The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Garlands

When it comes to wedding decor that makes a big impact, versatility is key. And perhaps the most versatile of all the floral wedding decor is the flower garland

So, what exactly is a garland? A garland is a braided or woven arrangement of flowers or greenery that can be left long, or turned into a wreath or crown. Garlands are flexible and generally look good from every angle, making them a simple and effective choice for a range of wedding decoration ideas. 

Whether you’re new to garlands or are looking for updated ways to style your Ling’s Moment faux flower garlands, we’ve rounded up the best ways to add them to your wedding day.

How to Decorate with a Garland at a Wedding

When it comes to styling a flower or greenery garland, the only limit is your imagination. From the ceremony to the reception, there are so many ways to add color and texture to your wedding decor. Whether you're draping a garland over tables or hanging them from the ceiling, here is how to decorate your wedding with garlands.

How To Decorate a Wedding Ceremony With a Garland

As the first - and most official - portion of your wedding day, it’s only fair that your decorations make a statement. Whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor elopement or a grand church ceremony, garlands are a simple and impactful way to decorate. 

 Add color, texture and stylish shape to your ceremony decor with flower or greenery garlands:

Elevate Your Ceremony Arch with a Garland

Walking down the aisle is a moment you’ll remember forever, and to perfectly frame the scene a wedding arch is a classic choice. From traditional arches curved arches to modern geometric ones, a ceremony arch will be the backdrop for your vows and first kiss. 

Wedding Arch Decor

And to elevate your wedding ceremony arch, choose a gorgeous garland that matches your wedding theme. No matter your wedding style or venue, all types of garland are a timeless choice. 

Add a delicate flower garland to your rustic outdoor ceremony, like our real Ling’s couple Erik & Makena

Wedding Flower Garland in Sunset Terracotta

Photo by @weddingsbycarue

Or for a more bold approach, consider a bright, asymmetrical garland like this one in Passionate Pink & Blush. The volume and vibrant blooms will add a fun pop to your fabulous wedding day!

Wedding Flower Arch Decor in Pink

Make a Statement with a Garland as Altar Decor

If you’re not planning for a wedding arch, an altar is another gorgeous option to mark the space for your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a podium, a free-standing altar or a natural formation like a tree stump, a garland is a striking and simple way to set the scene for your vows. And the best part is that you can repurpose the garland for decor later in your day!

This Dusty Blue garland with hanging roses will invite romance and charm into your special wedding moments.
Wedding Garland in Blue

How to Decorate a Wedding Reception with a Garland

After the ceremony is done and you’re officially married, it’s time to celebrate! As you make your way from the aisle to happy hour, a cloud of love will surround you and your loved ones. And to truly mark this special day, flower decor is a timeless touch.

Here’s how to style a wedding garland during your wedding reception to add color, flair and charm to any moment.

Add a Garland to Your Photo Table

It’s becoming more and more common to include a photo table at your cocktail hour or wedding reception, and a garland is the perfect way to decorate it. Display photos of the couple, of absent family members, or even pets, surrounded by the beauty of faux flowers.

We love this one from Kaitlynn and Andrew’s stylish wedding day!
Head Table Flower Garland in Burgundy & Navy

Create a Wedding Garland Centerpiece for your Guest Tables

When it comes to showing off your unique style, the tablescape for your guests is a great opportunity for creativity. And with so many ways to drape a garland, you can make your guest tables a true reflection of your taste.

For a long, family-style table, consider draping garlands right down the entire length of your table like Sarah and Alex did at their stylish celebration. This will add a cohesive, impactful look, and will make for gorgeous photos.
Orange centerpiece for guest tables

Or if you’re opting for round guest tables, garlands can be looped into a wreath. Leave it as its own floral centerpiece, or add a lantern to the center like Kaitlynn and Andrew for a twinkling, romantic arrangement.

Floral Centerpiece in Burgundy and Navy

Make a Statement with a Head Table Garland

If you’re planning a sweetheart table for your wedding, then a garland is a great way to really make it stand out. A garland can drape across the front of the table to add a pop of decor without taking up too much space for dining and drinking. It will be the perfect detail to complement you and your honey in romantic moments over dinner!

For a bold, vampy vibe, we love this head table garland in Moody Burgundy and Black, or for a more summery vibe consider this gorgeous garland in Lemonade Yellow.
Wedding Flower Garland

Embrace Negative Space with a Hanging Garland

Whether your wedding reception is in a tent or under a tree, garlands are a great way to decorate the space above the party. Consider hanging garlands from the ceiling or from a brand to create your own bespoke art installment. They will make your space feel cozy, elevated, and will help create a bubble of love for your big day!

Wedding Flower Garland

Discover Wedding Garlands from Ling’s Moment

It’s clear that garlands are a stylish and versatile way to add decor to your wedding day, and when it comes to choosing your garlands you can’t beat Ling’s Moment. With faux flower and greenery garlands in a huge range of sizes, color palettes, and types of garlands, there’s a garland for every wedding, style and space.

Wedding Flower Garlands

And because our faux garlands won’t wilt or droop, you have even more creativity with how your style, your ceremony and reception. Check out our website for the full range of wedding flower color collections, and find inspiration for your own wedding day garland decor.

If you’re planning your own garland wedding decor, we’d love to see! Make sure to share it with us over on Instagram at @lingsmoment - we can’t wait to see what you create.

Wedding Garland FAQs

Still have questions about how to add garlands to your wedding decor? We have you covered.

How do you store garland before a wedding?

Ling’s Moment faux flowers will never wilt, so you don’t have to be as precious as you would with a regular garland. Your garland can be kept in the box it arrived in until it’s time to set up for the big day, just make sure to fluff it up as it may flatten during transit. And while you can set your garlands up days before the wedding if necessary, try not to leave them exposed to the elements.

How do you make a wedding garland?

If you’d like to make your own garland, the good news is that it isn’t too complicated to DIY. Using our DIY Flower Boxes in the color of your choice, braid together the stems and secure with zip ties, floral wires or twine. And if you don’t want to make your own floral garland from scratch, consider adding extra blooms to one of our pre-made garlands for a custom look!

DIY Designer Flower Box

How to make a greenery garland for a wedding?

A greenery garland is a lush base for your floral wedding decor, or a gorgeous, earthy statement on its own. Using our Greenery Boxes, follow the same technique as our DIY flower garland. Make sure to combine different shades of green and types of leaves for a full, eye-catching effect.

Wedding Eucalyptus and Willow Garland

How far in advance can you make a greenery garland?

Because faux greenery from Ling’s Moment won’t dry out or go limp, you can make a greenery garland as early as you’d like! In fact, getting ahead of your wedding decor is a fun way to get in the mood for your wedding, and can help inspire the rest of your wedding decor.

What greenery do you use for a garland?

A greenery garland may seem simple, but there are so many foliage choices to choose from to create an eye-catching arrangement. Consider eucalyptus, rose leaf, willow or lush grass for your greenery garland, and don’t be afraid to add accent berries, colored leaves or bejeweled details to really level up your decor.

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