How to Make Hanging Floral Ring Decor with LED lights

If you’re looking for a unique, eye-catching and classically beautiful detail to add to your wedding decor, then you will love our hanging floral ring decor with LED lights. Perfect for your ceremony, reception or engagement party, these versatile decorations will take your celebration from day to night and draw your eyes upward. Truly customizable, you can choose the colors and florals that suit your style, and bask in the romantic twinkle from above.

While they look impressive, making your own hanging floral rings is easier than it seems. Faux flowers are easy to work with, vibrant and adaptable. You can even repurpose these hanging lights for all of your wedding events! Here is our easy guide on how to make a ring LED hanging chandelier:


Before You Begin

Before starting to make them, take a moment to realize your vision for these hanging floral rings and plan accordingly. How many do you want? Do you want them all the same size, or a range of different sizes? Are you sticking to a neutral color scheme, or are you opting for a strong floral color scheme?

The planning is part of the fun, especially when it comes to your wedding day! You will cherish these intentional moments forever, and will feel a sense of pride when you look up and see the decor that you so lovingly designed and made.

What You Will Need

  • Bamboo rings: You will need 2 of the same size for each hanging light.
  • Faux flowers: Each Flower Box Set contains enough flowers for about four hanging lights.
  • Extra greenery: Depending on how lush you want to make your chandeliers, consider adding some extra greenery along the ring.
  • LED string lights: battery operated lights means you can hang these anywhere.
  • Hot glue gun: Use to stick the flowers, greenery, and wires to the hoops.

How To Make Ring LED Hanging Chandelier

Step 1

Insert one ring into another to form a 3D shape, and use wire to secure them together at the bottom.

Step 2

Add the leaves, and use this wire attachment to secure the foliage. Try weaving some leaves around the ring and letting somefan out naturally to create dimension.

Step 3

Separately, create a small bouquet of about 5 flowers and small leaves. Get creative with how you mix and match these florals! Secure them with floral wire just underneath the flowers, and snip off the excess stems with pliers.

Step 4

Secure the battery pack of the LED string lights to the base of the rings, and wrap the lengths around the bamboo rings. Make sure to go over the top of each ring to create those magical twinkles.

Step 5

Finally, place the flower bouquet within the rings and secure it with wire. You should be able to hide the LED light battery pack, leaving only stunning florals and magical lights on show!

All finished!

On the day of your celebration, hang these gorgeous pieces of decor anywhere that needs a touch of decoration. These would look great anywhere, from hanging from a tree at your outdoor wedding ceremony, to hanging from the rafters at your intimate indoor reception.

These hanging floral rings with LED lights are a versatile, elevated way to add dimension with lighting and faux flowers to your wedding decorations. By having them hanging, your eye is drawn upward and the whole ambiance feels more luxurious. Plus, no one can deny the romance of these twinkling lights! This is a super simple DIY that will leave a lasting impact on your big day. Good luck!

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