How to DIY Bicycle Basket Decor for Your Wedding

Ready to ride off into the sunset with your partner? You’re in the right place!

Today, you’ll learn how to decorate a bicycle basket with flowers and create an adorable set of floral arrangements for your getaway bikes. The wooden “just married” signs provide a sweet finishing touch that will look perfect in photos.

Below, find everything you’ll need to make this DIY wedding decor and discover how you can easily attach flowers and greenery to your bike basket.



What You’ll Need to Make DIY Bicycle Basket Decor

You’ll only need a few simple supplies to DIY this bicycle basket decor:

  • Two designer flower boxes - Mia Sorbet Tropical Deluxe Box  
  •  Two supporting greenery boxes - Tropical Leaves
  •  Two wicker baskets - approximately 9.5" x 6" x 4.7"
  •  Two small wooden signs 
  •  Twine 
  •  Cable ties 
  •  Wire cutters 
  •  Floral foam 
  • Two bicycles 
  •  Your creative spirit

All our designer flower boxes contain a curated selection of color-coordinated flowers, so you’ll get plenty of variety for your floral arrangement without having to buy multiple boxes. They also come with wire stems, which are easy to bend and arrange however you like.

We chose flowers and greenery from our tropical citrus & pink collection for a lush honeymoon vibe. But feel free to use whatever combination of flowers, greenery, and color palettes you like to coordinate the design with the rest of your wedding decor.

How to Make Your DIY Bicycle Basket Decor

Step 1. Attach the Basket and Prepare It for Flowers

First, start by attaching your wicker baskets to the back of your bicycle with a cable tie. We chose bikes with space to attach a rear basket, but you could also attach the basket to the front of your bike instead.

Put a wicker basket on the back of your bicycle Fixed the wicker basket with cable ties

Use your wire cutters to snip the excess off your cable tie. Then, take a piece of rectangular-shaped floral foam and insert it into the basket. 

Cut extra cable ties with wire cutters Put a foam block in the fixed basket

 Tip: If you don’t have a piece of foam that fits perfectly, you can use two smaller pieces or take a larger piece and cut it down to size.

Step 2. Add Greenery

Next, let’s use greenery to form the base of your floral arrangement.

Take one of your supporting greenery boxes and add insert leaves into the foam at the edges of the basket. You want to create a fan-like shape that radiates outward.

Insert leaves to the edge of the foam block

Once you fill the outer edges start working inward. Don’t fill the entire basket evenly. Instead, try to leave some gaps that you can fill in later with flowers. Alternate between different heights, depths, and types of leaves until you’ve used all the greenery from the box.

Keep addding greenery to the center of the foam block

Tip: If you don’t like where you placed a leaf, you can always just pull it out and place it in a different spot. No one will know the difference!

Step 3. Attach Flowers to the Bike Basket

Here comes the main event: Decorating your bicycle basket with flowers.

Take one of your designer flower boxes and begin inserting the blossoms into the gaps you left previously. Fill the largest gaps with your biggest flowers as focal points. Then, surround your focal point flowers with smaller supporting blooms.

Fill large gaps with your big blossoms Keep filling small gaps with your smaller flowers

As you did with the greenery, try to alternate flowers of different types, colors, and sizes to create a cohesive look that blends together.

Once you’ve used all of the main flowers, take the accent flowers, leaves, and other decorations from your flower box, then use them to add detail and texture to your design. We placed ours near the edges of our design, but you can place them wherever feels right.

Use accent flowers and accessories to decorate your DIY arrangement

At this point, your floral arrangement should look full and lush without any large gaps.

Tip: Again, if you don’t like how your arrangement currently looks, you can always take the flowers out of the foam and reposition them. Keep going until you’re happy with the overall design.


Step 4. Attach Your Wooden Sign

You’re nearly done! Now, you just need one final detail: The sign.

We chose premade signs from a craft store with “just” and “married” written on the back. However, you could also DIY your own signs with wooden panels for the base and paint for your wording. You could even customize them with your last names or write out a special message. Just make sure that you add holes so you can attach the signs to the bike.

Take one of your signs and use twine to secure it to the basket. We like the rustic touch that twine brings to the design, but you could also use a ribbon to complete the look.

Use twine to secure the wood sign Use twine to tie the basket and wood sign together

Tip: At this point, you could also add any other finishing touches you want — like battery-powered twinkle lights, or tying a ribbon or bow to your basket. Your imagination is the only limit!

All Done!

And with that, your DIY bicycle basket decor is finished! You just need to repeat the process again with your partner’s bike, and you’ll both be ready to ride off into your happily ever after!

A striking bicycle basket decor in tropical citrus and pink

We hope you enjoyed creating this floral design, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll make it your own. Tag us @lingsmoment on IG to show off your decor and get a chance to be featured on our website.

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