How to DIY an Elegant Blue Wedding Bouquet

Summer's almost approaching. I feel like we need something calming to relax our mind. So today we are going to share how to make a casual-chic hand-tied bouquet, perfect for your summer wedding. Here's how it's done.


  1. Remove the flowers from the box and straighten up the stems.
  2. Trim some leaf branches and small flowers for the bouquet.
  3. Add wire stems to the small flowers.
  4. Start with 1 focal flower, gradually add flowers around to create a fan shape.
  5. Add in small flowers and leaves,
  6. Add some more flowers and fillers, put them at different depths to create a beautiful effect.
  7. Decorate it with greens and rosebuds.
  8. Organize the flowers and fillers, adjust them to the way you like.
  9. Tie a wire stem at the base of the flowers to hold its shape.
  10. Wrap around the wire with some floral tape.
  11. Trim the ends to the desired length.
  12. Tuck in some green tubing over the wire stems, trim the excess.
  13. Wrap ribbons around the length of the stems to provide a comfortable brip.
  14. Add a final touch to the bouquet with a bow out of matching ribbons.

There you have it! A pretty bridal bouquet, incredibly budget-friendly and simple to tackle. Feel free to mix up the flowers you choose! 

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