How to Make a Breathtaking Flower Box DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Are you looking for a wedding welcome sign to wow your guests the moment they arrive? Create a unique garden-inspired display that feels like handing your guests their very own flower bouquet. 

With warm, welcoming colors and a bold design, this welcome sign is just the thing to tie your wedding decor together. Follow along with our tutorial and create an inviting flower box DIY wedding welcome sign overflowing with armfuls of colorful terracotta blooms and style to spare.

What You’ll Need to Make This DIY Flower Box Wedding Welcome Sign

You only need a few simple materials and tools to complete this wedding welcome sign DIY project.

For the flower box sign, you can purchase them premade or build your own to fit your specifications. While shapes and styles may vary, just be sure there’s an opening to place your floral foam and keep it out of sight and a place to display your welcome message.

Our designer flower boxes are filled to the brim with beautiful blooms that coordinate together perfectly to bring the chosen color palette to life. We chose a terracotta color scheme for this wedding sign because of the warmth and energy the hues bring to the design, but you can choose from any of our designer color palettes to perfectly blend with your wedding theme. 

How To Make a Flower Box DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Now that you have your supplies on hand, it’s time to dive into your design!

Step 1. Select Your Flowers

First, open your designer flower boxes and look over the varied styles, sizes, and colors. Since we are making a multidimensional design, set aside around half of your flowers, making sure to include a good mix of all the different sunset shades and flower shapes.

A man holding a box of terracotta flowers

Step 2. Replace the Stems

To create a natural and layered look, we’ll be lengthening the stems of the flowers you just set aside. Starting with your first flower, gently remove the attached stem.

Next, insert the longer green wire stem into the opening using your hot glue gun to secure it into place. Continue this process for each flower until you’ve added longer wire stems to about half of your total floral supply. 

A man securing a stem with a hot glue gun

Step 3. Prepare the Flower Box

Take your floral foam block and insert it into the flower box opening. If necessary, trim the foam down so that it fits securely and no edges are visible. This will become the base of your floral arrangement, holding your flowers in place.

A man put a block of foam into a flower box

Step 4. Insert Large Flowers

Starting with one of the large main flowers, insert each bloom into the foam one by one. Place orange flowers at both edges to form the base of the floral design. Insert lighter-colored blooms and a few decorative leaves through the center for added visual depth.

A man inserting flowers into the flower box

Step 5. Give the Arrangement Some Height

Continuing with the same design scheme as Step 4, start adding flowers with the longer replacement stems to give balance and visual height to the arrangement. Intersperse the deep red flowers evenly throughout for added romance.

A man adding more flowers into the flower box

Step 6. Add White Flowers and Fillers

Saving the white flowers and smaller flowers for last, intersperse them among the larger, warm-hued blooms for a delicate and balanced touch.

A man adjusting and adding more flowers into the box

Step 7. Use Greenery to Fill Gaps

Select your first eucalyptus branch and trim it down so that it blends in naturally with the already-arranged florals. Leaves and greenery add freshness to the design and varied shades provide visual depth.

A man trimming branches

Continue working through with eucalyptus and florals to fill any visual gaps until you feel the arrangement looks complete. 

A man adding branches into the flower box

Step 8. Display Your Floral Creativity

Congratulations! Your one-of-a-kind wedding welcome sign is ready to put on display and signal the start of your perfect day. 

A wedding welcome sign placed beside some lanterns

How to Make a Wedding Welcome Sign FAQs

This lovely flower box creation is only one of many ways to formally welcome guests on your wedding day. 

Wondering how to make a welcome sign for your wedding that fits right in with your theme? We’ve got the answers to the most-asked DIY wedding welcome sign questions below: 

Do I Need a Wedding Welcome Sign?

As with every other piece of wedding decor, no, you don’t need to have a wedding welcome sign, but it’s a nice (and welcome) added touch if you do. Welcome signs create a visual bridge between the regular world and the curated space you’ve carefully designed to represent your wedding theme. 

Plus, you’ll make guests feel at home right away knowing they’re in the right place instead of moonlighting as an accidental extra in Wedding Crashers.

How Big Should a Wedding Welcome Sign Be?

Your welcome sign size depends on a few factors — how much you want it to say, where and how it will be displayed, and how much visual impact you want it to have. Ideally, you want it to be big enough that it grabs guests’ attention and can be read from a short distance.

Common sizes for wedding welcome signs range anywhere from 18” to 36” or more, but the size of your sign is up to you. 

What Do You Put on a Wedding Welcome Sign?

Think of the wedding welcome sign as your first chance to verbally greet your guests, giving them a glimpse of your unique wedding theme through a combination of words and decorative elements. 

As far as what to put on your wedding welcome sign, that is totally up to you! Consider things like how formal your event is, what message you want to display, or how you want to incorporate your overall theme. It can be anything from a basic welcome to a more detailed rundown of your day.

Some ideas for welcome sign text include:

  • A simple welcome greeting  
  • Your name or monogram  
  • The date of your wedding   
  • A message thanking guests for being a part of your day 
  • Cute sayings referencing love and your wedding theme 
  • Favorite quotes 
  • Social media hashtags 
  • Any other essential info you want to parlay to guests upon arrival

How Do You Display a Wedding Welcome Sign?

Your welcome sign should be placed in a visible location that helps to maneuver the flow of guest traffic through an entry point. Try to keep it around eye level, and secure enough to stay in place for the duration of your event.

Some ways to display your wedding welcome sign include: 

  • On the ground  
  • In a frame 
  • On an easel Hang on the wall  
  • On top of a table

Feel free to get creative with decorative accents to further beautify your wedding welcome sign, as well. Florals, candles, and flowing fabrics are all great ways to add extra romance to your guest greetings. And for a fast way to add fabulous, our premade welcome sign decor offers ready-to-use floral accents to beautify your signage — a perfect option if you don’t have time to DIY. 

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

What is the Best Material for a Wedding Welcome Sign?

Bring a few things into consideration when deciding on materials for your wedding welcome sign, like where and how you’ll be displaying the sign, the overall vibe, and how you want words and images displayed.

Popular materials for wedding welcome signs include:

  • Canvas 
  • Acrylic 
  • Wood 
  • Metal  
  • Chalkboard 
  • Glass

Lighter materials are better suited for hanging or wall displays, while sturdier materials might be a better choice for ground placement as they’ll be less likely to accidentally knock over if a breeze blows through or a guest walks too close. 

How to Make a Welcome Sign for Your Wedding Theme?

Here’s some inspiration for styling your welcome signage to fit with popular wedding themes:

Rustic Wedding Welcome Sign

Think natural materials, warm-toned flowers, and homey touches like lanterns for a rustic wedding welcome sign. Round wood slices, upcycled pallets, or wooden boards are all great ways to bring a rustic touch. 

A wedding welcome sign decorated with flowers

Photo by @isaacsimphoto

Vintage Wedding Welcome Sign

If you’re going for a vintage glam vibe, consider elements like golden hues, textured branches, vintage mirrors or picture frames, and lots of embellishments like garlands, flower bunches, and romantic candlelight. 

A wedding welcome sign decorated with flowers

Modern Wedding Welcome Sign

Clear acrylic wedding welcome signs fit right into a modern wedding theme with clean lines,  sleek details, and simple yet elegant floral touches accented by uplighting.

A green wedding sign placed beside pampa grass

Beach Wedding Welcome Sign

Incorporate oceanic elements for a beach-themed wedding with details like a seashell-covered picture frame surrounded by driftwood, hurricane lamps, and sea blue florals.

A wedding sign decorated with flowers placed on grass

Bring Your DIY Wedding Dreams to Life with Ling’s Moment

At Ling’s Moment, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to DIY your way to a perfect wedding day. From welcome sign decor to table centerpieces and beyond, you can customize every piece of your wedding decor with a personal touch. 

Whether you follow our flower box wedding welcome sign DIY tutorial to a “T” or branch out with your own design ideas, we’d love to see how you interpret the design. Tag us on Instagram @lingsmoment and show us the creative ways you welcomed guests on your wedding day!

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