12 Wedding Boutonniere Ideas for All Seasons

On their wedding day, grooms deserve to feel extra special and snazzy just like their brides! Boutonnieres are that special accessory to take a regular suit or tuxedo to the next level. If you’re planning your groom’s look, check out these 12 wedding boutonniere ideas for any season!

1. Gold & Glamorous

For a luxurious statement, try a golden boutonniere. Depending on the variety of elements you choose, this can give a vintage or modern glam look. Either way, it's a unique and memorable. As flowers and greenery aren't naturally gold, you can use gold artificial elements to create your own gold boutonniere design.

A groom in suit wearing a golden boutonniere

2. Bold Contrast

To make a statement with your boutonniere, choose bold contrasting colors. Think about your wedding color palette, such as rich burgundy and navy, and incorporate those shades into a dramatic boutonniere like this! An easy way to do this by adding a bold chiffon or satin ribbon to tie off the end. We love how this boutonniere had the added touch of the bold bow. So classy!

A groom in suit wearing a red boutonniere in his pocket

3. Mini Ranunculus

Ranunculus are a great flower to include for your boutonniere. They look beautiful at any stage, from small buds to open blooms, and have tons of positive symbolism such as romance, charm, happinesspure, and most importantly - pure love. Why not cluster a few to create a perfect bunch of mini ranunculus for a wedding boutonniere that brings good vibes to your wedding?

White and pink boutonnieres scattered on table linens

4. The Classic Rose

Classic roses are one of the best wedding boutonniere options for any season. Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful rose to top off your wedding day outfit. Because roses come in so many different colors, you can easily design a special twist on your classic boutonniere that completes your wedding aesthetic. A simple design like this can also be a great DIY wedding boutonniere!

Red and pink boutonniere placed on fabric

5. Succulents

For something different, consider using succulents in your wedding boutonniere! Succulents are natural beauties that give a totally different vibe. They are more relaxed, sometimes boho, or even more whimsical than the typical flowers used in traditional wedding boutonnieres. They have amazing textures and shapes that you don’t normally see at weddings. By mixing a few smaller traditional flowers with your succulents, you can create a unique statement with your wedding attire.

Green boutonniere put onto white table cloth

6. Soft Pastels

Soft color palettes make for sweet and calm vibes. There’s no questioning why they are a favorite wedding color palette for springtime weddings. No matter the flower species, soft pastel colors such as pink, cream, or pale yellow will work great for any of your wedding boutonniere ideas. You can even bring in that “something blue” with a light blue pastel touch in your wedding boutonniere.

Blue boutonniere put onto a piece of pink table cloth

7. Stand Out Against the Groomsmen

In a group where all the men often dress alike, what better way to help the groom stand out than a special boutonniere? Consider borrowing similar elements of the groomsmen’s boutonnieres and reflecting in the groom’s. Here we see matching colors, greenery, and species of flower, but a bright white rose gives the groom’s bouttonniere a special flourish.

Purple boutonniere placed on rock

8. Elegant Lily

If you are looking for a sleek wedding boutonniere idea, opt for one with a white calla lily as the main flower. Calla lilies give off that effortless chic vibe regardless of the season or venue type. Soften the look by adding a few green accents, and you’ll have the perfect romantic but chic wedding boutonniere.

White and green bountonniere placed on a piece of fabric

9. A Tiny Cornucopia

Traditional boutonnieres have a single flower as the focal point with a handful of leaves or a small accent flower to tie the look together. A unique idea for your DIY wedding boutonniere is to create a mix of smaller flowers. Take a small bit of all of your favorite flowers, greens, and any other fun accents to create a beautiful little cornucopia as your boutonniere.

A groom is suit wearing a pink boutonniere

10. Dark Romance

Add a little bit of extra romance and drama to your wedding with this wedding boutonniere idea! Go for a dark romantic look by choosing a deep color palette. These wedding boutonnieres feature red roses, dark red berries, forest green leaves, and burgundy ribbons. We love all these rich tones!

Red boutonniere put onto a piece of white fabric

11. Pocket Square Boutonniere

A simple but unique twist on the standard groom’s boutonniere. Let’s face it, pinning a boutonniere under pressure can get very finicky! A pocket square boutonniere eliminates the hassle! It is so much easier to slip in a pocket square than navigating pinning a boutonniere but still achieves the same beautiful look.

A man in grey suit wearing a white boutonniere

12. Pomegranate Fruit

Try this boutonniere idea for a quirky, bold, and eye-catching look! Skip the flowers all together and go for a pomegranate fruit boutonniere. We love how vibrant it looks with the emerald and berry colored ribbons here!

A few boutonniere put onto a plate

When planning your wedding, remember- it’s always in the details! Boutonnieres are small accessories that make big impacts on your wedding day! Take some inspiration from our wedding boutonniere ideas for all seasons! You can recreate these styles with Ling's DIY flowers for an even more special touch!

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