How to DIY a Bridal Flower Crown Headband

You want to feel like a free spirit on your wedding day, a flower crown could be the right choice for you. These gorgeous accessories can bring elegance and color to your hairstyle or provide a romantic alternative to a veil.

Plus, if you make your flower crown with Ling’s designer flower boxes, you can even use the same blossoms from your DIY wedding bouquet to tie your bridal look together! This particular design is super easy to make and wear too, thanks to the headband base.

Read on and discover how to make this DIY bridal flower crown headband from start to finish. You’ll learn how to select the right flowers, attach them to your headband, and get tips on how to style and wear your flower crown. Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need to Make a Wedding Flower Crown

This floral design only uses a handful of materials, which include:

  • 6-8 small accent flowers and leaves from a designer flower box 
  •  1 Headband 
  •  Green floral wire 
  •  Wire cutters 
  •  Hot glue gun 
  •  Your creativity

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Flower Crown

Ling’s DIY boxes contain a selection of flowers in different shapes and sizes. The bigger blossoms might be too large to comfortably attach to your headband. So, we recommend setting aside some of the smaller flowers or accent pieces for your flower crown —  they should ideally be 1.5 inches in diameter or smaller. 

We also suggest choosing flowers or leaves that are grouped together, so you can cut them apart into individual pieces. For example, we used the orchid buds from our citrus and pink flower box for a laid-back destination wedding look.

Deluxe designer flower box in tropical citrus and pink

Alternatively, you could also choose flowers and leaves from one of our accent combo kits to create this bridal flower crown. These flowers are designed to support a larger project, but their smaller size makes them ideal for smaller projects like this. You could also use the leftovers to create multiple flower crowns for the other members of your bridal party!

Greenery combo with tiny white flowers Greenery combo with lovely blush flowers

How to DIY Your Bridal Flower Crown

Step 1. Prepare Your Flowers

Once you’ve selected a handful of flowers and accent leaves, let’s prepare them for your flower crown.

Start by taking any flowers that are grouped together and cutting them apart into individual blossoms. Don’t worry about leaving the wire stem intact. We’ll use another wire to attach them to the headband.

Take some flowers that are grouped together Cut some small flowers into individual blossoms

You could also snip apart bunches of leaves into individual sprigs, but we left ours intact for a more lush look.

Step 2. Assemble the Headband

Now, let’s start assembling your flower crown. Take a small piece of greenery and wrap your floral wire around it to attach it to your headband. We suggest using a green wire to help it blend in with the other flowers and leaves, so it doesn’t matter if some of it stays visible.

Secure individual flowers on the headband with green wire

Next, begin alternating flowers, leaves, and other accessories as you work your way across the headband. Keep going until you’ve covered the visible portions of the headband with flowers and greenery.

Add different flowers, leaves and accessories to the headband

Tip: Don’t use all of your flowers just yet. Set aside a few of the smallest ones for the next step.

Step 3. Add Details

If you’re happy with your flower crown as-is, you could go ahead and wear it. But let’s add some extra finishing touches. After all, little details can make all the difference.  Take any spare or leftover flowers and use a hot glue gun to attach them to the crown. This will help you fill in any gaps in the design and create a much more full and lush overall look.

Paste hot glue on some leftover flowers Fill gaps with these leftover flowers

Tip: If you’re having trouble spotting any gaps, try putting the crown and seeing how it looks in the mirror first.

If you like, you can go ahead and repeat the steps above to make more flower crowns for bridesmaids. Otherwise, you’re all finished and ready to wear your flower crown down the aisle!

Repeat previous steps and several crowns with tropical flowers are done

How to Wear a Flower Crown on Your Wedding Day

Now for the fun part: Styling your flower crown! This design could pair well with up-dos or half-up hairstyles, but we chose to pair it with natural waves to complete the beachy, summery vibe.

If you want to pair this headband with a veil, you could easily use pins to fix the veil to your hair before adding the headband. Or, if you want extra security, consider hot-gluing the top of the veil to your headband beneath the flowers.

Bride and bridesmaids wear tropical themed flower crown headbands
If you’re not quite sure exactly how you’d like to wear your crown yet, now is the time to experiment with different looks until you find the one that feels like “you.” After all, no one knows your style better.



We hope you enjoyed learning how to make this bridal flower crown!

If you’re short on time or don’t feel like making this yourself, not to worry. Our premade bridal flower crown in tropical citrus & pink can help you feel like a summery princess on your wedding day without investing any time in a DIY project.

A flower crown headband in tropical citrus and pink

But whether you with a DIY design or take the premade route, we’d love to see how you decided to wear your flower crown at your wedding! Be sure to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram so we can share your amazing style with other brides.

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