Modern Fall: Nicole & Aaron's Burgundy & Dusty Rose Wedding

Are you planning your big day and finding yourself captivated by the profoundly romantic tones of Burgundy? You're not alone.

If you want a color that shows rather than tells, that romances rather than reasons, Burgundy could be just what you've been searching for.

Grab a glass of Burgundy and get ready to get inspired for this slow-burn-romance of a color palette showcased by Nicole and Aaron's modern fall wedding in tones of Burgundy and Dusty Rose.

Is Burgundy OK for a Fall Wedding?

If you're wondering if Burgundy is OK for a fall wedding, you're not alone. Although popular year-round, this color is incredibly trendy in the fall months for one simple but powerful reason: Autumn is nature's Burgundy.

The color Burgundy is a perfect blend of deep red, decadent brown, and royal purple. A mirror of the red and gold fall leaves seen in nature, this hue borrows its name from a town in France famous for its wine. Romantic and mysterious all at once, Burgundy is more than OK for a fall wedding- it's an excellent choice, time-tested and true.

Various burgundy and dusty rose floral arrangements used for wedding
But don't take our word for it - Nicole and Aaron's modern fall ceremony was staged around a Burgundy and red wedding theme. The couple used Ling's Burgundy & Dusty Rose color collection to carry the color palette throughout the venue and create a day that was truly unique. Nicole and Aaron's Burgundy and Dusty Rose wedding was as magical as the autumn itself, from the bridal bouquets to the boutonnieres.


Does Dusty Rose go with Burgundy?

Yes, you read that correctly, Nicole and Aaron paired Dusty Rose with Burgundy, and you can too.

Burgundy and Dusty Rose work for a few different reasons. Firstly, the two hues share a color family, meaning they naturally flow together. Dusty Rose is a cooler shade of pink that is surprisingly versatile and can be used with many different themes year-round.

Secondly, the tones complement each other without overcrowding. Elegant and subtle, Dusty Rose perfectly flatters Burgundy's deep and rich complexities. Intense and spirited, Burgundy adds depth to any color palette it touches. Hint: This is similar to why Burgundy and Rose Gold wedding colors work well together!

At Nicole and Aaron's modern ceremony, the fiery tones of Burgundy & Blush worked together seamlessly, just like the lovers themselves. Romantic Burgundy and red accents, from roses to table clothes, tied the theme into the couple's wedding and reception.

A couple holding hands while walking on the street

Shades of Burgundy for an Autumn Outdoor Wedding

Burgundy and Red are both excellent choices for an autumn wedding, especially if you're planning an outdoor ceremony. After all, Mother Nature herself picked these colors to be the shades of the season!

At Nicole and Aaron's elegant autumn ceremony in November, the tones of Burgundy and Dusty Rose, combined with the venue's warm wooden floor and bare, open ceilings, reflect the changing season.

Saying 'I Do' at the Historic Vandiver Inn

Just blocks from the historic and charming Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the Vandiver Inn is housed in a historic Queen Anne-styled mansion.

Nicole and Aaron snapped wedding photos under the Vandiver's 120-year-old Garden Gazebo, surrounded by colorful historic homes and inside the handsome mansion itself.  Elegantly designed wraparound porches, shining wooden floors, and attention to every detail make the Vandiver Inn the perfect backdrop for any Burgundy or Red wedding.

Save the Date: Black, Burgundy & Blush Pink Theme Wedding Invitations

Always staying on theme, the loving couple styled their wedding invitations accordingly, using a primarily black background with romantic Red and Pink flowers.  

Nicole and Aaron used Burgundy & Blush Pink tones and dreamy floral art to stay with their wedding theme while making a statement. In the pairs' getting ready photos, you can see the invites highlighted in a dramatic splash of fall foliage. Daring golds and oranges make the mostly black invitations and white letters pop. Nicole's wedding and engagement set absolutely sparkled, tucked between the petals of a bold Red Rose.

A burgundy bouquet, card, and fall leaves splattered on grass

To Have and to Hold, and to Keep Your Drink Cold

Burgundy-colored drink coolers embossed with the couple's special date make for the perfect on-theme keepsake for wedding guests. The gifts were artfully arranged against a rich, wine-hued tablecloth at the reception. Nicole and Aaron's drink cooler idea was a hit with friends and family, a wedding souvenir that reflected their unique love story.

Nicole's Burgundy & Dusty Rose Bridal Bouquet

Nicole's breathtaking bridal bouquet was a masterpiece of Burgundy and Dusty Rose flowers, a true fall-lover's dream.

Ling's Free-Form Bridal Bouquet in Burgundy & Dusty Rose is an enticing combination of silk and foam flowers. Silk florals include Vendela Rose, Cream Austin Rose, Natural Touch Peony, and Burgundy Phalaenopsis. Foam flowers like Dusty Rose Avalanche Rose, Burgundy Camellias, and other Burgundy and dusty rose flowers. Cider Gum Eucalyptus, Burgundy Roses, and Pine branches work with gold leaves and pearl chains for a warm and romantic bridal bouquet.

A bride holding a bouquet while looking away

The Wedding Party Wore Black

Nicole and Aaron used Black to highlight the passion brought on by Burgundy. Considered a dominant color, Black is used to convey mystery, stability, formality, and strength, making it a natural partner to any vibrant hue.

The bridal party's dark attire and fiery floral accents affirmed Burgundy's ability to stir up romance when partnered with neutrals like Black. The rich dance of Burgundy and the relaxed, feminine feel of Dusty Rose were striking against the party's shadowy colors and velvety textures. Tones of Burgundy melded with Rose Golds, Dusty Roses, and Blush Pinks in the bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres.

Burgundy boutonnieres

Nicole and Aaron used Ling's boutonnieres in Burgundy & Dusty Rose to really pop against the groom's dapper black suits and simple white shirts. Ling’s boutonnieres are constructed from Petite Peony Buds, sprinkled with Cider Gum Eucalyptus, masculine Trumpet Leaves, Pine Branches, bits of floral with golden stems, snippets of berries, and romantic pearl chains.

A groom in black suit wearing a burgundy boutonniere

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Nicole's bridesmaid bouquets used tones of Burgundy, melded with Rose Golds, Dusty Roses, and Blush Pinks. Delicate chains of pearls hung from the bridesmaid bouquets, adding a uniquely feminine touch. Sprigs of Copper and Burgundy colored leaves added texture, while plump, white berries tied back to the season.

A bride and bridesmaids standing together

An Autumn-inspired Wedding Arch

In many ways, Nicole and Aaron's ceremony is one big ode to autumn.

The flaming reds and delicate pinks tell a love story of two people joined forever on one lovely November day. The couple's ceremony arch plays into this story beautifully. Orange and gold leaves, sweet pink Roses, deeper, passionate Burgundy Roses, and lively Eucalyptus bits come together to create a unique wedding arch.

A married couple kissing in front of a wedding arch

Repurposing the wedding arch

Nicole and Aaron repurposed their wedding arch, weaving the Burgundy blooms into a beautiful head table arrangement. The same flowers that stood watch over the pair as they said their vows helped them greet guests as husband and wife for the first time. As faux flowers experts, we must say Nicole and Aaron get props for creativity!

A wedding sweetheart table decorated with flowers and tableware

Guest Table Centerpieces that Reflect the Season

The colors of autumn burned bright in the floral centerpieces at Nicole and Aaron's charming modern reception.

Using Ling's guest table centerpieces in Burgundy & Dusty Rose, the couple tied in the season and their wedding colors in one graceful swoop.

Our Floral Centerpieces are a vibrant mix of faux silk and foam blooms, filler flowers, and orange and gold leaves. Austin Rose, Ipomoea, Hydrangea, Camellia, and accents of Pearl create a soft and romantic finish. Nicole and Aaron made it their own by gathering the bouquets into chalice-like vases, adding an extra dash of fall, and draping a feeling of coziness over the reception tables.

A reception table topped with a centerpiece and tableware

Still Burning for Burgundy & Dusty Rose?

If you can't get enough of Nicole and Aaron's beautiful autumn outdoor wedding, and find yourself feeling inspired, check out the full Burgundy & Dusty Rose color collection. If you liked this post and want to show us your Burgundy or Red wedding, tag us @lingsmoment on IG!

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