The Inspiration behind Ling's Rustic Christmas Wedding Collection

The season of giving, family, and love, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. But this year, your mind isn’t on presents and gifts. Instead, you’re counting down the days until your wedding ceremony, where you’ll celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime holiday with your partner.

We created our Christmas Red & Sparkle Wedding collection to elevate rustic christmas themed weddings like yours. Instead of just another holiday party, you can create an unforgettable wedding celebration that captures the magic of the season. So grab your eggnog and roast some chestnuts. It’s time to meet Ling’s newest color collection.

A Rustic Christmas-Themed Wedding Color Palette

We chose a timeless palette of red and green to enrich our premier Christmas wedding collection. Blossoming poinsettias and rich red roses celebrate classical Christmas romance, while evergreen branches remind us of love’s enduring power. It’s elegant, warm, and sprinkled with just the right amount of holiday cheer.

Your Christmas Wedding Ceremony & Decorations

Picture a snowy Christmas Eve in a rustic log cabin. As flurries drift outside, your guests arrive one by one. Your Christmas wedding decorations transport them to private midwinter sanctuary made for holiday romance. 

Christmas Wedding Entrance Decor

As your guests enter your venue’s interior, a rustic wooden sign accented with greenery and rich red flowers invites them in from the cold. The silver details add a glamorous holiday sparkle, and the deep red hues let them know what they can expect to come with the rest of your decorations.

Next, the warmth of a roaring fireplace greets your guests. An evergreen wedding garland drapes across the fireplace mantle while a frost-tipped floral wreath crowns the wall. It’s a cozy image of classical holiday cheer.

Christmas Wedding Aisle Decor

Still enjoying the warmth, your guests find their assigned seats and take a moment to admire the wedding aisle. It’s lined with bountiful free-standing floral arrangements bursting with red and silk roses. You’ve placed some of them atop barrels, lending a homey vibe to your rustic Christmas decorations.

You also wanted to bring a lighting element into your aisle decor. So, golden lanterns flicker on the floor and lend a magical, twinkling glow to your wedding aisle, like a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Miniature floral garlands wrap around your lanterns, helping them blend harmoniously with the rest of your festive decor.

Christmas Wedding Arch

At the end of the aisle, commanding attention at the heart of the room, stands your Christmas wedding arch. Fabrics in gradient shades of rich red and white cascade over a pale birch frame, creating a seamless combination of elegance and country charm for your rustic Christmas-themed wedding.

The fabric drapes asymmetrically, helping draw attention towards ther eye-catching arch flowers. Avalanche roses in red, burgundy, and white form the voluminous base Shimmering white poinsettias and frost-capped needle-point leaves add a wintry flair that captures the spirit of the season. It’s hard to imagine a better backdrop for a cozy holiday wedding ceremony.

Christmas Bridal Flowers

Your guests enjoy soft piano covers of Christmas carols and your favorite Holiday pop songs as they wait for the ceremony to begin. When the playlist fades out and a wedding march begins, it’s time for you and your bridal party to make an appearance.

Christmas Bridesmaid bouquets

First, your bridesmaids walk down the aisle ahead of you. They wear fluttery floor-length dresses in pale shades of gradient green. It’s like a watercolor impression of a pine tree. This subtle green shade helps the deep red roses in their bridesmaid bouquets look even more rich and enchanting — and it helps the sparkling berry accents shine a littler brighter.

A Christmas Corsage

Your maid of honor wears a shoulder corsage alongside her cold-shoulder gown. The crisp red roses and frosty pinecones stand in distinct contrast to her pale dress, adding a finishing touch to her formalwear that shines like a star on a tree. She’s sure to treasure this special token when she takes it home after the holidays.

Your mother and your sister also wear corsages on their wrists, the trio of blossoms shining bright as a reminder of your love on this special winter night. Before the ceremony, you gave one to your future mother-in-law too, uniting both halves of your family with the same thoughtful favor.

A Christmas Bridal Bouquet

With your favorite girls leading the way for you, it’s finally time for your trip down the aisle.

You emerge in a simple flowing gown that drapes you like a blanket of snow. It’s understated design allows your bouquet to shine as the focal point of your bridal look.

Your bridal bouquet overflows with red, burgundy, and white roses. The pine leaves remind you of a mini Christmas tree, and the shiny succulent berries of the ornaments. Two decorative golden bells sit just above the trailing ribbons that follow you down the aisle, providing a festive accent to crown your look beautifully. It makes you feel like the angel on the top of the tree. 

A Christmas Boutonniere

Your partner grins ear to ear as they wait for you, looking dashing in a tailored gray suit and burgundy tie. A subtle patterned-tan waistcoat adds texture and warmth to the look. Their Christmas red boutonniere complements your bouquet and creates a stunning color story.  The small frosted pinecone and evergreen leaves also bring a wintry feeling to the occasion.

As you take your place by the wedding arch, you and your partner exchange your most precious Christmas presents - your wedding vows. You don’t need mistletoe to prompt your first kiss as a married couple.

Your Christmas Wedding Reception

Afterward, you move to the cabin’s dining room to celebrate your reception. Warm gingerbread and mulled spice fill the air while the second fireplace crackles and candles flicker. Your rustic Christmas decorations remind you of a holiday greeting card.

Christmas Reception tables

Evergreen garlands and a white table runner drape your rectangular guest tables, enhancing the rustic log cabin look. You’ve opted to set them with plates from your heirloom Christmas China set, like a classical family dinner of days gone by. Overhead, twinkle lights shine, creating a vibe that’s beyond cozy and inviting.

At your rounded guest tables, you opt to decorate with candles surrounded by floral garlands and shimmery red, white, and silver floral arrangements in golden vases. They’re magazine-worthy winter wedding centerpieces, and they heighten your guests’ experience as they share food and laughter together.

A Christmas Sweetheart Table

Tucked away beside a window, you and your partner enjoy your own private dinner at your sweetheart table.

A creamy white table cloth mimicks the world outside, marking this table as your own personal winter wonderland. A luxurious garland of pine leaves and roses cascades over the table’s snowy plains, like a forest of holiday cheer stretching across the wintry landscape. The candles flicker softly between you, providing romantic and warm lighting for your first Christmas dinner together.

A Holiday Champagne Tower

As a fun finishing touch, you’ve arranged a tower of champagne glasses in the shape of a miniature Christmas tree. A floral garland draws the eye to this table spread, matching the one on your sweetheart table.

You take the top glass from the tower and begin the toasts, feeling blessed as your loved ones surround you like lights on a tree.

You end the night by dancing in front of the fireplace, laughing along to Christmas carols as the snow picks up outside. If you end up snowed in, you wouldn’t even mind. The next morning, you wake up to a Christmas morning that no visit from Santa Claus could ever top. You’ve found the love of your life, and that’s all you want for Christmas.


Does this sound like your idea of a dream holiday wedding ceremony and reception? If so, our Christmas Red & Sparkle collection is ready to make your wedding dreams a reality.

With its vast selection of premade floral arrangements — including garlands, bouqueuts, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more — you can transform your holiday wedding venue into a rustic, Christmas-themed wedding wonderland. No DIY required. It’s the next best thing to Santa’s magic bag.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to create your own Christmas wedding decorations, our DIY flower boxes could help you bring your holiday vision to life. But no matter how you choose to celebrate your holiday wedding, be sure to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram so we can see your festive style firsthand!

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