How to Make Wedding Sign Decor

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be both exciting, and overwhelming. No matter what theme you’ve chosen, you’ll have a long shopping list of essential decor pieces for a picture-perfect wedding day. But instead of simply purchasing everything, why not embrace your creativity and DIY your own decor? It’s a wonderful way to add a personalized touch to your special day while enhancing your wedding theme.

You can achieve this by decorating the wedding signs that will warmly welcome and inform your guests. Now, you may be wondering, “How do you decorate a wedding sign?” Well, since wedding signs are like a blank canvas, you can elevate the look with your choice of artificial flowers and greenery by Ling’s Moment. And the best part is it can be done in just 5 easy steps! Now let’s begin, shall we?



What you’ll need to make DIY wedding sign decor

It’s time to get all the materials together for your wedding sign decor. Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Your creative spirit

Your wedding is the chance to showcase your unique style, taste and creativity. Rather than settling for generic wedding decor, the designer flower boxes from Ling’s Moment are the perfect starter kit to create your own custom floral design. In a variety of sizes, types and colors, there’s a box and color palette for any wedding vision. Once you complete the sign decor, you will feel energized and inspired to create more of your own floral wedding decor.

To create this dramatic sign decor we used one designer flower boxes in dusty blue and navy, but you can use any of our 12+ color palettes to create your own!

How to create wedding sign decor

Whether your wedding is boho-chic or timeless romantic, our 5-step tutorial will help you create gorgeous sign decor to effortlessly match your theme! It’s lush, floral, and ready to add a colorful flourish to any sign. 

Step 1. Cut the Garland

Let’s start by unraveling the greenery garland and taking out one long cane. Then cut it into shorter pieces. (Two pieces of ¼ and 4 pieces of ⅛. )

Step 2. Create a Beautiful Base

Prepare the base by taking another long cane and add on the short canes you just made from top to bottom. Note that several wires will be at each binding point for floral arrangements.

pic name pic name

Step 3. Adorn with Flowers

Now it’s time for the flowers! Add the flowers to the garland by arranging most of them (about 5-6) to the second binding point, and fixing them with hot glue gun.

pic name pic name

Step 4. Add in More Flowers

To effortlessly hide the binding points of the garland, you’ll need to accent them with just a few artificial flowers (about 2-3) for a natural, blossoming look.

Step 5. Personalize it

Finish the flower garland by personalizing it with as many accessories as you would like from the flower box set. This is your time to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

And you’re finished!

Now you have a beautiful DIY sign for your wedding! Just remember, there are so many ways you can personalize your sign with Ling’s Moment. You can choose different kinds of artificial flowers and greenery from our collections, adjust the garland size, or accent it with other accessories, like lights or ribbons. The final look is completely up to you! 

If you used our tutorial and artificial flowers for your special day, we’d love to see what you’ve created! Feel free to share them with us on Instagram and Facebook!

And if you’re short on time, our premade sign decor offer a delicate and beautiful look for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. With their designer color palettes, they pair beautifully with nearly any wedding theme.

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