The Ultimate Guide to Getaway Cars: From Dazzling Decor to Time-Honored Traditions

Taylor Swift once said that nothing good starts in a getaway car. With all due respect to Ms. Swift, we disagree. The getaway car can create plenty of magical moments when your wedding day draws to a close. And if you’ve been scouring the internet for anything with 'decorating car for wedding ideas' in the title, good news. your quest is over! You've found our ultimate guide to getaway vehicles.

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Get ready to getaway from the stress of figuring out how to decorate the wedding car. In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know, from how to decorate the wedding car to tips and tricks for all bridal party transportation. This is our ultimate guide to wedding car decorations and creative ideas for your special ride:

The significance of getaway cars in weddings

They say your wedding ceremony goes by in a blur of love, flowers, and congratulations.  Sometimes called the wedding car, the getaway car is the vehicle that takes the couple to their reception. The bride and groom's grand exit, that brief interlude between ceremony and reception, is one of the first moments the newly married pair spends alone on their wedding day.

Whether it's a classy vintage car, a cool convertible, a fairytale-styled horse and carriage, or a family tractor covered in Roses, the getaway car is more than a ride to the reception- it symbolizes the journey from engagement to marriage.

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Who decorates the getaway car for a wedding?

Traditions say that the wedding party, usually the groomsmen, should prepare a getaway car. Today, this is typically done by the couple themselves, wedding planners, or a combination of the wedding party from both sides.

When to decorate the getaway car

When to decorate the wedding car is as important as how to decorate the wedding car. Every wedding timeline is unique, so you'll need to determine when the exit will be, however, a good rule of thumb is to ensure the car is ready well in advance. If you're renting a vehicle, check with the company to see what type of embellishments are allowed and if any preparation services are offered.

Tradition meets modern-day aesthetics

While the tradition of a getaway car is nothing new, certain modes of transportation are. Whether you choose to ride off into the sunset in a classy vintage car, a cool convertible, a motorcycle, a boat, or a fairytale-style horse and carriage, you'll be sure to find something that fits your wedding theme.

Why do we put cans on the getaway car?

Although the origin of attaching cans to the getaway car is steeped in mystery and lore, like many wedding traditions, it's thought to be related to the rather unromantic French charivari ('uproar' in French).

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A charivari was used to protest a marriage. Anyone who didn't agree with the couple would express that by banging pots together and yelling, often in front of the bride or groom's house before the wedding night (can you imagine!?).

In the 1600s, French settlers brought the charivari tradition with them to the Western world, where it eventually evolved to have a more positive connotation. Pots were swapped for tin cans, and protests were traded out for congratulations and well wishes. Today, we put cans on the getaway car to say to the world, 'Just married!.'

Why decorate a wedding car?

Truthfully, you don't have to decorate the getaway car. Remember, your wedding is your wedding, and it should be exactly how you want it.

That being said... if you've ever seen a decorated car hauling newlyweds roll by, you know how exciting it can be: drivers honk their horns, send congratulations, or wave encouragingly. The joy of marriage extends to everyone who comes in contact with it, even passersby!

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So, wondering how to decorate the wedding car now? Finding the perfect placement for your embellishments can make or break your vehicle's overall look and feel. Keep reading for our top tips and tricks for decorating your bridal party transportation.

Making a memorable exit or entrance: Choosing the right flowers

Choosing the right flowers is critical, something you've definitely heard before if you're in the middle of planning a wedding. The thought of one more floral decision can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you aren't really a "flower person" and wouldn't know Lilacs from Lillies.

The good news is that picking the right flowers for your getaway vehicle is simple. If all else fails or you need to spend your time elsewhere, you can always use the same blooms from your wedding theme. With enough preplanning, you can reuse flowers from your wedding arch, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, wedding altar, and other wedding floral arrangements.

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5 creative ways to improve your wedding car with flower decorations

Are you decorating a car for your wedding and positively overflowing with ideas? If not, that's ok! Maybe you've had so many great ideas for your big day that you could use a little inspo. Keep reading for 5 creative ways to up your wedding car game with flowers, wreaths, garlands, cans, and more.

#1 Using wreaths for a classic look

Wreaths and greenery are an alternative to bouquets or flowers, an excellent fit for a rustic or nature-centric affair. Dress up the wreath with ribbons, balloons, or flowers, or display it independently for a more subtle design. If you plan to DIY, we find that evergreen foliage works, like Rosemary, Pine, Myrtle, and Lemon Leaf, work best.

A greenery garland laid on a reception table

#2 Floral garlands draping the hood

Arrange a floral garland across the vehicle's trunk and finish off with a collection of flowers at each end. You can also drape some blossoms and embellishments (or more bouquets) across the car's luggage racks. Use multiple garlands for a more lush and full look.

A couple hugging and facing each other head to head

#3 Bouquets on door handles

Attaching bouquets to the door handles of your getaway car is another way to dress it up. We love that this concept can be made less expensive by reusing bridesmaids or bridal bouquets, altar arrangements, or corsages.

Of course, you can order or DIY arrangements specifically for the getaway car. We've found that corsages work better than the traditional bouquet structure when used for this purpose. Either way, be sure to carefully secure the bouquets in the door handles with extra ribbons or festive ties- the last thing you want is for your lovely arrangement to fly away as you speed off into your happily ever after.

A boutonniere put on top of a plate

How to decorate the inside of a getaway car with flowers?

The exterior isn't the only area of the vehicle to add to your 'decorating car for wedding ideas' list. There are many fun ways to spread your newly married good vibes to the vehicle's interior, like hanging flowers from the rearview mirror. Keep reading for more ideas on how to decorate the wedding car interior.

#4 Hanging flower arrangements from the rearview mirror

There's a lot to be said about rearview mirrors, a powerful metaphor for moving away from the past towards a brighter future. In the case of wedding getaway cars (or any form of bridal transportation), the mirror signifies moving away from the couple's past lives as individuals into their new lives as one.

Hanging flowers from the rearview mirror is a great way to highlight that union and an easy way to reuse wedding arrangements. Attach the bouquets with ribbon, silk, or even cable ties commonly used in DIY crafts, so long as they're not visible. 

Three rows of ribbon laid on top of white tablecloth

#5 Petal carpets on car floors for the bride and groom

The unsung heroes of the floral design world, there is so much you can do with petal carpets. Sometimes called flower carpet, petal carpet is a pattern made on the ground with petals arranged in designs.

For a getaway car, petals in the wedding theme or color palette work just as well as a design. If you're not going for a structured look, consider reusing petals tossed by the flower girl or used in other parts of the ceremony.

A basket of rose petals put on a table

Seasonal flower themes: Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer

If your wedding theme plays heavily on the season, is outdoors, or uses natural elements from a specific time of the year, consider reflecting that in your getaway car flowers. If you're wondering how to decorate the wedding car for the season, read these tips for inspiration:

A word on roses

Roses are always a choice wedding flower, regardless of season or theme. Symbolizing love and romance in cultures worldwide, you can never go wrong with Roses. 

Generally, white or red roses look lovely for summer or winter, orange and rustic-colored blooms go best for the fall, and pink or cream-colored petals are ideal for spring. Thanks to their reputation and versatility, red Roses go with any theme and season.

Various roses and flowers in different colors


Ah, the beauty of springtime! Between the scent of wildflowers and the excitement blooming from the natural world, this is a lovely season to say 'I do.' 

Anything pastel is celebrated in the spring, so consider garnishing your getaway vehicle with Cherry Blossom petals inside or branches outside. The dainty pink flowers are a classic symbol of spring across the world. Alliums, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Daisies are other types that work for this time of year.

A person holding purple flowers and branches


Autumn is forever a popular time for weddings, and for good reason: mild weather in many places gives couples the flexibility for indoor or outdoor ceremonies, and the dates don't compete with the holidays.

From the changing tree leaves, fragrant apple orchards, and colorful pumpkin patches, rich, warm color palettes absolutely rule September- November. Autumn blooms come in shades of orange, red, yellow, purple, and rustic brown. Think Orchids, Amaranth, and Chrysanthemums. Pampas grass adds dimension, and its soft, neutral tones work well with more dramatic fall blooms.

A box filled with light pink flowers A box filled with red and orange flowers


So you've got winter wedding dates on the calendar, and you're wondering how to decorate the wedding car for the cold season. There are a ton of ways to incorporate flowers in your getaway car (holiday cheer optional).

Consider using beloved winter flowers like Gardenias, Poinsettias, and white Roses or seasonal evergreens like Pine or Spruce. You can also add fun elements like Holly berries or pinecones. If your wedding is intertwined with the holidays, you can work in some jingle bells, string lights, or Mistletoe.

Several red roses and white roses White roses scattered on the table


If you've chosen summer wedding dates, you're in good company. Just behind autumn, summertime is the most popular season for weddings. Summer is bright, joyful, and filled with the full spectrum of nature's colors, from lush green leaves to happy yellow Sunflowers.

Speaking of Sunflowers- they're one of the best flower choices for your getaway car, especially if your wedding date is late June or August. Dahlias, along with hydrangeas, Calla Lillies, and Zinnias, are also statements of the season.

A bride holding a white bouquet An orange centerpiece placed on a dining table

Matching getaway car flowers with wedding themes


Your wedding theme should cover every area of your special day, from the ceremony to the reception and everything in between, including bridal party transportation. Here's how to match your wedding car flowers with your theme:



Rustic wedding colors and themes create a vibe of relaxed romance and nostalgic whimsy, so naturally, they've been trending for years.

Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and Roses all come in a rainbow of shades, from muted to saturated, making them top choices for a rustic wedding car. Bushels of Lavender or bouquets of Baby's Breath can be used on their own or with more dramatic blooms. You can also use Wildflowers for that 'just picked from my organic garden' look. 

Bushels of lavender put into a white vase Bushels of baby's breath put into a white vase


Like the rustic wedding theme, Boho uses warm neutrals and natural elements to create a relaxed, romantic feel. However, Boho typically has more of a counterculture edge, while rustic can lean more rural or pastoral.

For your boho-styled getaway car, start with the same types of flowers mentioned above for rustic (Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and Roses), and then add a dash of free spirit.  Go for long and free-flowing blooms, like Wisteria or Petrea Vine. Utilize a mix of bloom shapes, sizes, and lengths. Add dried flowers, Pampas grass, palm leaves, trailing ribbons, or feathers. Make a getaway car design as unique as your story.

A rust flower garland laid on the floor


At Ling's Moment, we live for a classic fairytale wedding. The fairytale or royal wedding is known for being princess-like, with a regal air and an overflow of flowers. 

If you're making your dreams come true with a royal wedding, go for classicly romantic flowers like red Roses, Carnations, and big, showy blooms, like Dahlias and Lilies, for the getaway car. Accentuate the arrangements with showy sprigs of Lilac or Buttercups. If you need an extra sprinkling of fairytale, add moss, romantic fairy lights, wood elements, and silk ribbons.


The scent and sound of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the slow swaying of palm trees- is it any wonder a beach wedding never goes out of style?

If you've hopped on the beach wedding boat (pun intended), consider using florals like Lilies, Orchids, and Birds of Paradise to stay on theme. Tropical greenery like Palm fans or Monstera leaves, shell embellishments, and textures like linen and clean cotton all belong in the decor of a beach wedding, and the getaway car is no different.

A box filled with flower and leaves Several palm fans put into a white vase

Taking Care of Flower Decorations: Tips and Tricks

The advantages of using artificial flowers over organic ones are seemingly endless. This is especially true when it comes to the floral pieces you choose for your getaway car- who wants to worry about easily crushed petals, pollen on seats, or having to bargain with the weather?

If you're unfamiliar with faux blooms, don't worry, we've got you covered! These are our top tips for taking care of your artificial flower decorations:

Benefits of Faux flowers used: Weather considerations

The appearance and durability of artificial flowers can be affected by wind, rain, nearness to the ocean, and UV rays from the sun. This is true even if the arrangements are exposed to the weather only briefly, such as a quick ride from the ceremony to the reception. Luckily, a few simple precautions can protect your precious florals:

A couple riding bikes with flowers in the back

Protecting from heat or rain

Sun and heat can damage the dye and fibers of artificial flowers, especially if they are silk. Consider weatherproofing your blooms with a high-quality UV protection spray if your wedding is on the beach or in a very sunny destination. Most sprays will also protect your arrangements from the rain. 

Tip: UV sprays work best when spread evenly across the entire flower, including any stems or branches.

Avoid chemicals

Avoid applying any chemicals (other than approved UV sprays, as mentioned above) on your artificial arrangements, even if the label says they are gentle. Certain substances can dissolve binding agents that hold the flowers together. If you want to clean or add an extra dose of shine to faux flowers, always use a cleaner specifically for them.

Pre-wedding storage

Like all wedding floral arrangements, your getaway car blooms should be safely tucked away until needed. Store flowers in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, air vents, or humidity, until they are ready to be staged for your big day.

Seeking inspiration: Photo Gallery of Ling's Brides

For all of us at Ling's Moment, there are a thousand reasons why we do what we do. But one of our biggest rewards will always be watching dreams come true. Check out our photo gallery for even more bridal party transportation ideas:

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