Wedding Bouquets for the Fall Season

A fall wedding has an undeniable charm. Golden light, crisp air and a romantic coziness that is unique to autumn. If you are planning a fall wedding, you want to embrace all that the season has to offer. From location, to decor, to outfits, your styling decisions will be influenced by the turning of the leaves.

Ling’s Moment artificial wedding florals are the perfect way to embrace the magic of the season. From your bridal bouquets and beyond, the unique color combinations, textures and designs will be the autumnal finishing touch on your wedding day look. If you’re looking for wedding bouquets for the fall season ideas, Ling’s Moment has inspiration for every fall bride.

Ling’s Moment Color Combos Ideas

As summer fades and the leaves start to fall, so, too, do the flowers. This can make it more difficult to source the blooms you want for your wedding, or make them very expensive to import. The solution? Faux flowers from Ling’s Moment.

These stunning, affordable arrangements give you the freedom to have the wedding flowers you want, any time of the year. And, you can choose a color scheme that extends from your bouquet, to the ceremony decor, to the party.

For fall, Ling’s Moment has an extensive seasonal  range of color collections to choose from. These are a few of our favorite rustic fall wedding bouquets, including our exclusive Fall 2022 Soho Collection.

Fall 2022 Soho Collection: Burgundy & Dusty Rose

Inspired by an autumnal forest, this color collection brings the warmth, even as the days get chilly. Rich burgundy meets a romantic pink to create a sophisticated palette that will complement your dream wedding day.

Sunset Terracotta: Burnt Orange, Brick Red & Burgundy

As the sunsets over the fields, this warm, fiery color combination will add a spark to your big day. A range of orange tones meets deep burgundy to create a vibrant fall palette that echoes your passionate love. Just as summer turns to autumn, these distinctive tones will capture the beauty of this season of your life.

Burgundy & Navy

Bold, romantic and memorable, just like your love. This deep color palette will elevate even the most simple of weddings with intrigue and passion. Opt for a smaller bouquet to keep your wedding look dainty and feminine, or go big to make a daring statement.

Rustic Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Once you’ve decided on the color palette that suits you and your fiance the most, it’s time to choose a bouquet style. The beauty of Ling’s Moment faux wedding florals is that for each color story, there are so many different arrangement options to make your wedding feel  completely bespoke. Here are some bouquet options to help inspire your wedding planning:


Like a waterfall, this classic bridal bouquet shape has florals and greenery that drape down. This design takes advantage of the element of height, creating an interesting effect that looks amazing in photos. A little bit classic, a little bit modern, the cascade will add some organic charm to your wedding day look.

Free-Form or Hand-Tied

The traditional bridal bouquet gets an upgrade with this fresh take on bridal florals. Statement faux flowers are arranged with the organic lines of greenery to create texture and shape. Not quite totally wild, but also not playing it safe, this is a great choice for the bride who wants a chic, timeless wedding look.


While Ling’s Moment bridal bouquets make it easy to choose your wedding florals in advance, our DIY wedding flower packages allow you to create a bouquet that is thoroughly  bespoke. Large, small, neat or wild, there is no limit to your creativity when it comes to our designer flower boxes. Choose one of our rich fall color palettes, or go even further by combining the flowers and tones of your choice. Your wedding is your chance to express yourself to your friends and family, and Ling’s Moment makes it easy to be hands on with your own bridal bouquet.

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Walking down the aisle is one of the most important moments of your life, so choosing or creating your own,  the right bridal bouquet is an important step in any wedding planning process. If you’re getting married this fall, Ling’s Moment makes it easy and affordable to create the perfect autumnal wedding bouquet of your dreams. Whichever color palette or bouquet style you choose, artificial flowers will help you harness all the romance and charm that the season has to offer.

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