Jen & Vinny's Glamorous Winter Wonderland Wedding

The air is crisp and the fireside cozy - it’s time for a winter wedding. Our real bride Jen and her new husband Vinny’s gorgeous winter wonderland wedding is the ultimate inspiration for a celebration that creates its own warmth. The newlyweds incorporated Ling’s Moment faux florals into their sophisticated day, embracing a rich palette of Romantic Marsala. If you’re looking for ideas for a winter wedding, look no further than Jen & Vinny’s Pinterest-worthy wintertime celebration.

Winter Wonderland - Romantic Marsala

As the days grow colder and the sun sets lower in the sky, you will start to notice the shift from bright summer tones to more soft, muted winter hues. While these colors may be more subtle, they are just as impactful at telling your wedding color story.

One of the best winter wonderland wedding tips is to embrace the season. For Jen and Vinny, the rich, earthy tones of Romantic Marsala were the perfect palette for their winter wedding. Bringing a vintage feel, the classic tones of Ling’s Moments wedding flowers created the ideal contrast against the crisp white of her dress, the white roses and the snow falling outside.

The ceremony was a picture perfect curated moodboard of winter colors and elevated design. Jen walked down the aisle with her bridal bouquet, arriving opposite her fiance underneath their romantic wedding arch. Draped in linens and florals of marsala, dusty rose and natural greenery, the arch was the stunning backdrop for their intimate vows.

Her bridesmaids wore gowns of deep burgundy, kept warm with glamourous faux-fur shrugs, and carried their own Ling’s Moments bridesmaid bouquets. The style reflected a timeless luxury and the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres were all styled on theme.

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In the crowd, the guests sat in rows decorated with the same chic chair decor and for added cohesion the welcome tables matched, too. The ceremony experience was totally immersive  supported by the color theme of  Ling’s Moment Wedding Decor.

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Faux Florals For A Winter Wedding

If you feel inspired or are planning your very own winter wonderland wedding, you probably have a vision of your dream wedding floral arrangements. There are many reasons to choose faux wedding flowers, especially in the winter. Let Ling’s Moment turn your winter wonderland wedding dreams into a reality:

Seasonal flowers, any time:

 If you are getting married in the depths of a long, cold winter, you will notice that flowers aren’t blooming outside. While it may still be possible to source fresh flowers, these will have to be imported from somewhere warmer, making them much more expensive. Ling’s Moment faux flowers allow you to have your dream wedding flowers, without the stress of sourcing them in season. And don’t worry, they have seasonally appropriate color palettes for winter, too.

Hardy decor:

Winter weather can be harsh, making it hard to keep fresh flowers looking their best. Faux flowers allow you to create your dream decor design, even at an outdoor wedding. Ling’s Moment flowers can be set up the morning of your ceremony, without the risk of frostbite!

Custom color palette:

The warm, rich, cozy tones of winter are what make a winter wedding so desirable, but it can be hard to source fresh flowers that complement the theme. Ling’s Moment offers a selection of color schemes that will work perfectly for your winter nuptials (or at any time of the year, for that matter!) Create a Pinterest-worthy wedding with the elevated details of Ling’s Moment faux flowers.

If a winter wonderland wedding is on the cards for you and your fiance, faux florals can help make your dream day happen. For Jen and Vinny, the luxurious color palette of romantic marsala brought some sophistication and warmth to their big day. Consider this classic color scheme if you, too, are planning a unique wedding with vintage charm this winter.

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