets

Spellbinding Corsages

Your maid of honor is your number one girl in your coven of treasured bridesmaids. So, you give her a special charm to show you care: A shoulder corsage that commands attention with its black rose accompanied by mauve and orange accents.

A women in white dress wearing a shoulder corsage

You also hand out wrist corsages to other special wedding guests who mean a lot to you, like your mom, grandmother, and little sister. They’re made with gorgeous flowers like gardenias and plum lily roses accented with wheat sprigs and dandelions.

Two women in white dress walking side by side

You even tie them onto your special guests’ wrists yourself before the ceremony begins, helping create a private, magical moment with your loved ones. 

A Halloween boutonniere

Standing at the end of the aisle, like a beacon from the fog, your fiance waits for you. He’s wearing a sharp, tailored suit made of luxurious mauve fabric. The black dress shirt and tie complement your dress and look dapper in the candlelight.

To polish off his wedding look, he wears a pocket square boutonniere featuring a black rose as the star, surrounded by a burst of lively textured accents, including eucalyptus leaves, fuchsia dandelions, purple bearded vine branches, and black crystal accents.

A man in purple suit wearing a pocket boutonniere

As the sun begins to set, you exchange your vows in the twilight, surrounded by loved ones, gorgeous flowers, and flickering lanternlight. If this was a Halloween romcom, this would be the closing scene just before the credits roll.

Wedding reception

You’ve exchanged your vows: “‘Til death do us part.” Now, it’s time to celebrate! As the full moon begins to rise, your reception area captures your orange and purple wedding theme, making everyone excited to eat, drink, and monster-mash the night away.

Stunning Halloween Guest Tables

Your wedding guests enjoy luxurious sights at their table spread. A lush purple tablecloth forms the table’s base while a matching table runner helps break up the texture and provide visual interest. 

Standing beside dripping wax candles, floral centerpieces with orange and black roses command attention as the star of this spooky show. They sit in golden vases that match the elegant silverware. It’s this attention to detail that really hits home and makes your guests feel like they’re dining with Halloween royalty.

You decide to mix things up at other guest tables, swapping the floral centerpieces for spellbinding, cascading wedding garlands. A purple willow garland forms the base with orange roses popping from the leaves like pumpkins in a patch.

A reception table decorated with linens and flower garlands

These subtle distinctions between guest tables help every nook and cranny at your reception feel special. No matter where your guests turn, there’s something magical to capture their attention.

A Halloween Sweetheart Table

Meanwhile, at your head table, you’ve opted for a more rustic effect. Instead of draping the whole surface with a tablecloth, you’ve decided to let the natural wood shine through. A sheer purple table runner lies across the table’s front. If a ghost wore this fabric as their sheet, they’d feel fabulous.

A wedding head table topped with flower garlands

Crowning the front of the table is a floral swag made from a willow garland. Plum, lavender, and lilac roses blossom in the romantic candlelight. The shiny black berries remind you of the bubbles in your champagne flute.

A heart-stopping chandelier

You have one final, finishing touch hidden up your witch’s robe. Above you, a floral chandelier hangs from a tree branch. The tassels shift in the breeze, reminding you of a dream catcher.

A hanging floral chandelier in purple and orange color

These special moments will definitely fill your happy dreams for the rest of your life. And when you think of Halloween, shades of purple and orange will pop into your mind, bringing a smile to your face as you sip your pumpkin spice coffee.


Purple and orange are the perfect Halloween power couple. So, if you’re ready to bring this magical, mysterious color palette to your wedding day, Ling’s Twilight Purple & Harvest Orange color collection is here for you.

Pre-arranged floral arrangements and decorations will help you transform your wedding venue in a snap — like waving a wand. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer to explore the magic of creativity, our DIY flower boxes feature a blend of flowers and greenery to express your unique style.

A box filled with purple and orange flowers A rectangle box filled with purple and orange flowers

They’re made from durable materials like silk and foam, so they’ll never fade away: Just like your love — and a few other Halloween creatures. Tag @lingsmoment on Instagram if you use this Halloween collection to bring your wedding dreams to life. We’d love to share your collection

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