24 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

When it comes to wedding displays, the arch and the aisle tend to get all the attention. But don’t underestimate the design power of a well-dressed wedding table.

The tables at your wedding reception will capture your overall theme and wedding style. Their design allows you, your partner, and your guests to feel immersed in the atmosphere during your special wedding moments. And if you need ideas on how to decorate stunning wedding tables, we’re here to help.

Below, learn how to decorate a wedding table like a pro with inspiration provided by real couples and wedding design experts.

What kind of table displays do you need at a wedding?

At your wedding reception, there are a few different tables that might feature special displays. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • A welcome table
  • Guest tables
  • A sweetheart table/head table
  • Cake or dessert tables
Various floral arrangements used for wedding ceremony

Of course, these tables can vary, depending on your vision for your wedding day and the elements you plan to feature. (No need to include a welcome table if you’re inviting your guests in with a decorated free-standing sign.)

How can I make my wedding table look nice?

A gorgeous wedding display features a few key elements that work together to create an even more beautiful whole. At a tablescape, the following design pieces often play a role. 

Tablecloths or table runners

The tablecloth forms a base for the remainder of your table decorations. The color you choose will play off your wedding florals and other design elements. A solid-colored cloth can form an elegant base. But if you’d prefer to let the natural beauty of the table shine through, a sheer cloth or a table runner can upgrade your design while still allowing rustic style to shine through.

A wedding table decorated with linens and centerpieces

Floral Arrangements

Flowers and greenery are a go-to wedding decoration for a reason. They bring your wedding color palette to your tablescapes and infuse natural beauty into the design. Go-to floral elements that work beautifully at wedding tables include flower centerpieces, garlands, and rose petals. But you can also use flowers in other design projects too.

A reception table decorated with candles and centerpieces


Lighting elements, like candles and lanterns, can do more than just bring a dreamy glow to the mix. They can also act as accent pieces or even work as beautiful centerpieces in their own right.

Red floral centerpieces put on a table Metal lanterns wrapped with flower garlands

Table settings

Elements like your placemats, napkins, dinnerware, and glassware are more than just practical.  They can elevate the overall design of your tablescape and capture your wedding theme. For example, golden dinnerware can evoke feelings of luxury, while log placemats can inspire rustic vibes.

A dining table decorated with tableware and candles A few teal and orange centerpieces put on a wooden table

With all this in mind, let’s see examples of how you can use these wedding table decor elements on your special day.

Ideas to decorate wedding welcome tables

Welcome tables greet your guests at your reception. They can provide a centralized hub for things like your guest book, wedding gifts, seating charts, and other key elements. Here are a few ideas on how to elevate the scene.

Welcome guests with bountiful flowers

This eye-catching welcome table is designed to capture guests’ attention. The pale lilac floral arrangements help create a springy, secret garden vibe, providing a feast for the eyes as your guests find their seating charts.

A large centerpiece and cards placed on a table

We’re also fond of the sheer tablecloth, which allows the table’s silhouette to shine through while still evoking an upscale look.

Use vintage accents

Ling’s couple Daniel and Miyoko’s welcome table featured floral garlands and a customized wooden sign adorned with flowers. Notice how they repurposed a vintage mirror as a seating chart. It’s an amazing way to bring “something old” into your wedding tablescape.

A table decorated with flowers and signs

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Embrace gold accents

This Burgundy and Navy welcome table features a floral swag that invites guests to come closer and leave their well-wishes. The gold picture frames and card box provide an upscale touch that plays beautifully off the rich color palette of the tablecloth and garland. We also love the addition of family photographs here. They're a wonderful, budget-friendly way to personalize your displays.

A table decorated with a garland and photos

Celebrate with signage

Ling’s couple Abby & Nick channeled rustic vibes at their welcome table, which featured a repurposed crate as a seating chart. The burlap table runner brought a rustic touch of texture aboard, while the sunflower accents popped like miniature drops of sunshine. 

A wooden sign hung on various cards

Photo by @johnmunnoweddings

Rounded wedding reception table ideas

Rounded tables can create a fun and familial atmosphere at your wedding reception. Each table is like a small island, where your guests can converse over dinner. Here are a few decor ideas to help them stand out.

Reach for the rafters

This wedding table decor idea will elevate your rounded tables — literally.

At Ian and Miranda’s wedding reception, their rounded tables stood out thanks to elevated centerpieces filled with greenery and pampas grass. The gold platform provides a dynamic alternative to a traditional vase and lends the table an elegant, upscale vibe. The whole look feels magical beneath the hanging string lights.

A wooden table decorated with a large greenery centerpiece

Photo by @emilyrosephotos

Go for gold

Sometimes, the little details make the biggest difference in your table displays. This Burgundy and Navy tablescape demonstrates this beautifully. The golden vase filled with dahlias and roses as the centerpiece complements the dinnerware and gold-edged plates. These accents work together to draw out the luxurious vibes of the rich color palette. The only thing missing is dinner!

A wooden table decorated with floral centerpieces

Color coordinate

Ling’s couple Alessandra and Tyler brought “something blue” to their wedding reception tables, thanks to their dusty blue and white floral centerpieces. The pale blue blossoms coordinate not only with the folded napkins but also with the curtains in the ballroom. It’s a perfect example of how a unified color palette can tie your tablescape together with your wedding venue.

A reception table decorated with tableware

Use geometric designs

A table centerpiece doesn't need to follow the traditional “flowers in a vase” look. Just take a cue from these modern wedding table decorations.

At this wedding reception, the couple chose to DIY geometric table centerpieces from gold frames, miniature faux floral garlands, and extra finishing touches like battery-powered lights and gold butterflies. It’s a unique decor option that commands attention at the center of these rounded tables.

A flower garland wrapped on a metal structure

Use a trio of centerpieces

While rounded tables look lovely with one centerpiece, you don’t need to feel confined to a single focal point. 

At their reception tables, Abby and Nick used a trio of decorations at the center of the table: A lavender and sunflower floral arrangement, a candle in a miniature mason jar, and a bottle of keepsake wine for guests to take home. As they sit atop a log platform, these centerpieces help tie the table’s rustic chic look together.

A reception decorated with tableware

Rectangular wedding table decoration

Rectangular guest tables provide more room to decorate — and more opportunities to bring your favorite design elements into the mix. Here are some choice examples of how to make them unique.

Create a mossy carpet

Instead of a more traditional table runner, this rectangular guest table features a mossy carpet running through the center.

A purple table decorated with tableware and floral centerpieces

The unique table runner provides an interesting texture and lets the Twilight Purple and Black mini centerpieces shine like jewels scattered along the forest floor. It’s a natural and ethereal look that’s perfect for an outdoor forest wedding.

Add height with candles

Sometimes, it can be tough to keep long, rectangular wedding table decorations feeling three-dimensional. But Ling’s couple Jen and Vinny solved this problem beautifully with their rustic wedding table decor.

The candleholders of staggering heights help create a dynamic look full of visual interest. The sage greenery garland running through the center infuses the display with elegance and allows the table’s natural beauty to stand out. We’re also fond of the neutral white flowers, which provide floral charm without overwhelming the display.

A table deocorated with glasses and candles

Dazzle with a statement centerpiece

Garlands aren't your only option for decorating a longer tablescape. This wedding reception table is home to a trio of cool blue centerpieces that capture oceanic vibes.

The ceramic vases complement the dinnerware, while the goblets play off the blue dahlias and roses. We’re also fond of the wicker placemats, which offer a beachy vibe to complete this summery scene.

Floral centerpieces and candles put on a table

Create whimsy with hoop centerpieces

Your tables may be rectangular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the soothing shape-language of circles.

At this natural tablescape, orange and blue hoop centerpieces draw the eye with their unique and trendy charm. The dried fall leaves and burlap table runner capture rustic vibes, while the flickering candles create moody lighting for an unforgettable meal together.

Hoop centerpieces and candles put on a table

Capture luxury with an overflowing garland

Your decorations don’t need to be confined to the tabletop. At this luxurious reception table, a Romantic Marsala flower garland cascades down the table’s side atop a pale pink table runner. The overflowing garland creates an elegant look that works beautifully with the other refined details, like the crystal candelabra and glassware.

A red table decorated with red garlands

Decorating ideas for wedding head tables

Your wedding head table, or sweetheart table, is the place where you and your partner will share your first meal as a married couple. That means it warrants a few extra special design elements, and these examples from real couples provide the perfect inspiration.

Add dreamy lighting

Ian and Miranda’s wedding day was full of beautiful tables, but the piece de resistance was their head table. 

The floral swag crowning the table evokes lush tropical vibes, and the hanging string lights drape like vines in an enchanted jungle. We’re also fond of the eclectic details, like the wrought-iron backdrop and velvet chairs. It’s a dreamy display that looks straight out of a Pinterest board.

A couple kissing before a wedding headtable

Photo by @emilyrosephotos

Incorporate the environment

Your decorations aren’t always about what’s on the table, as this gorgeous display from Ling’s couple Micayla and Kaden demonstrates. 

The table itself features just a handful of decorations: A simple garland, a pair of floral centerpieces, and a sheer tablecloth. These understated arrangements allow the old-world beauty of the fireplace to shine through, providing a beautiful frame for this couple’s first dinner together. Speaking of frames, the gallery photos at the table’s base help draw the eye and offer an extra personalized touch.

A table decorated with linens and flowers

Add a jolt of neon

If you’re looking for even more fun ways to personalize your sweetheart table decor, here’s another stunning example. 

This couple’s last name glows proudly in neon sign form, bringing a modern touch to the rustic arch door that serves as their backdrop. To drive home their holiday wedding theme, a frost-tipped wreath full of Christmas Red flowers drapes across the table. At the same time, miniature pine trees and a holiday wreath frame the scene with wintery charm.

A wooden door decorated with a wreath and neon lights

Repurpose your wedding arch

Ling’s couple Nicole and Aaron’s sweetheart table features a creative design choice that would be ideal for budget weddings. 

They chose to repurpose their wedding arch as a backdrop for their head table. It frames the table beautifully, and the burgundy florals help complement the tablecloth and floral swags. Repurposing your existing wedding decorations like this allows you to save money and keep your aesthetic consistent throughout your wedding day.

A wedding headtable decorated with a garland

Photo by @timwesphotography

Use a textured tablecloth

Looking for rustic wedding table decor ideas? Ling’s couple Makena & Erik put a homey spin on their head table by using a crochet tablecloth. Draping a rounded cloth on a rectangular table creates a unique look, plus we love the added texture!

The terracotta floral garland brings warmth to the occasion, while the “Mr. & Mrs.” sign provides a playful touch. It’s cute, cozy, and a fun idea to recreate.

A table decorated with a sign and garland

Photo by @weddingsbycarue

Ideas to Decorate Wedding Food & Dessert Tables

The right decor can make your wedding food even more appetizing. If you need proof of that, just check out these examples from Ling’s couples.

Surround your food with flowers

Ling’s couple Cindy and Kelton surrounded the treats at their dessert table with terracotta florals, bringing warmth and rustic charm to the display. The white tablecloth and sheer curtains provide a neutral backdrop that captures the clean, bridal-inspired wedding vibes.

A dessert table decorated with different sweets and flowers

Photo by @isaacsimphoto

Use crates for a rustic touch

At this elegant dessert table, the wedding cake sits high atop a wooden crate, which helps lend a rustic vibe to the overall tablescape. At the same time, the brass cake pop trays capture elegance for a more refined touch. The floral garland and candles tie the display together, while the adorable sign reminds us all how sweet it is to be in love.

A wooden table decorated with cakes and garlands

Go for greenery

If you favor a more minimalistic look at your wedding tables, this cake display can supply the perfect inspiration.

A halo of leaves surrounds the cake, which sits neatly in the center of a wooden display. The geometric statement piece helps draw the eye toward the cake’s center, proving a modern design statement that’s eye-catching, but not overwhelming.

A wedding cake decorated with flowers

Make it grand

If minimalism just isn’t your thing, never fear. This dessert table pulls out all the stops with tons of different design elements.

Glass jars, trays, and crates of varying sizes and heights help provide a visually interesting variety for all the tasty treats on display. The Terracotta tablecloth, backdrop, and flowers help harmonize the look. Plus, the burlap banner lends an adorable touch that completes this mouthwatering display.

A photo booth decorated with linens and flowers

Scatter rose petals

Sometimes, all you need to complete a wedding tablescape are a few finishing touches.

Daniel and Miyoko’s wedding cake already looked appetizing and elegant, but the gold filigree platform and candles helped coordinate with the cake topper. The scattered rose petals on the textured tablecloth add just the right amount of hopeless romance, creating a picture-perfect scene for cake-cutting.

A couple kissing before a cake

Photo by @theinmansphoto

Where to find floral wedding table decor

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun and creative ways to incorporate flowers, greenery, lights, and other design elements into your wedding tables. And if you’re looking for flowers and greenery that can take your tablescapes to the next level, Ling’s Moment is here for you.

Our pre-arranged faux floral centerpieces can help you easily style gorgeous wedding tablescapes straight out of the box. But if you’d prefer to customize your look, you can also make your own designs with our DIY flower boxes and kits.

A box filled with terracotta flowers A floral centerpiece put on a table

Ling’s flowers and greenery will never fade away, so you can order them in advance and keep them long after you’ve cut the cake and danced the night away. Plus, you can even repurpose them as home decor, so you can bring the magic of your wedding reception to your kitchen table!

Shop our premade centerpieces now and start making your wedding dreams a reality.

Show off your gorgeous tablescapes by tagging us @lingsmoment on IG.

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