How to DIY Halloween Wedding Floral Centerpieces

If you need an easy way to “boo-tify” your Halloween wedding, you’re in luck! These hauntingly beautiful DIY Halloween floral centerpieces can infuse your tables with dark romance. The best part? They’re super easy to make yourself with flowers from Ling’s Moment. No magic wand required!

Find the DIY Halloween wedding centerpiece tutorial below, and get more tips on styling them at your wedding. 

What you’ll need for these Halloween floral table centerpieces

Start by gathering all the DIY materials you’ll need to make these centerpieces. You’ll need:

Our designer flower boxes feature a blend of different flower types, leaves, and accessories in a cohesive color palette. So, you don’t need to worry about picking and choosing specific flowers on your own.

This tutorial uses our 2023 Halloween wedding collection, Twilight Purple & Harvest Orange, for its rich blend of deep and moody tones. However, you can also use other Ling’s wedding color collections to create a similar look, like Pumpkin Orange & Black or Moody Burgundy & Black. It’s all up to the precise vibe you want to create for your Halloween wedding day. 

How to DIY Your Halloween Wedding Centerpiece

Step 1. Organize your flowers

Let’s begin by organizing your flowers and materials.

Remove all the flowers from their boxes and straighten out the stems. Arrange them into categories, putting flowers of like colors and sizes together. This will make later steps easier since you won’t need to search for the flowers and accessories you want. It’s like laying out your ingredients for concocting a potion!

A man organizing the black and orange flowers

Step 2. Prep your vase

Next, let’s prep your cauldron vase. Use your box cutters and cut down your floral foam to fit your vase’s opening. Cut the piece with angles, like a honeycomb, without rounding the edges. Don’t worry if you have gaps — we’ll cover them with flowers later.

Insert the foam into the base, leaving about 1 ½ inches protruding from the top. Again, it’s fine that the foam is visible for now. Your flowers will conceal it later.

A man putting a bloack of flower foam in a vase

Step 3: Find your focal point flower

Now, it’s time to start bringing your floral arrangement to life! Choose a large flower to act as your focal point (we selected an orange rose) and cut down the stem to your desired length.

A man cutting an orange flower

Tip: Try to make small cuts when snipping the stems. You can always make a second cut if the initial one isn’t short enough.

Insert your focal point flower towards the front of your centerpiece. Then, take two more flowers and insert them behind your focal point flower, forming a triangle. One flower should be in a high position, one in the middle, and one in a low spot. Additionally, try to angle them in a way that one flower is in the front, one is toward the back, and one is in the center. 

A man inserting flowers into the flower foam

This rule of triangles will act as our secret formula as we arrange the flowers, allowing a complex design to come to life with ease. 

Step 4: Build your floral arrangement

Keeping the triangular principle in mind, let’s flesh out the rest of your centerpiece. Add a fourth flower to form yet another triangle, and a fifth one. Each new flower should form a triangle with its neighbors.  

A man adding a few flowers into the vase

Keep adding new blossoms to create new triangles, alternating between flowers of different colors, sizes, and types. As long as you follow the triangle pattern, none of your flowers should feel out of place. It’s like magic!

A man adjusting the flowers in the vase

Step 5: Add leaves and accessories

As you reach the edges of your centerpiece, start adding in leaves for height and visual interest. As always, they should form a triangle with each other and their neighboring flowers. We also added curled branches toward the left side of our arrangement for a more organic feeling.

A man adding extra leaves and accessories into the vase

Toward the middle of your centerpiece, add small flowers and accessories, like sparkly beads, near any flowers you’d like to accentuate. Alternatively, you can use them to fill in any gaps in the arrangement.

Step 7: Rinse & repeat

Give your floral arrangement one final once-over to look for any additional gaps or details out of place. If needed, add another flower to fill them in. And with a wave of your hand, your first DIY Halloween floral arrangement is now complete!

Next, all you have to do is follow the same magic formula for your remaining two centerpieces until you’ve used up all your flowers and greenery. Now, you’re ready to decorate the tables at your Halloween wedding reception!

A floral centerpiece placed on a wooden table

Decorating tables for Halloween wedding: Tricks, Treats, & Tips

With your DIY Halloween wedding table decorations complete, let’s go over a few ways you can style them to enhance their natural charm.

Dark table linens

To complement the dark and moody color palette of the flowers, try styling the centerpieces with deep purple or black tablecloths. It’s like draping a silky night sky over your tables! 

A dining table decorated with flowers and candles

You can keep the deep color palette going with a matching table runner. Or, to evoke the feeling of an enchanted forest, consider using a mossy table runner for texture and a touch of natural beauty.

Moody lighting

Lighting can totally transform the atmosphere at your wedding venue. To enhance the Halloween vibes, we suggest using black candle sticks. The melting wax can create a gorgeous dripping effect, which can make your guests feel like they’re having dinner in a witch’s parlor.

A table decorated with flowers and smoke

Play with place settings

The place settings at your tables bring spooky vibes to each individual guest. 

We styled this Halloween tablescape with matte black plates and purple napkins for richness, while the crystal goblets help provide a touch of sparkle that reflects the candlelight beautifully. To enhance your color palette even more, try using gold dinnerware to draw out the richness of the purple. It’s little details like these that will have your guests fully under your spell!

Tableware, flowers, and candles put on a dining table

Add Witchy details

If you want to go full Halloween, consider embracing more macabre details, like plastic skulls, resin bones, and faux feathers. These will really drive home the witchy atmosphere in your wedding photos. Of course, if bones aren’t your cup of tea, you could always go for a more traditional route with miniature pumpkins or carved jack-o-lanterns.

A couple holding two lit pumpkins and standing around flowers

Conclusion: How to DIY a Halloween Wedding Centerpiece

We hope this tutorial will inspire you to dabble in the magic of creativity! When you’re ready to share your arrangements, be sure to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram, so we can show off your DIY Halloween floral centerpieces.

Of course, if you don’t have time for DIY, that’s no problem, either. Just head to our Twilight Purple & Harvest Orange collection page to find premade centerpieces that are ready for you to style right out of the box. And just like the enchanted roses of fairy tales, they’ll never wilt or fade!

Two brides each holding a wedding bouquet

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