How to DIY Champagne Christmas Floral Wreath for Home and Wedding

Christmas wreaths are a traditional holiday decor staple you'll find in many homes all over the world during the winter months. Actually, greenery, garlands, and natural elements like pine cones and wood are always popular this time of the year, throwing in dashes of holiday cheer to everything they touch.

Of course, artificial greenery is ideal if you want something that can be reused year to year, is pet-safe, and is allergy-friendly. Because DIY Christmas wreaths are such a popular craft, we put together a tutorial to show that it's also an easy craft (the world needs more of those if you ask us!).

Fill up on holiday delight and buckle in! Here's how to make a DIY Christmas wreath:

What you need to make your DIY Christmas Wreath

Before you begin making your dream DIY Christmas Flower Wreath, you'll need to collect your crafting materials.

Here's what you need to make your DIY Christmas wreath:

You can use this tutorial together with any of our color collections or any palette you choose.  Ling's Champagne Christmas collection is a gift full of warm neutrals, happy golds, and pine green tones. This color palette was designed to call to mind cheerful days and winter-touched forests, perfect for a seasonal wreath. However, we encourage you to use the colors you feel most inspired by. 

Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

Other colors to consider

Christmas Red

What goes better on a holiday wreath than a winter-themed color collection? Our Christmas Red & Sparkle palette will add shine to any wreath or event it touches like a string of lights.

A Christmas wreath hung on a wall

Brilliant Christmas red roses are complimented by richly colored evergreens dotted with faux snow and seasonal berries. Smaller cream-colored blooms round out the collection with a touch of warmth. Christmas Red and Sparkle has options for pre-arranged wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and more. Of course, with our Designer Flower Boxes, you'll have all the wilt-free blooms and forever-fresh greenery you need to DIY yourself a Christmas wreath.

Moody Burgundy and Black

Color palettes play a major role in expressing your creative intentions. Choosing a color story told with intense, rich hues is one way to make a bold statement. Our Moody Burgundy and Black collection brings together warm, velvety burgundy and smart black to curate a nostalgic vibe tingling with old Hollywood glamour.

If you want to add a touch of mystery and winter romance to your DIY Christmas flower wreath, consider the Moody Burgundy and Black color set.

Various floral arrangements in black and burgundy used for wedding

Here's how to make a Christmas wreath step-by-step

You've got the holiday spirit, we've got the flowers, now here's the tutorial! This is exactly how to make a DIY Christmas wreath in a few easy steps:

Step 1 Create your bundles

Start off your DIY Christmas flower wreath project by creating bundles of three dragon willows tied tightly with cable ties. Make sure to weave the dragon willow together in each bundle to strengthen the structure.

A man tying dragon willows with cable ties

Step 2 Attach braids together

Use cable ties to attach two braids together to increase the length of the dragon willow. Trim off any access cable ties to keep the wreath's appearance neat.

A man attaching two willow braids together

Step 3 Reshape

Gently bend the dragon willow into a circle and secure it with cable ties. You want to ensure the ties are tight enough that the structure holds its shape but not so tight that it's damaged or deformed.

A man bending dragon willows into a circle

Step 4 Thicken the base

Start stacking more dragon willow along the outer circle to gradually thicken the frame and make it stronger. Take time to trim access cable ties when you are finished.

A man adjusting the willow circle

Step 5 Lay your floral foundation

Insert one end of a pine branch into a gap in the wreath and attach them, wrapping the pine branch around the dragon willow ring.

A man inserting a pine branch into a wreath

Step 6 Tighten your branches

Use iron wire to tie willow rings and pine branches tightly together to prevent them from slipping and hold them in place.

A man tying willow rings and pine branches tightly together

Step 7 Cover gaps in Greenery

At this point, your project looks good, but your DIY Christmas wreath still has some exposed gaps.

To fix this, we will add more pine branches, using the iron wire to secure them together. Evenly wrap these mint leaves around any sparse areas of the wreath to make the whole arrangement more layered.

A man adding more pine branches into a willow wreath

Step 8 Get minty

Evenly wrap your mint leaves around any scant areas of the wreath to make the whole arrangement more layered and full. Go back with your trusty wire to secure the mint leaves to the base.

Now, the base for your DIY Christmas wreath is complete!

A man wraping mint leaves around the wreath

Step 9 Go floral

Now, let’s add some holiday cheer with your festive flowers! Start by adding the largest flowers first: Those will be your visual highlight. Move onto the lighter-colored flowers in various sizes. Lastly, use the dark green flowers to help give the green of the wreath a gradient. 

A man adding flowers into the wreath

Step 10 Add the gold

Use the large golden accent balls and decorative leaves to add a festive touch to the flower arrangement. Add small gold balls and fruit to make the flower arrangement more delicate, followed by the larger champagne-colored flowers for the final touch.

 A inserting decorative leaves into the wreath

Note: Make sure the wire rod of each stem is wrapped around the wreath and secured properly.

Step 11 Celebrate

Yay, you did it! You just made your very own DIY Christmas flower wreath, sure to be the boldest and most beautiful on the block.

A man holding a floral wreath before a table

DIY Christmas Wreath FAQ

If you're looking up how to DIY a Christmas wreath for your wedding, you've probably been overwhelmed by the options online and on Pinterest. 

For that reason, we've put it all together in one place for you. Here are answers to the most common questions about how to DIY a Christmas wreath:

Is it easy to make a Christmas wreath?

Making a DIY Christmas wreath is fairly simple if you have the correct supplies.

Matching colors, species, shapes, and lengths of the flowers and materials is what takes up the most time. Luckily, Ling's Flower Boxes delivers a perfectly curated set of flowers, so you don't have to spend time researching all of the above.

A box filled with flowers and greenery

What's the difference between a wreath and a garland?

The difference between a wreath and a garland is easy: the shape! While Christmas wreaths form a circular shape, garlands are usually a line or string of foliage.

Two floral garlands used for Christmas wedding

Is it cheaper to make your own Christmas wreath?

Like all seasonal home or wedding decor, Christmas wreaths can be jolly but costly, whether they’re DIY or bought premade in a craft store.

A heavily embellished, custom Christmas wreath like the one shown in this tutorial will be expensive in stores. When you decide to DIY a Christmas flower wreath, the only costs are materials and time. 

That being said, it would be relatively easy to find a more standardized plain wreath for a reasonable amount. That being said, who wants to be more standardized during the season of love and joy?

How big should a Christmas wreath be?

When deciding how big your Christmas wreath should be, first consider its placement.  If you'll be hanging the wreath on your door, you'll need exact measurements. Typically, main entry doors are made 36 inches wide by around 80 inches high, however, that can vary greatly.

We recommend your DIY Christmas be 18-26 inches if you plan to hang it on a standard-sized door. Go larger for an oversized look and smaller for a more simplistic, modern look.

Two Christmas wreaths hung on the door

What is the best base for a Christmas wreath?

There are so many options to choose from when selecting your DIY Christmas wreath base. 

The perfect wreath must have a good base because that gives it shape and strength and is what you'll use to attach flowers and frills. Therefore, the wreath base is also sometimes called a wreath frame.

The most important question to ask for your DIY Christmas wreath project is what decoratives you'll use. You'll need to pick something that can provide structural support for the wreath and all its embellishments.

Here are a few wreath base basics:

  • Dragon willow. You might have noticed we used this in our tutorial. Also known as Bonsai Material, we love how the branches curl delicately yet distinctly.
  • A polystyrene ring is a foam-based wreath base that is lightweight and easy to manipulate. This type of ring is often used for creating floral pieces, as the foam makes it easy to insert stems and adornments.
  • Grapevine. This material is a classic for wreath making, used for years. The sturdy fabric is great for swapping out blooms to accommodate the season.
  • Wire. Lightweight, versatile, and somewhat resistant to the weather, wire is a popular choice for wreath bases that will be displayed outdoors. Note: Due to the lightweight nature of wire, you'll want to avoid using it for heavy embellishments, which can sag or deform the material.
Greenery garlands and some DIY tools laid on the table

How do you put ribbon on a Christmas wreath?

Wondering how to 'spruce' up your DIY Christmas wreath with ribbon? Adding ribbon to a wreath is easy to do in 3 steps:

  • Pick your ribbon. Go for a material 2-3 inches wide. Velvet or tweed make great seasonal touches.
  • Tie your bow. Be sure to trim any unused or floppy bit of ribbon. If you're concerned about your bow coming undone, set it in place by adding hot glue to the center.
  • Attach the bow to the wreath. Slide some floral or craft wire through the loop of the bow, and then tie the wire to the wreath. 

And there you have it! You now know how to put a ribbon (or 20!) on a Christmas wreath.

Can you put a Christmas wreath inside the house?

Honey, you can hang up a Christmas wreath anywhere you'd like to add extra holiday cheer! These are a few common places to consider displaying your DIY Christmas wreath:

  • Entryways. Who doesn't like to enter a room to a round of applause, and will you settle for Christmas cheer? A wreath turns any entryway into a warm welcome. Add a simple coat hook or prop the piece up on a table, shelf, or rack for instant holiday decor!
  • Fireplace. Above a roaring fire has long been popular for hanging wreaths and home decor. This works well because a fireplace is typically the focal point of any room.
  • Interior windows. DIY Christmas Flower wreaths can dramatically transform any window. Place arrangements in the center of the windows, with an even amount of space on both sides, or go bold with an oversized wreath that covers the entire window.
Various floral arrangements used for Christmas decor

You light up our wreath

Now you've made a DIY Christmas wreath and are positively killing it with the holiday decor! It's time to pat yourself on the back and show us your masterpiece by tagging @lingsmoments on Instagram.

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