The Inspiration Refresh of Dusty Rose & Classic Navy Color Collection

If you’re looking for a classic, elegant color palette that highlights a calm love, look no further than our updated Dusty Rose & Navy wedding color palette. We’ve taken this timeless favorite, and refreshed it to suit modern and heritage weddings alike.

As you and your fiance are planning your gorgeous chateau wedding, keep this timeless color collection in mind. A color palette has the power to influence the vibe and tone of your ceremony, reception and outfit, and is the ultimate stylistic choice for your wedding. If the vintage charm and quiet romance of Dusty Rose & Navy resonates with you, read on.

Meet The Updated Color Palette

We’ve updated this charming color palette to better reflect the floral expression of today’s weddings. With delicate roses alongside muted greenery, this color collection will look at home next to vintage furniture and heirloom art. It’s also a color palette that is season-less, meaning that no matter when your wedding will be, Dusty Rose & Navy will be in bloom.

The color palette of our refreshing dusty rose and navy collection

Do Dusty Rose & Blue Go Together?

You’re in for a pleasant surprise! The subtle femininity of Dusty Rose meets the calm strength of Navy Blue, creating a perfect harmony of masculine and feminine energy. Light and dark tones are used, with a romantic contrast that feels organic yet not too bold.

If this updated version of our timeless Dusty Rose & Navy color collection has caught your eye, we’re here to show you just how gorgeous it can look at any moment of your big day. From the ceremony to the reception to your wedding party looks, this gentle and romantic floral collection will invite romance and charm to your celebration.

Dusty Rose & Navy Blue Wedding Ceremony

The first event of the day for your guests will be the wedding ceremony, so it is only right to use the beginning of the itinerary to introduce your dusty rose and slate blue wedding colors. Whether you’re getting married in a church, the gardens of a French chateau or a museum, Dusty Rose & Navy will be the perfect adornment.

An vintage piano decorated with flower arrangements in dusty rose and navy

While we often think of the aisle as the center of a wedding ceremony, don’t forget all the extra little details that can influence the day. From the welcome sign to finding their seats, your guests will be soothed and entranced by the classic and delicate florals. Here is how you can incorporate the Dusty Rose & Navy color palette at your elegant wedding ceremony:

Romantic Wedding Arch

At the end of the aisle, where you and your fiance will face each other unwed for the final time, stands your wedding arch. A wedding arch is a simple concept, but in reality is a canvas to express your creativity and wedding style.

Our Flower Arch Decor in Dusty Rose & Navy are the perfect addition to your wedding arch, and will make for the perfect backdrop for that first kiss as a married couple. Consider adding flowing tendrils of greenery for a more organic look, or keep it chic and minimalist for a more modern vibe.

A flat arch decorated with floral decor and linens in dusty rose

Dusty Rose & Navy Aisle Decor

Whether your wedding is large or small, having decorations lining your guests seats can really elevate the experience. As your friends and family find their seats, the abundance of florals will invite a sense of calm and romance.

Our Free-Standing Floral Arrangements in Dusty Rose & Navy are the perfect addition to your seating plan. Place them every few rows, just at the front and back, or at every aisle for a truly bountiful look. And to further elevate the seats, consider Aisle & Chair Decor in this stunning color palette, too. 

Free standing flower arrangements in dusty rose and navy

Dusty Rose & Navy Welcome Sign

As your guests enter your ceremony, there is no lovelier way to point them in the right direction than by having a welcome sign. It can be used to display the order of ceremony, give guidelines on seating, or simply just let them know that they’re in the right place!

To keep your welcome sign within the theme of the wedding, our Wedding Sign Decor in Dusty Rose & Navy is a great choice.

A wood welcome sign with dusty rose and navy flowers on the corners

Dusty Rose & Navy Blue Wedding Reception

After your vows have been said, you’ve had that first kiss and photos have been taken, it’s time to celebrate! Whether you are going straight from the ceremony to cocktail hour or are taking a break in between festivities, it’s important to keep the floral color palette flowing throughout the day.

Wedding reception decor is a chance to get creative. Take inspiration from your venue, the season and your own personal style. There are so many options for how to adorn your space, and Dusty Rose & Navy is the perfect classic color palette to help you elevate your reception as your party into the night.

Dusty Rose & Navy Head Table

A sweetheart table is a classic way to separate you and your new spouse from the crowd. If you’re planning on a head table, florals can help make it extra special and eye-catching.

For a grand visage, our Head Table Floral Swags in Dusty Rose & Navy are flowing and luxurious. Take this as a chance to get creative with the extra details such as the table linen color and candle design to create your own bespoke wedding head table.

A head table decorated with dusty rose table cloth and flower swags

Dusty Rose & Navy Centerpieces

For your guest tables, floral centerpieces are a classic way to add decadence and style. Whether you’re having round tables or a long, communal table, floral arrangements invite both color and texture to the wedding reception.

For a delicate touch, consider our 1.8ft Flower Garlands  in Dusty Rose & Navy. On their own or surrounded by rose petals, bottles of wine and greenery, these petite floral arrangements bring a touch of vintage charm.

Metal lanterns decorated with floral garlands in dusty rose and navy

Dusty Rose & Navy Bridal Party Flowers

Of course, there’s so much more to your wedding than just the decor. From the bouquet that you carry down the aisle, to the small floral details that adorn your family and friends, Dusty Rose & Navy is a timelessly chic choice.

When it comes to wedding party florals, faux flowers are a surprisingly convenient choice. With no risk of wilting, you are left with extra time and energy in the lead up to your wedding day to focus on the more important moments. It also means that you can repurpose your bridal party bouquets later on in the day - they make excellent floral centerpieces!

Here is how to introduce the Dusty Rose & Navy color palette to your wedding party:

Bridal Bouquet in Dusty Rose & Navy

The bridal bouquet is an important stylistic choice of any wedding. From walking down the aisle to those perfect newlywed portraits, this bouquet is responsible for adding color, texture and tone. Even the most simple dresses can be elevated with an abundant bouquet!

Our Large Cascade Bridal Bouquet in Dusty Rose & Navy will be the classic finishing touch to your dream bridal look. Tonal dusty rose roses sit alongside blooming orchids, creating a bouquet that feels both traditional and innovative. Draping ribbons in dusty rose and navy create depth as they catch the breeze. This bouquet is a work of art, and will complement any elegant wedding dress silhouette.

The bride holds a large cascade bridal bouquet in dusty rose and navy

Dusty Rose & Navy Bridesmaids Bouquets

If you’re having bridesmaids alongside you on your wedding day, then it’s important that their looks work well with yours. Consider bridesmaids dresses in dusy rose, blush, cream or even blue tones to continue the color palette.

Our Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid Bouquets in Dusty Rose & Navy will help complete the look, too. These delicate posies are a classic touch without being distracting, and look great repurposed as decor later in the evening.

Bridesmaids hold beautiful dusty rose and navy bouquets in their hands

Dusty Rose & Navy Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are traditionally worn by the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and groom, and by any male grandparents. They are a way to honor the important men at your wedding, and can even be used to distinguish the groomsmen from the rest of your guests.

The beauty of this elegant color palette is that you can choose between a romantic Dusty Rose or a modern Navy Blue for your wedding boutonnieres. Or you can mix and match to create a dynamic look amongst your wedding party!

Dusty rose boutonnieres with navy ribbons on them Navy blue boutonniere with  pearls and white flowers on them

Dusty Rose & Navy Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsages are a subtle yet impactful way to honor the special women in attendance at your wedding. Just as a boutonniere can be gifted to the groomsmen and close family members, a corsage is a token of appreciation and love for your bridesmaids, mother, grandmother or special friends.

Our Wrist Corsages in Dusty Rose and Navy have a classic nobility, with exquisite details of pearl and rosebuds. Delicately tied with a ribbon around the wrist, they can be cherished on your wedding day and as a memento for years to come.

Navy blue wrist corsage decorated with pearls and mini white flowers

Dusty Rose & Navy Rose Petals

Rose petals are one of the most versatile and special additions to any wedding. They can be scattered as decor on tables, or used as confetti as the newlyweds walk down the aisle. However you decide to include them, rose petals add an elevated romance to any moment.

Our Silk Rose Petals in Dusty Rose & Navy are made from a floaty, delicate fabric that catches the breeze like a dream. Rather than wilting underfoot, they keep their beauty all day and night (and even have a faint rosey scent!)

Silk rose petals in dusty rose and navy

A Timeless Dusty Rose & Navy Wedding

As you’re planning your big day, it’s important to imagine the feeling. As the dappled sunlight shines through the windows of the chateau, you feel a sense of ease and deep love. There is an elegance that exudes from you that is only complemented by the classic tones of Dusty Rose & Navy.

If you’re planning a charming wedding with a vintage feel, then our Dusty Rose & Navy color palette is right for you. And if you choose this timeless collection, then make sure to tag us @lingsmoment on IG! We want to see how you style the quiet elegance of Dusty Rose & Navy.

A decorative painting and a sculpture with a flower wreath on it

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