Megan & Gabe's Warm Rustic Old World Charm Wedding

A classic love deserves a classic wedding. For Megan and Gabe, their cozy woodland wedding serves as the ultimate rustic old world charm wedding inspiration. From Megan’s striking bouquet to the bountiful table settings, faux flowers from Ling’s Moment added an artsy touch for a timeless celebration.

The warm terracotta hues of the wedding florals complemented the natural greens of the outdoor location, creating a wedding that was both stylish and in harmony with nature. If you and your fiance are looking to plan a rustic old charm wedding, Megan and Gabe’s romantic vintage celebration will be your ultimate inspo.

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

Bridal Details

At any wedding, all eyes are on the bride. On her big day, Megan exuded old world beauty in a vintage-inspired gown with beaded details and an embroidered train. To complete the look, Ling’s Moment faux flowers added color, texture and shape to Megan’s bridal look. Here’s how she incorporated terracotta and burgundy flowers into her gorgeous look.


As she walked down the aisle on her wedding day, Megan held a bouquet of faux flowers in signature Sunset Terracotta. A silk gradient ballet pointe dahlia was the main flower, with freesia and delphinium to create shape and flowing lines. Roses and eucalyptus completed the organic structure of the bouquet, creating a floral display that glowed in the warm autumn light.

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

A bride’s bouquet is an expression of her personal style, so take the time to consider many different options for your wedding inspiration. Ling’s Moment has a wide selection of pre-made bouquets in any color scheme or size to suit your taste. Would you prefer something totally unique? The designer flower boxes make it easy to express your creativity and craft a bespoke wedding bouquet, for a fraction of the cost of real flowers.

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Megan’s long, brunette locks were whimsically braided to the side. Cascading down to her waist, the braid was delicately accented with stunning burgundy roses from Ling’s Moment. A bold yet romantic touch, the roses added a classically romantic detail to this soft, feminine look.

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

Adding faux flowers from Ling’s Moment to your bridal hair look is easy - each faux flower has a flexible wire stem that can be added to a clip, tie or directly into the hair. An advantage of fake flowers is that you can practice your signature style in advance of your wedding day, or can even take it to your hair trial at a salon.

Wedding Decor

To complete the welcoming woodland scene, faux flowers were used to complement the rustic wedding decor. The textures and tones of Ling’s Moment florals created a consistent decor theme, making this memorable wedding picture perfect. If you’re planning your vintage outdoor wedding, too, here is some inspo:

Triangle Arch

A wedding arch is a classic way to set your ceremony within a natural environment. The arch creates a backdrop for vows and photos, while allowing the beauty of the surroundings to shine through.

For Megan and Gabe, a triangle arch was a unique take on this traditional element, adding a modern, geometric accent to their ceremony. Draped with Ling’s Moment flowers down each side of the arch, this artsy statement was the perfect backdrop for the start of their happily ever after...

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

Ling’s Moment offers a selection of wedding arch flowers and drapery to tie in perfectly with your color scheme. From the shape of your arch, to the size and style of your floral arrangement, the way you configure your arch is totally up to you.

Table Garland

For Megan and Gabe, their wedding celebration was a chance to feel connected to their friends and family and grounded with nature. They opted for a rustic set up, with low tables and sweeping linens set up on the forest floor. An artfully curated display of charming candles, warm-toned table runners and abundant flowers created a tablescape to remember.

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

For your dream rustic tablescape, get creative with your arrangements. Create depth and intrigue with elements of different heights, such as candles, glassware and flowers. Ling’s Moment makes sourcing your table florals easy - they offer pre-made garlands of faux flowers, floral centerpieces, or you can create your own with a DIY flower box set. Simply follow your intuition to combine faux flowers, greenery and accessories, creating a magical setting for the celebration of a lifetime.


When planning a wedding, even the small details are important to keep the theme and create a sense of harmony. For Megan and Gabe, this meant continuing their Sunset Terracotta floral theme to the wedding cake. Small and stylish, the simple white iced cake was adorned with a flourish of roses in burnt orange, cream and burgundy.

Photo by @sonphotoandfilmco

It’s details like this that can really elevate your rustic wedding. One of the advantages of choosing faux flowers is that they can be placed on the cake in advance, without fear of wilting or being damaged in transit - the cake is precious enough!

For a rustic wedding, look no further than the allure of Megan and Gabe’s outdoor wedding for inspiration. The Sunset Terracotta color scheme is warm and cozy in the autumnal evening light, and the effect is a timeless wedding with old world charm.

Ling’s Moment makes it easy to capture a feeling with your bridal and wedding decor, allowing you to create memories to last a lifetime. When you look back on your rustic wedding, the memory of abundant florals will transport you back to the happiest day of your life.

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