13 Gorgeous Red & Orange Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Orange can remind you of watching the sunset with the one you love, while red is the flickering flame inside your heart. When you use these colors in your bridal bouquet, they can help you capture warm, cozy, and even fiery vibes on your wedding day.

Even just a sprinkle of orange or red can help you express passion and romance during your most special moments. So, find some of our favorite red and orange bridal bouquets here, and get inspiration for your dream wedding color palette!

Are orange and red good wedding colors?

Absolutely! While you might not automatically associate these shades with wedding bells, the rich, saturated tones of red and orange can make an impactful statement at your venue. But you’re not locked into the boldest versions of these colors.

Muted shades, like terracotta or rust, can help you express a sophisticated bridal style that exudes warmth. Throw in other neutral tones or complementary shades, and you can create a visually striking, aesthetic color palette that will look timeless in your wedding photos.

Various orange and red floral arrangements used for wedding

What season is perfect for orange and red bouquets?

Orange and red can work for any wedding season, but we’re fond of letting them shine in fall and winter palettes. As warm shades, they can offer refreshing heat during these cooler seasons — like a mug of hot tea on a chilly day.

You’ll also find orange and red reflected in the natural world during this time of year. In the fall, orange reigns over the land in rolling pumpkin patches and forest foliage. During the cool veil of winter, you can find pops of bright red in holly berries and mistletoe. 

A wedding reception table decorated with tableware and garland

See examples of some of our favorite fall and winter bridal bouquets with these shades below!

Orange bouquets perfect for fall

Black & Purple

As Halloween draws near, burnt orange shades can help you channel a festive look that’s ideal for dark and moody weddings. 

This gorgeous orange fall bridal bouquet incorporates black and purple flowers to evoke a mysterious, witchy vibe. It’s like a pumpkin patch surrounded by a twilight sky! We especially love the details, like the orange autumn leaves, black feathers, and shiny black berries. It’s a symphony of color and texture playing together in Halloween harmony.

A couple hugging while holding a large bouquet in hand

Pleasant purple aster

Of course, a purple and orange palette doesn’t have to be spooky. In this bridal bouquet, lavender florals, like asters and roses, create a dreamy and soft aesthetic to indulge your inner romantic.

The burnt orange accent flowers help ground the palette for fall, while the pampas grass sprigs also add texture and visual interest. It’s a subtle way to capture autumnal vibes without going full pumpkin spice.

A bride holding a large bouquet in hand

Stunning Scarlet

Can’t choose between orange or red in your bouquet? No problem! As neighbors on the color wheel, orange and red can work together beautifully. If you don’t believe us, we think this stunning red and orange wedding bouquet speaks for itself. It’s like a fall landscape captured in a single floral arrangement!

Autumnal chrysanthemums, poppies, and dahlia create a warm gradient of orange and red, while accents like dark leaves and forest weeds will make you feel like a woodland princess.

A bride in white dress holding an orange flower bouquet

Gorgeous Olive Green

If you can’t stand the cold weather, you might prefer to bring balminess to your fall wedding flowers. This lush orange bridal bouquet combines burnt orange florals with olive green tones to capture destination wedding vibes.

Tropical leaves, like pineapple, Yuliania, and reeds, will help remind you of a sandy island beach, while the burnt orange cymbidium, dandelions, and Austin roses stay true to the fall season. It’s like a honeymoon getaway in a bouquet!

A bride holding an orange and green flower bouquet

Terrific Teal

If you’re looking for another color combination to cool off a fall wedding, consider a blueish shade like teal. 

In this free-form bridal bouquet, teal flowers, like gardenias and roses, provide a beautiful contrast with the burnt orange blossoms. Fall-colored leaves capture autumnal vibes, while the pair of orange and teal ribbons help blend these contrasting shades together. It reminds us of a fall forest overlooking a lake!

A couple walking down the aisle while holding a bouquet

Red winter wedding bouquets

Dashing Dusty Rose

Burgundy is one of our favorite shades of red! It helps evoke red’s passion while simultaneously providing more richness and depth than a saturated tone.

In this cascading bouquet, burgundy teams up with soft shades of dusty pink to create a gradient look that can help brighten up a winter ceremony. The accent leaves provide a subtle punch of bright red without overpowering the deeper shades. And we especially love the string of pearls! They provide a sophisticated touch that’s adorably vintage.

A bride holding a burgundy and dusty rose flower bouquet

Moody Black

Burgundy is also an excellent color choice for brides who want a touch of glamour for their wedding day, as this large free-form bouquet showcases. 

Deep burgundy forms the main base of the bouquet, with rich Dahlias, avalanche roses, and even burgundy eucalyptus leaves. The black roses deepen these rich vibes, creating a dark and dreamy color combination that oozes sophistication. At the same time, bright white flowers keep the look from being too heavy and remind us of falling winter snow.

A bride in white dress holding a burgundy and black bouquet

Burgundy & Navy Bliss

If you’d prefer to cool off a bright red color palette, combining it with a color like navy could do the trick!

This cascading bridal bouquet features burgundy and other dark red shades as the star of the show. Dahlias, hybrid tea roses, poppies, and buttercups form a beautiful waterfall of deep red beauty, while the navy blue roses provide refreshing contrast. It’s a decadent color palette that could help you make a bold statement at a winter wedding ceremony!

A bride having a burgundy and navy bouquet in hand

Elegant Christmas Sparkle

If you’re planning your wedding around the holidays, it’s only natural to bring classical Christmas red into your wedding day. This Christmas-inspired bridal bouquet features snowy white and beige roses in a bed of needle-point pine leaves. 

The red roses and berries provide a festive feel, while the silvery accents remind us of sparkling ornaments on a Christmas tree. It’s a bridal bouquet that’s as iridescent as it is romantic.

A couple holding hands while having a red bouquet in hand

Red and Orange bridal bouquet ideas for spring & summer

Like we said, you’re not limited to using orange and red shades only in the cooler months. Here are some bridal color palettes that can feature your favorite colors in spring or summer!

Trendy Terracotta

Terracotta is one of our favorite shades of orange. And while it’s always stunning in the fall, terracotta is a classic color choice for bridal bouquets in any season. 

This bridal bouquet showcases flowers in bright orange, peach, and terracotta tones for a fun gradient look. At the same time, subtle pink accent roses and ribbons help lend a subtle, springy flair to the overall look. You’ll look radiant in any season when you carry this down the aisle!

A bride having a terracotta bouquet in hand

Citrus & Pink

Citrus orange can create an effortless beachy flair for summer, as this free form bridal bouquet demonstrates.

Tropical flowers in soft shades of pink help evoke island vibes, while hints of orange remind us of a summery orange grove. Cosmo and Yuliania leaves lend a lush vibe to the overall look, leaving you ready to walk down the aisle (or the sand bar) in true vacation style.

A bride in white dress holding a pink bouquet

Romantic Marsala

Marsala is a close cousin of red, making it an excellent color choice for summer or spring romance. 

In this rounded bridal bouquet, marsala florals are combined with light pink and nude roses, while red acts as an accent, helping tie the overall look together. It’s a fantastic reminder that red doesn’t always need to be front and center — it can be a fantastic supporting color to elevate the rest of your wedding color palette.

A bride in white dress holding a marsala flower bouquet

Orange & Denim

Orange and blue are complementary colors. In other words, they bring out the best in each other. That’s totally obvious in this gorgeous free-form bridal bouquet.

Burnt orange tones take the stage as the main color. At the same time, denim blue roses help the overall look feel refreshing and bold, providing just the right amount of contrast. And while this palette is perfect for fall, no one says you can’t let it cool off your summer ceremony!

A bride in white dress holding an orange and blue bouquet

Where can I find red and orange wedding bouquets?

As you can see, orange and red flowers can work beautifully in countless seasonal color palettes to transform your bridal bouquet. So, if you’re ready to say “I do” to your dream orange or red bouquet, Ling’s Moment is here for you. 

We offer pre-arranged bridal bouquets featuring your favoirite orange and red color palettes. The lifelike faux flowers will never wilt, so you can order them months in advance and keep them long after your wedding ceremony ends.

If you’d prefer to start from scratch, you can mix and match our DIY flower boxes to create a completely customized bridal bouquet. Just choose your favorite colors, follow one of our DIY tutorials, and tag us on Instagram to show us your finished creation. We can’t wait to see your orange and red creations!

A box filled with red and orange flowers A bride in white dress holding an orange and red bouquet


What flowers go well with red roses for wedding?

In traditional flower language, red roses express romantic love and passion, making them a classical choice for bridal bouquets.

Some of our favorite flowers to pair with red or burgundy roses include:

  • Dahlias
  • Ranunculus (Buttercups)
  • Orchids
  • Gardenias
  • Camelias
  • Poppies

What color goes with red roses in a bouquet?

When choosing a color scheme for your wedding day, it can be helpful to turn to the color wheel for guidance. Some color combinations that could work with red roses include: 

  • Green: Red and green are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them “complementary colors.” Luckily for you, green is already a given in a bouquet, thanks to accessories like leaves. 
  • Orange & Yellow: Red, orange, and yellow are right next to each other on the color wheel, making them “analogous colors.” Try choosing one shade as your main color and letting the others act as supports. 
  • Violet and Burgundy: On the cooler side of the color wheel, shades of reddish violet and purple can also work well with red. Think colors like passionate marsala.
Three brides each holding a flower bouquet

What colors go with bright orange for a wedding?

Curious about wedding colors that will go with bright orange? Again, just turn to the color wheel!

  • Blue or teal: Blue and orange are each other’s complements, making them a classic pair in wedding color palettes. If you don’t care for bright blue, another cool shade, like teal, could provide a similar effect. 
  • Red and yellow: Again, orange forms a fantastic team with red and yellow, helping you create a beautiful gradient of stunning warm tones. 
  • Purple and green: Orange, purple, and green are a trio of “split complementary” colors. Orange and purple, in particular, are fantastic for Halloween. And it’s easy to incprorate green in the leafy base of your bouquet.
Three brides each holding a flower bouquet

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