Jenna & Bob's Rustic Terracotta Themed Wedding

On a cozy fall day, Jenna and Bob tied the knot surrounded by their friends, family and stunning terracotta tones. This gorgeous couple laughed all night long as they celebrated the beginning of their forever. And like any dream wedding, their big day was accented with a color palette that was perfect for them.

The bride holds a terracotta bouquet and kisses her husband

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Jenna and Bob chose Ling’s Moment Sunset Terracotta to inspire and elevate their wedding decor. From the wedding party flowers to the ceremony to the reception, Jenna and Bob embraced the warm, rustic energy of Sunset Terracotta for their wedding day.

Sunset Terracotta Wedding Color Palette

Sunset Terracotta is the perfect color palette to celebrate the passion and warmth of eternal love. With burnt orange, deep umber and floaty pastels, this color palette is both modern and grounded within nature.

Greenery adds texture and form to create a lively, vibrant color palette that can work at any time of the year. Of course, the warm glow of Sunset Terracotta wedding theme is a lovely choice for autumn, but these earthy and stylish colors will work just as well for a bright springtime wedding, a sunshiny summer celebration, or even for moody winter nuptials.

What colors go with terracotta?

Wedding planning should be focused around a general colors scheme, and terracotta is a great place to start. Our Sunset Terracotta contains many tones of orange, but some complementary colors include blush, peach, maroon, burgundy and white. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to choosing your dream color palette, so don’t be afraid to experiment and express your unique personal style!

It Starts With The Invitations

Choosing your color palette is an exciting step in wedding planning! It means that you can get going on making decisions, starting with sending out your save the dates or invitations. For Jenna and Bob, their stationery was the perfect opportunity to subtly introduce the wedding color theme, while keeping it modern and fresh.

With paper in a peachy shade of nude and terracotta text, these invitations set the scene for the chic wedding that was to come.

Terracotta wedding stationery

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Terracotta Tones for the Wedding Party

Once the wedding day came, it was time to really embrace the warm style of Sunset Terracotta. For Jenna and Bob, it was important that their entire wedding party was accented with stunning tones of burnt orange and russet to create a cohesive look.

The couple invite terracotta palette to their bridal party

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Bridal Bouquet in Tones of Terracotta

Starting with the bride herself, Jenna carried a gorgeous bouquet with fresh, bright tones of Sunset Terracotta. It was eye-catching without being overwhelming, and was a gorgeous accent to the feminine cut and lace details of her wedding dress.

If you’re considering a Sunset Terracotta Bridal Bouquet, consider how it will look with your overall bridal look and amongst your bridal party. Size and shape can really make an impact on how a floral color palette presents!

The beautiful bride holds a round bridal bouquet in sunset terracotta

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Russet Bridesmaids and Their Bouquets

Jenna’s bridesmaids wore matching cowl-neck dresses in a silky fabric. With a deep russet, burnt orange tone, this color looked both playful and sophisticated.

And to really elevate their bridesmaid dresses, they carried Bridesmaid Bouquets in Sunset Terracotta. Choosing arrangements that are slightly smaller than the bride’s bouquet and with deeper tones is a great way to differentiate the roles of the bridal party, while creating texture and visual interest.

Bridesmaids hold terracotta posies in their hands

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Groomsmen Boutonnieres in Sunset Terracotta

Of course, the gentlemen weren’t left out! Bob led the way as he and his groomsmen wore bow ties and pocket squares that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses. And to really finish the look, the men wore boutonnieres on their lapel with matching Sunset Terracotta flowers to really elevate their dapper look for such a special occasion.

Groom and groomsmen in black suits wear burnt orange boutonnieres

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Glam Rustic Wedding Ceremony

After getting ready and taking photos, it was time for Jenna and Bob to officially be wed! The Sunset Terracotta wedding theme continued into their ceremony decor, but they also added some personal touches to make it feel perfect for them.

The Perfectly Adorned Venue

Their dramatic ceremony venue mixed rustic vibes with a touch of glamor. Dazzling chandeliers hanging from wooden beams was a perfect backdrop for the luxurious-yet-grounded vibe of Sunset Terracotta! They decorated the room perfectly to create a cozy, special vibe.

Surrounding the white flower wall, they had abundant greenery bursting up the walls. This added such a unique pop of texture, and really made the room feel magical. If you’re wanting to create your own wall decor like this, consider using wedding greenery from Ling’s Moment to create your own unique wall pieces

A backdrop wall decorate with white fowers and greenery

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Simple & Eye-Catching Flower Wall

At the end of the aisle was this gorgeous, dramatic flower wall. Created using white flowers, it was the perfect backdrop for their vows… and their first kiss! A flower wall is a unique way to add texture and interest to the end of an aisle and to transform a venue into your own.

The couple have their first kiss in front of a floral backdrop

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Whimsical Petal Aisle Decor

As guests arrived at Jenna and Bob’s stunning wedding ceremony, they were greeted with rustic details everywhere. As they walked down the aisle, charming lamps filled with glowing candles were surrounded by romantic petals.

Using faux petals at a wedding is a great way to cut down on mess and waste. Our faux rose petals won’t wilt or get crushed onto the floor, and they can be reused for special events in years to come. You could even consider prepping your guests with faux rose petals to throw over the newly married couple for that perfect just-married photo!

Rose petals on the aisle

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony, it was time to raise a glass before the reception. Jenna and Bob added some gorgeous Sunset Terracotta details to make even this transitional time of the day feel elevated and special.

Rustic Wooden Ceremony Signs

Keeping true to the grounded feeling of the day, the couples’ signs were made of wood. This earthy touch brought nature inside, and was elevated with a few extra flowers surrounding the signs. Our DIY Designer Flower Boxes are a great way to source these little extra details at every moment of your wedding day. Notice that their dog even got a mention on the cocktail menu - cute!

The couple decorated the ceremony sign with terracotta flowers

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Rustic & Romantic Wedding Reception

After cocktail hour it was time to sit down for dinner, speeches and dancing. Jenna and Bob reveled in the love from their friends and family, and Sunset Terracotta created the perfect backdrop for the best night of their lives.

Terracotta Guest Table Decor

The centerpieces on the guest tables were made of structural twigs inlaid with dainty candles. This rustic feature was a lovely continuation of the organic decor that was used throughout the day. To add some color, Sunset Terracotta flower bundles were perched at the base of each centerpiece, next to the wooden table number.

The couple use structural twigs inlaid with dainty candles as ceterpieces

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Bright linens in Sunset Terracotta really brought each table together, and even matched the bridal party!

Sweetheart Table with Terracotta Flowers

Jenna and Bob’s sweetheart table is the perfect example of rustic vibes with a modern vibe. The dark wood sits perfectly in front of the grounded brick wall, while the Sunset Terracotta floral accents create a playful and romantic feel. Use our premade flower garlands, or create your own head table arrangements using our DIY Designer Flower Boxes in Sunset Terracotta.

A sweetheart table decorated with terracotta flower garland

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

Rustic Glam in Sunset Terracotta

Jenna and Bob’s big day is a perfect example of taking a color palette and making your own. By combining organic elements with modern touches, this Sunset Terracotta wedding felt both cozy and timeless.

Ling's couple's romanic terracotta wedding

Photo by @nadinemariephotography

If you’re planning your own Sunset Terracotta wedding, check out the full collection of faux flowers from Ling’s Moment. And don’t forget to tag us in the photos on Instagram at @lingsmoment!

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